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Summary of NCAA, Conference, & UC Davis Academic Eligibility Rules

The list below is a summary of NCAA, Big West Conference, and UC Davis academic eligibility rules. A complete list of rules and regulations can be found on the web at or in Student-Athlete Academic Services, 264 Hickey Gym. If you have a question about NCAA rules or your eligibility ask your coach, the faculty athletic representative, or your athletic academic advisor.

Please pay attention to updates from your coaches and your athletic academic advisor. Updates may be sent to your UC Davis e-mail account--please check your campus e-mail frequently.


All UC Davis student-athletes are required to:

  • Know their eligibility status and the NCAA rules.
  • Be enrolled in 12 units in order to practice or compete. Waitlist units do not count toward full-time enrollment.
  • Have a cumulative UC Davis GPA of 2.00 or higher.
  • Declare a major before the 7th term of attendance. (If you're thinking about changing your major, please meet with your athletic academic advisor to determine how this will affect your eligibility.)
  • Pass a minimum of 6 degree units during each academic quarter.
  • Pass a total of 39+ units each academic year (fall/winter/spring).
  • Complete an academic plan form (APF) each year.
  • Have a physical exam or medical history form approved each year by the athletic training staff.


In addition to the general eligibility rules above, students who first enter college full-time in fall 2003 or later must:

  • Pass a minimum of 27 degree units during fall/winter/spring combined.
  • Complete 40% of degree requirements before the start of the 3rd year in school.
  • Complete 60% of degree requirements before the start of the 4th year in school.
  • Complete 80% of degree requirements before the start of the 5th year in school.


In general, all student-athletes should understand that the following can result in loss of eligibility:

  • Participation on an outside team during the season.
  • Gambling on sports of any kind.
  • Use of drugs on the banned substance list.
  • Modeling without prior approval of the athletic compliance coordinator.
  • Commercial advertisement with use of the student-athlete's name, picture, appearance, or sport.
  • Association with any professional sports organization or agent.
  • Practice or competition while enrolled in less than 12 units.
  • Practice or competition after the 10th day of instruction without fees paid.

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Academic Plan Form (APF)

NCAA rules require that all student-athletes complete an academic plan form (APF) signed by a college or major advisor each year to verify progress toward their major and degree. Returning student-athletes must complete an APF each spring.  

The APF is an educational tool that helps you plan a balanced program during your quarter(s) of competition, think about what major and career you hope to pursue, and prepare for registration. You can do the APF on your own, in a scheduled appointment with your athletic academic advisor, or directly with your college or major advisor. Your college or major advisor will have to approve and sign the APF each year.

Blank copies of the APF are available in the Student-Athlete Academic Services office in 264 Hickey Gym.

The APF deadline for student-athletes who will be returning to a team in fall 2016 iis Monday, May 9 at 5 p.m.

Student-athletes who choose not to turn in an APF by the deadline cannot be certified for 2016-17 eligibility or aid.

Since the APF must be signed by a college or major advisor, please do not wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment with your college or major advisor. Your athletic academic advisor's appointments will also book up several weeks in advance. 

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Missed Class Policy and Procedures


  1. Student-athletes must speak with each instructor DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASS to discuss all potential missed classes for the quarter due to travel and competition for their sport. DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASS, all student-athletes who might be competing that quarter must receive written confirmation from each of their professors regarding how they may make up, not make up, or take early any quizzes, exams, or labs that will be missed due to scheduled competition. Blank copies of the UC Davis Athletics Missed Class Form are available in the Student-Athlete Academic Services office in 264 Hickey Gym.
  2. Once the Missed Class Form has been signed, the student-athlete will give one copy of the form to the instructor, one copy to the coach, and will keep the final copy. (The Missed Class Form is in triplicate.)
  3. Student-athletes will not miss class other than for competition or extreme extenuating circumstances (e.g., severe illness, death in the family, etc.). Illness of a severity that affects class attendance must be reported to the athletic trainers.
  4. Student-athletes are required to attend all classes that end 2 hours or more before travel departure from campus for an away competition.



