Student-Athletes Right to Know Act Information
(AB 2079)

Athletic Scholarships

What is the cost of attendance to attend UC Davis for the current academic year and for the summer?

AB 2079 Graph 1

  SUMMER 2012 Information

AB2079 Summer Session Info 2012

What expenses, identified above, are not included in a full grant-in-aid scholarship due to NCAA rules and regulations?
NCAA rules only allow an athletic scholarship to cover tuition, required fees, room, board and required books.  UC Davis does not cover health insurance, uses a weighted average for room costs, board represents the Prime Line plan for board and beginning with the 2012-13 academic year, provides $800 for required course books.  Personal expenses, supplies and transportation are also not covered due to NCAA rules.

What is the UC Davis policy on athletic grants for summer school?  Are these athletic scholarships proportionate to what a student-athlete receives during the regular academic year?
UC Davis provides summer school scholarships for one summer session under the following circumstances: to rectify a GPA issue that has rendered a student-athlete ineligible for competition in the fall, to assist a student-athlete in graduating after the 1st or 2nd summer session, and coaches have the opportunity to provide (pay) for summer school for incoming student-athletes through their development funds. Per NCAA rules, summer school scholarships, at a maximum, are limited to the proportion of what a student-athlete received during the regular academic year and may be less than that amount.

What is the average monthly full grant-in-aid athletic scholarship payment received by student-athletes who live on-campus and off-campus during the academic year and summer session?
There isn't an average monthly payment because remaining funds are dispersed to students in the form of a refund on a quarterly basis.  The amount of the refund will more than likely be low for on-campus student-athletes as they have Tuition, Fees, Room and Board charges that appear on their student account.  Off-campus student-athletes should see the full amount for room and board on a quarterly basis but in both instances, other charges that appear on their account may lessen the actual amount refunded.  Examples of some of these other charges include, but are not limited to health center charges, late fees, lock out fees, bookstore charges, printing charges, electricity charges, etc.

Pursuant to NCAA rules, a verbal commitment is not binding on either the student-athlete or the institution.  The National Letter of Intent is a binding agreement between a prospective student-athlete and an institution in which the institution agrees to provide a prospective student-athlete who is admitted to the institution and is eligible for financial aid under NCAA rules athletics aid for one academic year in exchange for the prospective student-athlete's agreement to attend the institution for one academic year. The National Letter of Intent must be accompanied by an institutional financial aid agreement. If the prospective student-athlete signs the National Letter of Intent but does not enroll at that institution for a full academic year, he or she may be subject to specific penalties, including loss of a season of eligibility and a mandatory residence requirement.

What is the NCAA policy on scholarship duration?
The current NCAA policy permits scholarships to be awarded for no longer than one academic year at a time.  They may be for less than the academic year if the student-athlete is a midyear enrollee, is graduating after fall or winter quarter or the student-athlete has never been awarded an athletic scholarship before.  Summer scholarships must be a separate award and may only be awarded if the student-athlete was on scholarship during the previous academic year and at a maximum may be proportionate to what was received.

What is UC Davis' policy on the renewal or nonrenewal of an athletic scholarship?
It is currently the policy of UC Davis that a scholarship will be renewed at the same amount or higher in continuing years unless the student-athlete has failed to comport him or herself appropriately, rendered themselves academically ineligible, quit the team voluntarily or has stopped attending required practices, meetings and competitions without proper authorization to do so by the head coach.   

What if the student-athlete suffers a temporary or permanent sports-related injury?  What if there is a coaching change?  What if a student-athlete's performance is deemed to be below expectations?
A temporary sports-related injury will have no bearing on the athletic scholarship unless the student-athlete decides on his or her own to voluntary quit the team or chooses not to rehabilitate the injury as prescribed by the athletic trainers or a physician.  In that instance, the student-athlete still has a chance to appeal the removal of the athletic scholarship in case the student-athlete was forced to quit.  If the student-athlete suffers a permanent sports-related injury he or she has the opportunity to apply for continued funding to complete their degree within their 5-year clock and must apply each year.  In addition, permanently injured student-athletes will be required to work in the athletic department as part of the agreement to receive the funding. If a coaching change occurs or a student-athlete's performance is deemed to be below expectations, he or she will retain their athletic scholarship provided he or she is still an engaged member of the team by attending practices, competitions, meetings, etc.

