2015-16 Aggie Rundown commercial graphic 200px archives WELCOME TO AGGIE RUNDOWN!
Pull the curtain back and go behind the scenes of UC Davis athletics with "Aggie Rundown." A new weekly series featuring everything you need to know about the UC Davis athletic department. From academic life to competition and community outreach, get to know our coaches, students, and staff. Here's Our Story!
2015-16 UC Davis Field Hockey Seniors UC DAVIS FIELD HOCKEY SENIORS
The 2015 season just started, but it's already the beginning of the end for the UC Davis field hockey senior class. Watch as they reminisce about their four years as Aggies and their favorite memories as a part of the UC Davis field hockey program.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown archives men's water polo 200px UC DAVIS WATER POLO
Get to know the 2015 men's water polo team! They spent almost the whole summer in Davis getting ready for the 2015 season. Listen to the two captain, Austin Beckwith and Sean Grabs give you their perspective about the team and about being a student athlete.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown VB Archive 200px UC DAVIS WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL
Get to know the UC Davis Women's Volleyball team. Junior setter Sophia Mar gives us an inside look at the team's preparation for the 2015 season, their hard work over the summer, and the reasons they think they can be better than ever this year!
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Women in Athletics archive 200px WOMEN IN ATHLETICS
UC Davis Athletics fosters a strong commitment to gender equity, and has received national honors for its success in women's sports. In this edition of the Aggie Rundown, we hear from four women who have successfully pursued career opportunities in the otherwise male-dominated world of college athletics.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Women's Soccer Culture archives 200px WOMEN'S SOCCER
Women's Soccer gives their perspective about UC Davis culture. From community to academics, they explain how they think athletics exemplifies what it means to be an Aggie.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Women's Lacrosse Archives 200 px WOMEN'S LACROSSE
Get to know the new UC Davis women's lacrosse coach! Tee Ladouceur has played lacrosse since she was very young and clearly has a passion for the sport. Listen to her experiences from the game as well as her views on coaching and her goals for UC Davis.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Men's Soccer Archives 200 px MEN'S SOCCER
Injuries can be a sensitive topic that many people do not understand. This inspiring story from 5th years Matthew Wiesenfarth and Kris Schultz shows how physically and mentally hard it can be to face a season ending injury. However, both were able to persevere and make a come back.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Cross Country Archives 200 px CROSS COUNTRY
There are many skills you can gain from being a student-athlete. In this week's Aggie Rundown, listen to senior Trevor Halsted describe some of those characteristics.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Basketball Doubleheader Archives 200 px MEN'S & WOMEN'S BASKETBALL
The Aggies are ready for tip-off. Are you? Listen as UC Davis women's basketball senior Alyson Doherty and men's basketball senior Josh Fox talk about their team's preparations for the upcoming 2015-16 season.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown ASUCD Archives 200 px ASUCD & ATHLETICS
Both ASUCD and Athletics are parts of the same university. Listen as they describe new efforts to collaborate and be One UC Davis.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Giving Back Archives 200 px A CHANCE TO GIVE BACK
Athletes in Action (AIA) and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) put on a thanksgiving dinner every year for the less fortunate. This year "Challah for Hunger" donated bread, making this already wonderful event even better. This collaborative effort is an example of why we are One UC Davis..
UC Davis fosters the idea that our students can do anything, and we hope to provide them with the recourses to help them succeed. In many cases however it is the student that provide each other with inspiration. Anna Shumaker is an incredible athlete and with the support of her teammates and coaches continues to dream big.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Spirit Squad Archives 200 px UC DAVIS DANCE TEAM
The Cheer Team and Dance Team make up the UC Davis Spirit Squad. In this video listen to the Dance Team captain describe the unity she sees at games. We are One UC Davis and our support of each other is a great example.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown New Year's Resolution Archives 200px NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS
It's a new year and a great time to be an Aggie. What are your resolutions?
