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“AG-Ademics” is a program designed to offer elementary school students in the greater Davis and Sacramento area the opportunity to develop a relationship with UC Davis student-athletes.

The students have the opportunity to meet UC Davis student-athletes and are able to interact with them on a personal level. The student-athletes will impart their personal knowledge and experiences, such as reinforcing the importance of staying focused in school, the benefits of respecting one’s self and others, and the importance of goal setting.

The athletes can participate in a number of activities with the students such as hosting assemblies and giving presentations, participating in fitness programs, teaching/playing their sport, signing autographs, and reading to classes.  Whether you are interested in a school assembly, fitness programs, or class readings, UC Davis Athletics is eager to volunteer with your school.

Staying in school

Leading a healthy lifestyle
Goal setting

To book an apperance: Email or call (530) 752-2699


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Ag-Ademics Ag-Ademics
Ag-Ademics Ag-Ademics
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