  1. Competitions will be scheduled to minimize missed classes (i.e., minimize competitions during the middle of the week).
  2. No competitions will be scheduled during finals week of each quarter (except conference or NCAA championships).
  3. Coaches will track all competitions that occur during the final week of the quarter (week 10) and the midterm weeks of the quarter (weeks 4, 5, and 6), and work to minimize away competitions during these weeks.
  4. Coaches will work to accommodate student-athletes who must take required courses that conflict with scheduled practice times.

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UC Davis E-Mail Account

Your UC Davis e-mail account is considered the official means of communication from UC Davis to all students. All students are responsible for activating and managing their UC Davis account and accessing all information sent to that account.

Your professors, campus advisors, college dean's office, the Registrar's Office, coach, athletic academic advisor, and other staff will send messages to your UC Davis e-mail account.

Due to federal privacy regulations, campus staff may not be able to respond to messages that you send from other e-mail accounts. At the end of each quarter, students are notified of probation or dismissal ONLY by their UC Davis account. You will also receive information about athletic eligibility from the Registrar's Office via your UC Davis e-mail.

You should read your UC Davis e-mail account daily.

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Changing or Declaring a Major

Students at UC Davis are prohibited from changing their major during their first quarter of enrollment. New freshmen and transfers must wait until they have completed at least one quarter at UC Davis and earned a 2.00 or higher GPA. Some majors have GPA admission requirements as well as preparatory classes that must be completed prior to entering the major. Consult the current UC Davis Catalog for more information.

To change or declare your major at UC Davis:

  • Access your myucdavis ( account and click on the "Academics" tab on the main page and then click on "OASIS Student Advising" from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the tab "Forms and Petitions" followed by clicking on the "Submit A New Form" tab.
  • Click on the "Change of Major" link (second from top). Detailed instructions are available to the immediate right of the link.
  • If you are unsure of how to change your major using the new online system, please see your athletic academic advisor.

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Grade Changes

Grades may not be changed once they have been submitted to the Registrar's Office unless 1) a clerical error has been made (e.g., a homework score is missing) or 2) a procedural error has affected the student's grade (e.g., misapplication of grading procedures, arbitrary treatment or prohibited discrimination).

If you believe you received an incorrect grade due to a clerical or procedural error, ask your instructor to file a grade change form with the Registrar's Office. If your instructor does not agree, you may request a change of grade by filing a grade change petition with the Registrar's Office in 3100 Dutton Hall. Grade change petition requests must be filed by the fifth week of the following quarter (see the current Class Schedule for exact date).

The Academic Senate Committee on Grade Changes reviews requests for grade changes and has no authority to reevaluate student work, but can change the grade if it finds a documented clerical or procedural error. If the alleged procedural error involves arbitrary treatment or discrimination, the Grade Change Committee may refer the case to the Student-Faculty Relationships Committee, or the student may file a formal grievance. See the student Judicial Affairs Web site at for more information. (Click on Student Grievances, then on Grade Grievances.) You may also meet with a staff member in Student Judicial Affairs (3200 Dutton, 530-752-1128) to discuss a grievance with a faculty member.

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Part-Time Status

Seniors in their final quarter may take less than 12 units and be certified eligible to practice, compete, and/or receive an athletic scholarship only if they have filed for graduation with the Registrar's Office and have units remaining that are REQUIRED to complete their degree. If you have completed all the requirements for your major and your degree, NCAA rules will not allow you to stay at UC Davis and go part-time just to complete your eligibility. (You would, therefore, be required to enroll full-time.)

Seniors who take 10 units or less must also file for part-time status at the Registrar's Office (see class schedule for deadlines) and pay reduced fees for their final quarter. Generally, you should plan to file for part-time status before the quarter begins.

If you plan to take less than 12 units in your final quarter and have athletic eligibility remaining, you must discuss your plan at least two quarters before your final quarter begins with your athletic academic advisor to review the part-time checklist and ensure that you will be eligible to compete (see the following "recommended datelines").

