Aggies Within One Point Of Clinching Causeway Cup

March 31, 2005

DAVIS, Calif. - UC Davis has scored 52 points toward the inaugural Causeway Cup with rival Sacramento State and needs just one more point to clinch the all-sports award heading into baseball, and track and field competitions on Friday, which will have 11 points up for grabs.

The Causeway Cup encompasses competition between the Hornets and Aggies in 17 sports during the 2004-05 athletic year. Each sport is assigned a point value with football, volleyball, men's basketball and women's basketball worth 10 points each. Men's and women's cross country, men's and women's soccer, men's and women's tennis, men's and women's track and field, gymnastics, baseball, softball, rowing and golf are worth five points each.

In most sports where the schools meet more than once during the season, points are divided among each contest. UC Davis currently holds a 52-30 lead and needs just one more point to secure the first-year award.

A point will be in the balance when the Aggies and Hornets begin a three-game weekend baseball series on Friday afternoon at Hornet Field, while five points will be awarded to each of the men's and women's team winners at the Causeway Classic Track and Field dual at Sacramento State on Friday evening.

UC Davis held a 30-10 lead in the fall after winning head-to-head matchups in football, men's and women's cross country and soccer. The Aggies also swept men's and women's basketball games for 20 more points but the Hornets have rallied with victories in softball, gymnastics and men's and women's tennis. UC Davis has also added two points in the spring with a pair of baseball wins.

Five points for men's golf will be awarded when the schools meet at a tournament in Lompoc next week while the Jean Runyon Cup will carry five points in women's rowing on April 23.