Medical Expenses
What is the NCAA's policy on whether athletic programs are mandated to pay for athletically related medical expenses?
NCAA regulations do NOT require that UC Davis provide insurance coverage for athletic injuries.

What is UC Davis' policy on whether it will pay for student-athletes athletically related medical expenses, including deductibles, copays and coinsurance?  Will UC Davis pay for athletically related medical expenses that exceed any maximum insurance limits?
Although not required to do so, the UC Davis Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA) Department provides secondary insurance coverage, at no cost to the student-athlete, to all student-athletes who are injured while participating in scheduled, supervised and sponsored intercollegiate athletic competitions or authorized practice sessions that occur during the academic year or the declared playing season of the sport.  ICA insurance will cover co-payments, deductibles, co-insurance, and other expenses that the primary insurance does not cover, only after the primary insurance has processed the claim first.

UC Davis ICA insurance does NOT provide coverage for athletically related medical expenses that exceed the maximum insurance limits, however, the student-athlete may be eligible for catastrophic insurance coverage through the NCAA.

What is UC Davis' policy concerning who is required to pay for any required athletically related insurance premiums for student-athletes who do not have such insurance?
The short answer is ICA pays for athletically related insurance premiums for all student-athletes.  At UC Davis, SHIP insurance is required of all students unless they provide proof of other coverage and waive out of SHIP.  If student-athletes have other coverage, then our insurance provides secondary coverage.  If student-athletes don't have other insurance coverage, then ICA insurance becomes the primary coverage for expenses related to athletically related injuries/illnesses; again, at no cost to the student-athlete.

What is the duration of time UC Davis will continue to pay for athletically related medical expenses after a student-athlete's eligibility has expired?
ICA insurance coverage is effective for up to two years from the date of injury for up to $90,000. If medical bills for a covered injury exceed $90,000 within two years from date of injury, catastrophic insurance through the NCAA will apply if the student-athlete has no other medical coverage.

Does our medical policy cover expenses associated with attaining a second medical opinion for an athletically related injury from a physician who is not associated with the athletic program?  Do we provide coverages for such services?
ICA insurance provides coverage ONLY for treatment that is referred through the UC Davis Athletic Training Room by a UC Davis team physician.  In the event that a student-athlete wishes to seek a second medical opinion, The Athletic Training Program will assist in providing this service by scheduling the student-athlete with another team physician (or with an outside physician if the problem resides outside the scope of the team physician staff) at no cost to the student-athlete. If the student- athlete requests a second medical opinion, but does not wish to be seen by one of the UC Davis team physicians, the student-athlete may pursue an evaluation from any physician that they choose, but the student-athlete is then responsible for the cost incurred.

Transfer Release
What is the NCAA policy on whether an athletic program may refuse to grant an athletic release to a student-athlete who wishes to transfer to another institution?
Athletic programs may refuse to grant an athletics release to a student-athlete who wishes to transfer to another institution and also may refuse to grant the student-athlete permission to speak to other institutions.  In either case, the decision to grant or deny the request(s) must be decided within seven business days of when the request was received.  If either type of request is denied, the student-athlete must be notified in writing that he or she, upon request, shall be provided a hearing conducted by an institutional entity outside of the athletics department.  

What is UC Davis' policy concerning whether it may use any power to refuse to grant an athletic release for a student-athlete who wishes to transfer to another institution?
In general, athletic releases are granted to student-athletes who wish to transfer to other institutions.  Each situation is considered on a case-by-case basis with the athletics director making the final decision.  If a student-athlete's request to transfer is not granted, he or she will be notified of the hearing policies and procedures in a timely manner as per NCAA rules. 

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