Recommended Deadlines

During fall quarter                  if you plan to graduate in the spring   
During winter quarter             if you plan to graduate the following fall
During spring quarter             if you plan to graduate the following winter

If you receive an athletic scholarship you must also see Lydia Sandlin, Compliance Coordinator, in 2263 Cowell Building at least 1-2 months before your final quarter begins to discuss how part-time status will affect your ability to receive your aid.

If you receive other forms of financial aid (loans, grants, etc.), please talk with Financial Aid, 1st floor Dutton Hall, before you file for part-time status.

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Taking Non-UC Davis Courses or Study Abroad

Student-athletes who choose to take summer school at another institution are encouraged to meet with their college dean's office advisor or major advisor before enrolling in courses at other schools. You will want to know in advance how that course counts toward your major or graduation requirements. In addition, you are encouraged to meet with your athletic academic advisor to discuss how that course affects your eligibility.

To see how California community college courses transfer to UC Davis, use the ASSIST web site at First highlight the name of the community college, then highlight UC Davis. You may then look up individual courses at the community college.

Once you complete the course, you must request that the official transcript from that school be sent to UC Davis. Due to campus regulations, it is recommended that all transcripts for summer work be sent to UC Davis by no later than September 1st. It is best to send the official transcript directly to the athletic academic advisor for your sport. The address is Michelle Roppeau, Laura Goldhammer, Amy Soud, or Adam Zedonis, Student-Athlete Academic Services, Intercollegiate Athletics, 264 Hickey Gym, One Shields Ave., Davis, CA 95616.


In general, students at UC Davis are not allowed to obtain transfer credit for courses taken at a non-University of California campus during the regular academic year. If you are a full-time student at UC Davis (registered in 12+ units) and would like to take a course at another school during that same quarter, you must do a "concurrent enrollment" petition your college dean's office well in advance (i.e., before you register for the other course) for an exception to the concurrent enrollment policy. (Summer courses, as described above, are exempt from this regulation.) See page 79 in the 2014-2016 UC Davis General Catalog for more information.


Study abroad is highly recommended for all students at UC Davis; many student-athletes study abroad one or more times. Due to NCAA academic eligibility rules, student-athletes who plan to study abroad should meet with their athletic academic advisor in an appointment at least 3 months before the start of the study abroad program. (It is recommended that you meet 6-9 months in advance to allow time to change your current course schedule, if needed, to meet NCAA eligibility requirements.) Visit the UC Davis study abroad web site at

You may also be specifically interested in the short-term summer study abroad programs described at

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Foreign Language Placement Exam

The foreign language placement exam is recommended for all students who have taken foreign language courses in high school. Students who have successfully completed the second or third year of a language in the 10th or higher grade in high school are allowed to take the first level of that language (e.g. Spanish 1, French, 1 etc.), but only on a P/NP grading basis.

The placement exam is administered by the UC Davis Language Center in 53 Olson Hall. Generally during the school year the office is open from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on Friday. To schedule an exam, you must call (530) 752-1508 at least 24 hours in advance. You may take this exam only once.

Exams are available in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. For all other language placement exams, contact Jill Bonner at 530-752-0487 or email

Although the foreign language placement exam is not mandatory, many student-athletes take this exam during their first year on campus. If you test out of the third quarter of any language, you will be DONE with the foreign language graduation requirement in the College of Letters & Science. See page 107-108 in the 2014-2016 UC Davis General Catalog for more info on the foreign language graduation requirement.

For more information about the foreign language placement exam, visit the UC Davis Language Center website at

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Student Academic Success Center
2205 Dutton Hall

Tutoring in math, chemistry, biology, physics, statistics, and writing is available to all students at UC Davis. The SASC also does free workshops on time management, procrastination, effective reading, note taking, multiple choice exams, study skills, essay exams, test anxiety, and writing skills. Full-time subject specialists can meet individually with students.


Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA) Tutors
ICA provides limited tutoring for student-athletes in conjunction with the Student Academic Success Center. To request a tutor through this program, you must be a current intercollegiate student-athlete. See the quarterly e-mail to student-athletes for the online tutor request form. If you have any questions about the ICA tutoring program, please see your athletic academic advisor.

