UC Davis Athletics Communications is pleased to provide any assistance possible to members of the media covering any of the 23 varsity sports. The information below provides important information but is not comprehensive. Media are encouraged to contact the Athletics Communications office for specific information and requests.

Interview Policy
All interviews are to be coordinated through Athletics Communications office. Media are asked to request interviews at least 24 hours in advance in order to ensure student-athlete and/or coach availability. Student-athletes will return phone calls when requested. Contact information for student-athletes will not be provided to the media under any circumstances. Because of NCAA rules, student-athletes are not permitted to miss class for any media activities. Media are asked to not contact student-athletes through Facebook, Twitter or other social media. Student-athletes have been advised to refer such requets to Athletics Communications.
Office Location
The Athletics Communications offices are located in the Student Affairs Annex, near the corner of California Ave. and Beckett Hall Circle on campus.

Accredited members of the media will be provided credentials to cover UC Davis Athletics on a game-by-game basis although media that cover a variety of Aggie sports can request an "all-sports" credential. Credentials for all other events will be provided to accredited media who request them in advance. Credentials will be available at general will call for all sports except football which will be available at the media will call at the West Entrance to Aggie Stadium.

Media Parking
For football games, media are directed to Lot 53 where names will be left with parking attendants. For all other events - including when on campus for interviews and practices, etc. - media are instructed to place a business card from their media outlet on their dashboard and park in non-metered, regular parking spaces. Contact Athletics Communications with questions regarding parking requirements.
Gameday Services
Media will be provided pregame information, in-game statistics, and final statistics when applicable for home games. Working space in pressbox and at press table media areas will be allocated by request and when available. Please make requests at least 24 hours in advance (48 hours for football). Postgame interviews will be coordinated by Athletics Communications.

Internet Service
Internet access will be provided at Aggie Stadium (football, lacrosse, field hockey), the Pavilion (basketball, volleyball, gymnastics) and Dobbins Stadium (baseball).

Live Stats
Live stats via the internet are available for football, volleyball, men's/women's soccer, men's/women's basketball, field hockey, baseball, softball. Links are available at Some road events will also feature live stats and media are encouraged to athletics websites for host institutions for more information. 

Credentialed media will be provided specific access to shoot game action at athletics venues. All other photography requests should be made to Athletics Communications at least 24 hours in advance and are not guaranteed. Only accredited media or photographers shooting for UC Davis Athletics will be provided access to sidelines or photography areas.

Media should check with the Athletics Communications contact for each sport regarding policies for attending practices.

A complimentary phone line for visiting radio stations is availble by request at Aggie Stadium, the Pavilion and Dobbins Baseball Stadium. Phone lines are not available at other venues.

The official athletics website,, is a source for all information related to UC Davis Athletics, including bios, media guides, statistics, schedules, etc.


 Eric Bankston
 Interim Director of Communications  752-3505  Email
 Jason Spencer
 Assistant Director  752-2663  Email
 Mark Honbo
 Assistant Director  752-8050  Email
 Bryn Lutz
 (FH, S&D, BSB)
 Athletics Communications Fellow  752-3680  Email
 Katy Nogaki
 Athletics Communications Fellow  752-2186  Email