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The role of intercollegiate athletics for men and women at UC Davis is regarded by many as the ideal framework for organized sports in a university environment. Offering high-quality programs and healthy competition for as many students as possible, UC Davis measures its success by having its student-athletes and teams develop to their fullest potential and prosper from participation at the conference, regional and national levels.

The strongest tribute to the campus' ability to achieve that goal is its earning six Directors' Cups at the Division II level, symbolic of the university that achieves overall excellence by virtue of national finishes in a broad spectrum of sports. The Directors' Cup program celebrates participation by ensuring its point system is equally weighted in terms of sport sponsorship and gender equity.

Changes on campus have fostered an ever- growing enrollment, increased diversity and improved facilities, but the basic philosophy remains of treating Aggie student-athletes as students first.

Ingrained at UC Davis is the belief that excellence in competition depends not only on the skill of the participant, but also on the student-athlete's character, preparation and commitment to the ideals of athletic competition. It is the successful application of this concept that makes UC Davis different from other major universities with larger athletic programs.

The goal of promoting a positive educational experience has been achieved with considerable success at UC Davis. As student-athletes, participants are expected to make academic progress in their major field. Aggie coaches, most of whom are professional educators, possess a strong concern for their students' abilities in the classroom and are proud of a graduation and retention rate that is one of the highest in the University of California system.

With its current reclassification to NCAA Division I status, the future of UC Davis Athletics is exciting.



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