Intercollegiate Athletics Evening Drop-In Tutors - NEW!!!
Third floor, Dutton Hall

This program is open only to current student-athletes and provides tutoring on a drop-in basis (no appointment necessary) in a select number of courses commonly taken by new freshman and transfer student-athletes.  Returning student-athletes are also welcome to use the program if applicable.  Please note that you will be required to sign in (so we can track how many student-athletes use this new program) and should be prepared to show your student ID.  If you have any questions about the ICA drop-in tutoring program, please see your athletic academic advisor.


Residence Hall Advising Centers
Segundo, Tercero, and Cuarto

Free tutors are available at Cuarto (6:00-9:00 pm) and Tercero and Segundo (5:00-9:00 pm) from Monday-Thursday in math and chemistry.  Writing tutors are also available two nights per week (nights vary by location).  Writing tutors will help with papers you write for any class (sociology, Native American studies, geology, English, history, etc.).

If you live in a residence hall, you can use the tutoring services at ANY of the residence halls.  Tutoring begins the second week of each quarter.  See the schedule of residence hall tutors at or check with the Academic Advising Center in your residence hall.


Women's Resource and Research Center 
125 North Hall

Tutors are available in chemistry and math. Check the website for updated hours each quarter. Tutoring is usually available Tuesdays from 4-6 p.m. STEM Café tutoring is open to all students, regardless of gender.

Calculus Room
1316 Earth & Planetary Science Building (MAT 16 and 17 series) 
1118 Math Sciences Building (MAT 21 series)
Web site has helpful information specifically for students taking any of the calculus (Math 16, 17, or 21) series. Tutors are available for students in Math 16A, 16B, and 16C. The calculus room is usually staffed with TA's from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. Check web site for hours each quarter (times may vary slightly from quarter to quarter and near holidays). 

Paid Math and Statistics Tutors
Click on Math Tutors. Gives tutors' hourly fees, GPAs, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

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Academic Success

Student-athletes who have graduated from UC Davis offer the following tips for academic success:

  1. Attend class. Be on time; don't come in late or leave early. Participate (ask questions, etc.) even if the class is large.
  2. Sit near the front of the class to avoid distractions. Pay attention. Turn off your cell phone, take off your ear buds, and put the newspaper away.
  3. Plan 18-22+ hours of study time into each week. Treat this time as seriously as you treat practice for your sport. Studying this much on a weekly basis will help you avoid cramming for tests or having a lot to make up if you get sick or travel during the quarter.
  4. Use the time that you have between classes to study in a building on campus. If you study 1-2 hours during the day, it will reduce the amount of time you need to study at night. Shorter study periods are often more effective, too.
  5. Assume that you will not get a lot accomplished academically during team travel. Try to get your work done before you leave campus. Bring materials for only one class and focus on getting caught up or ahead in that class. Study in the airport, on the plane, in the bus, etc.
  6. Meet with your professors during office hours. Ask questions or ask for help. You'll get valuable information (and possibly tips for future tests); your professor will get to know you and see how much effort you're putting into the class. (Most professors will let you schedule appointments if their office hours are during your practice or other classes.)
  7. Meet with your teaching assistants (TA's). The TA's are paid to help you understand the material.
  8. Form a study group with other students in the class.
  9. Use free tutors in the Student Academic Success Center, the residence halls, and other places (like the STEM Café or the Calculus Room). Use a free writing tutor in the SASC to review a rough draft of every paper that you write (in any subject) to help you get the highest possible grade.
  10. Pick up quizzes, midterms, and papers that have been graded. Keep track of how you're doing in each class.

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Tips for Talking with Professors

Faculty members and teaching assistants at UC Davis are reasonable people who enjoy teaching undergraduate students. They are also extremely busy--and often face numerous requests for changes, exceptions, extensions, individual help, etc. from the students in their classes.