2015-16 Aggie Rundown RAW Archive 200px #RAW
The gymnastics team works hard to continue its tradition of success. This year RAW is the culture point that they hope will lead them to even more accomplishments.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Volunteer Davis Archives 200px VOLUNTEER DAVIS
UC Davis student-athletes are successful in the classroom, in their sport, and in the community. Brian Ford is a perfect example of a well rounded and ambitious person we have the pleasure of calling an Aggie.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Fijian Pride Archives 200px FIJIAN PRIDE
UC Davis has a very diverse student body, one of many features that makes it so great. Student-Athletes at UC Davis represent many different countries. These three athletes represent Fiji and their dedication to their culture and heritage benefits us all.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown NLI Signing Day Archives 200px ROAD TO SIGNING DAY
Take a look behind the scenes with UC Davis football assistant coach and recruiting coordinator Paul Creighton at the kind of work put in to bring in the newest members of the "Aggie Family."
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Camp Kesem Archives 200px COINS FOR CAMP KESEM
UC Davis Athletics participates in the Big West Conference coin drive to help raise money for Camp Kesem, a student-run organization that puts on a free summer camp for kids who have parents affected by cancer.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Daniel Descalso Archives 200 px LIFE AFTER UC DAVIS
Former UC Davis baseball player, and World Series Champion, Daniel Descalso talks about his days with the Aggies and his rise through Major League Baseball.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Dr. Moore Archives 200 px GROUNDBREAKING
Meet Dr. Melitia Moore, a new member of UC Davis athletics. With her comes a new age in sports medicine. Like new research in concussions and stem cells to name a couple. She proves that UC Davis is one of the best.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Lambdin Archives 200 px CHASING THE DREAM
All-American Raquel Lambdin talks about how UC Davis gave her the support she needed, both athletically and academically.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Fueling Aggies Archives 200px FUELING AGGIES
Dr. Liz Applegate is a long-time Aggie, also known as the Diva of Sports Nutrition. UC Davis is lucky to have her. She serves as an invaluable resource to our student-athletes.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Student Athletic Trainers Archives 200px SPORTS MEDICINE STUDENTS
The UC Davis Sports Medicine Internship is a unique opportunity for students to get hands on experience and medical practice. They make friends and relationships as well as prepare themselves for their careers.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Men's Tennis Best of Both World Archives 200px BEST OF BOTH WORLDS
Maintaining that delicate balance between time in the classroom and time on the court is, sometimes, a difficult proposition. However, members of the defending Big West champion men's tennis team shows that it can be done at UC Davis.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Research Archives 200px AGGIES DOING RESEARCH
Our student-athletes accomplish great things in the pool and in the lab.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Third Year Senior Archives 200 px THIRD-YEAR SENIORS
UC Davis women's tennis players Alex Huie and Frederique Sleffer have excelled on and off the court, powering through opponents and coursework to graduate a year early.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown End the Silence Archives 200 px ENDING THE SILENCE
Active Minds, an on-campus organization established in 2013 that is working to help lower the stigma behind mental illness on campus, put on an event called 'End the Silence' to spread awareness about college students lost to suicide.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Interfaith Games Archive 200 px INTERFAITH GAMES
UC Davis students and student-athletes join forces to put on an Interfaith Games, bringing diverse communities together in the spirit of peace.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Aggie Pride 200 px AGGIE PRIDE
Jim Sochor left a legacy at UC Davis that can described with the phrase Aggie Pride.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Track and Field Champions Archives 200 px WINNING AS A TEAM
UC Davis Women's Track and Field have won 4 championships in 5 years. This year was very special because they did it as a team.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Special Practice Archives 200px A SPECIAL PRACTICE
The UC Davis football team holds a special practice for local youngsters.
2015-16 Aggie Rundown Night of Champions Archives 200 px NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS
UC Davis recognized the hard work of it's championship winning student-athletes.