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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Block CA Society?
The Block CA Society is a prestigious group of former student-athletes who share and relive experiences, network and participate in social activities.

What is the purpose of the Block CA Society?
The Block CA Society recognizes all former UC Davis varsity student-athletes for their dedication and contributions to the university through their athletic endeavors, and strengthens the rich history and traditions of UC Davis Athletics among all members of the Aggie Athletics Family. 

What are the goals of the Block CA Society?

  • Reconnect former student-athletes with each other and to the Aggie Athletics Family.
  • Promote the rich history and traditions of UC Davis Athletics and the unique legacy of Aggie Pride among current student-athletes.
  • Develop a lasting community of Aggie student-athlete alumni who are committed to sustaining academic and athletics excellence at UC Davis Athletics.

Why do we need a Block CA Society?
A successful athletic department needs to have a multi-dimensional support network. This network must include dedicated athletes, dynamic coaches, inspiring administrators, enthusiastic support staff, devoted alumni, die-hard fans and a loyal community. This club will be a direct pathway to connect current student-athletes with the alumni to create a strong sense of what it means to be a part of the "Aggie Family" and to show "Aggie Pride."

What are the benefits of joining the Block CA Society?
Participants in the Block CA Society will receive a Block CA pin and an ID card that will provide future benefits as the organization grows. There will be an annual student-athlete reunion at the Homecoming football game, and at a designated basketball game in the winter. All Block CA Society members will be invited to the Fall Welcome Reception for incoming freshmen student-athletes and the Senior Recognition Banquet for graduating seniors. The network of former student-athletes will connect teammates together and provide career opportunities for graduating student-athletes.

How will our current student-athletes benefit?
Current student-athletes will gain a greater appreciation for the history and traditions of UC Davis Athletics. The alumni network will provide contacts and resources for our graduating student-athletes. The annual Block CA gift will directly fund student-athlete support services.

What events will the Block CA Society host?
There are several events throughout the year that the Block CA Society sponsors for the current student-athletes and athletic alumni. To date, these events include:

  • Fall Welcome Reception for all incoming freshman student-athletes
  • Fall Block CA pregame reception at the football Homecoming game event
  • Winter Block CA pregame reception at basketball game
  • Spring Senior Recognition Banquet for all graduating senior student-athletes

Who is eligible to join?
All former UC Davis student-athletes who have participated in intercollegiate sport competition for at least one year while at UC Davis. In addition, all elected honorary Block CA Society members.

Do club sports or intramurals count?
Unfortunately, no.

Why am I not on the mailing list? 
We are continually updating our former student- athlete database and hope to resolve this issue in the near future. In the meantime, we encourage you to please click here to submit your current contact information and we will update your profile and keep you informed about the program.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up online through a secured online giving site by clicking the link on the home page, or mail the registration form on the Block CA brochure which can be downloaded from the website.  Your donation benefits all student-athletes and is tax-deductible.

Where can I get more information on the Block CA Society?
Please contact  Lorie Lindsey, Parent and Alumni Coordinator in the UC Davis Athletics Development office at  530-752-0188 or