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Experience Aggie Pride by tailgating at Aggie Football this season! 

Tailgating is allowed in the Aggie Tailgate Field and Lot 56 prior to Aggie Football games. Click here for a map.

2014 season long tailgate spaces on Aggie Tailgate Field will be sold in the following timeline:

Friday, May 9 (10 a.m.) - 2014 season ticket holders who had 2013 tailgate spaces may renew their spaces from last season.

Monday, May 12 (10 a.m.) - 2014 season ticket holders may purchase tailgate spaces

Monday, May 19 (10 a.m.) - Remaining 2014 tailgate spaces are open to the public

All season-long tailgate spaces in Aggie Tailgate Field have been sold out. Stay tuned for information on single-game purchases of tailgate spaces.

Lot 56, reserved for TeamAGGIE members, is approved as a tailgate lot for the 2014 football season. For more information on TeamAGGIE please click here. On gamedays, should space be made available, parking will be available for sale at $25 per vehicle.

2014 Aggie Football Schedule

DATE            OPPONENT
Sept. 6 Fort Lewis College
Sept. 27 Eastern Washington
Oct. 11 Montana State (Homecoming)
Nov. 1 Northern Colorado
Nov. 22 Sacramento State (Causeway Classic)


Where can I tailgate?
Fans are invited to tailgate in the Aggie Tailgate Field or in Lot 56. The Aggie Tailgate Field requires a season pass. Lot 56, reserved for TeamAGGIE members, is also approved as a tailgate lot. Guaranteed access to Lot 56 requires a minimum $600 annual donation to TeamAGGIE to benefit UC Davis Athletics. For more information on TeamAGGIE please click here. Should space become available on gamedays, vehicles may park for $25.

Where are Aggie Tailgate Field and Lot 56 located?

  • Aggie Tailgate Field is located on the North side of Aggie Stadium at the corner of La Rue Road and Hutchison Drive
  • Lot 56 is located immediately south of Aggie Stadium. 

View map here     View Map of Tailgate Numbered Spaces on Aggie Tailgate Field

How large are the tailgate spaces in Aggie Tailgate Field?
The tailgate spaces in the Aggie Tailgate Field are 10 ft. x 25 ft. which is the same size they were in the 2013 season. 

How many tailgate spaces will I be able to purchase?
Every football season ticket holder will have the opportunity to purchase up to two (2) spaces in Aggie Tailgate Field as long as spaces are available.

How much are the tailgate passes?
Reserved Aggie Tailgating Field spaces are $125 for the season. Season passes will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, and are limited in space allowed. 

How do I drive my vehicle onto the Aggie Tailgate Field?
Entry to the Aggie Tailgate Field is a right turn only from Hutchison Drive. For easy access, take the Hutchison Drive exit from Highway 113, and stay in the right lane until you reach the entry onto the field. RV's and motorhomes are not allowed on the Aggie Tailgate Field.

What happens if it rains?
In the event of heavy rain, it is possible that vehicles will not be allowed on Aggie Tailgate Field. Refunds will not be given due to inclement weather, but alternate parking will be available at no additional cost to tailgate pass holders.

How do I purchase my tailgating season pass?
Tailgate spaces may be purchased online at this link here.

What are the tailgating hours?
Tailgate areas will be open four (4) hours prior to kickoff, and will be closed 15 minutes before game time. There will be no tailgating during the game or at halftime. All tailgate areas must be cleared within one (1) hour after the conclusion of the game.

Are pets allowed?
Only working service animals are permitted.



  • The UC Davis Police Department in cooperation with Intercollegiate Athletics, determines the tailgating area. Alcohol is not permitted outside this area. Consumption of alcohol in non-designated areas of campus is PROHIBITED. California laws pertaining top the possession, consumption and the distribution of alcohol will be enforced.
  • Tailgate parking lots will open four (4) hours before kickoff.
  • Parking spaces are limited to one space per car.
  • Tailgating activities must not interfere with nor obstruct adjacent parking spaces or travel lanes. Non-portable furniture is prohibited.
  • All tailgating must conclude fifteen (15) minutes prior to kickoff.
  • Tailgating and the consumption of alcohol are not permitted during the game or at halftime.
  • Drinking is illegal for anyone under the age of 21. Kegs are not allowed. Abusive drinking, drinking games, and mass or rapid consumption devices are strictly prohibited. Public intoxication will not be tolerated, and violators are subject to arrest. Persons who supply alcohol to underage drinkers may incur criminal and civil charges
  • Keep UC Davis beautiful. Stash your trash. Trash receptacles are available throughout the parking lot.
  • Open flames are strictly prohibited. Only gas grills are allowed.
  • Banners or signage recognizing businesses or products may not be displayed, nor may products or other promotional materials be distributed without the express consent of the Intercollegiate Athletics Department.
  • RV's and motorhomes are not allowed on the Aggie Tailgate Field.