If you're talking with a professor about accommodations due to your participation in Intercollegiate Athletics at UC Davis, we have several suggestions.



  • Be respectful, cordial, and courteous. Ask for factual information and use "I" statements (e.g., "I wanted to check my grade on the midterm") rather than becoming emotional and using "you" statements (e.g., "Why did you fail me on that test? You made me ineligible!")
  • Go to office hours or schedule an appointment to discuss missing class, turning assignments in late, taking exams at an alternate time, etc. due to team travel. At the beginning of a class, the instructor may be trying to review a lecture or set up equipment for the class. At the end of class, the instructors may need to vacate the room for the next professor and/or rush off to teach another class.
  • Go to office hours prepared. If you're asking for an accommodation, bring a copy of the missed class time letter and your athletic competition schedule (both available in 264 Hickey).
  • Talk to a professor during the first week of the quarter if you anticipate missing class due to team travel at any point during that quarter.
  • Don't expect a response (or an immediate response) via e-mail. Faculty and TA's are responsible for teaching hundreds of students each quarter. They sometimes cannot respond to e-mail messages and/or may prefer to see students in their office.
  • Be proactive. Ask for help if you're struggling or have questions in a class. Faculty and TA's want to help students understand and succeed.
  • Share personal information as appropriate. Instructors want to know if you have a learning (or other) disability that requires accommodation, a family or medical emergency that requires you to miss class, etc.
  • Express your enthusiasm and interest for a lecture, reading, assignment, etc. that you enjoy. Instructors put many hours into preparing for each class; a sincere compliment from a student is a gift.
  • Invite your instructors to attend a competition in your sport and share a copy of your team schedule.



  • Approach a professor or TA to discuss a teammate's grade and/or advocate for a teammate who is struggling in class. Instructors can only discuss grades with the student who earns them.
  • Ask a professor or TA to change your grade so you can be eligible.
  • Approach a professor in the 9th or 10th week of the quarter to ask if they could design an extra credit assignment for you because you're failing.
  • Tell a professor that they need to accommodate your travel schedule because you're a student-athlete.
  • Ask an instructor if you missed anything on the day(s) you weren't in class. (Assume you missed a lot!)
  • Ask for an incomplete just because you're failing. (UC Davis strictly regulates incompletes. See page 80 in the 2014-2016 UC Davis Catalog for info on incompletes.)
  • Intimidate, threaten, or verbally harass an instructor because you got a lower grade than you expected.

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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a leadership group of student-athletes who provide feedback to the athletic director on issues of importance to student-athletes at UC Davis. SAAC also works to promote the welfare of UC Davis intercollegiate student-athletes in general.

SAAC encourages student-athlete participation in community outreach activities and sponsors several charity events for all teams during the academic year. SAAC also serves as a conduit of information from the athletic administration to the teams.

Each team has two representatives to SAAC (typically a freshman/sophomore and a junior/senior) who are chosen by the head coach. SAAC representatives are responsible for attending meetings, serving as a liaison between SAAC and their individual teams, and spearheading any department-wide activities that involve or affect their team. The SAAC officers (chosen through a nomination process) coordinate the agendas for the SAAC meetings, lead SAAC-sponsored community service and social events, and may be asked to serve on campus-wide committees as representatives of intercollegiate athletics.

There are three SAAC meetings each quarter, which are usually scheduled from 12-1 p.m.; meeting times each quarter are based on the class schedules of the SAAC officers. SAAC officers from UC Davis also attend conference-wide SAAC meetings (made up of student-athletes from the other schools in the Big West Conference) and may be asked by the athletic director to represent UC Davis student-athletes in radio and TV interviews, at outreach events, or in other public relations venues.

If you are interested in becoming a SAAC team representative or officer, please talk to your head coach, your current SAAC team representatives, or Michelle Roppeau, director of academic services.

The 2015-16 SAAC officers are: Alec Adamson (Men's Tennis), Agustina Singh (Women's Field Hockey), Freddie Sleiffer (Women's Tennis), and Danielle Steffen (Women's Track and Field). 


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Updated February, 2016