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Extracurricular Eligibility at UC Davis Student-Athlete Conduct Policy & Due Process Procedures
Appeal Process for Athletically-Related Financial Aid Actions Student-Athlete Insurance Summary
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Mandatory Life Skills Presentations Year-Round Drug Test
NCAA Banned Drug List Nutritional Supplements/Ergogenic Aids/Creatine Statement
Social Networking Web sites Policy Hazing Policy


Extracurricular Eligibility at UC Davis

By participating in extracurricular activities at UC Davis, you can benefit from numerous opportunities for educational, personal, cultural, and social enrichment. In general, registered and enrolled UC Davis students may participate in extracurricular activities sponsored by the campus. Some extracurricular activities have additional eligibility criteria, so you are encouraged to inquire about the particular eligibility requirements of the groups and programs that interest you.

- UC Davis Catalog 2014-2016

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Student-Athlete Conduct Policy and Due Process Procedures

Participation in Intercollegiate Athletics at UC Davis is a privilege, not a right. This privilege brings with it certain obligations both on and off the field of play. Student-athletes are obligated to conduct themselves in a manner that is a credit to themselves, their team members, coaches and the University. Student-athletes must recognize that their behavior will be scrutinized because of the community's involvement and association with athletics and the University.

Failure to fulfill these obligations on or off the field shall be considered an act of misconduct. Misconduct shall be defined as an act of dishonesty, breach of law or University regulation, or any public or private act that discredits, demeans or embarrasses the athletic program or University.

  1. UC Davis Athletics will consider alleged legal infractions (state, federal, county or local) and misconduct allegations of university policy in conjunction with other affected campus units.
  2. Upon notification of any alleged violation of misconduct or legal violations, the coach must report the allegations to the athletic director and/or sport supervisor immediately. The athletic director and/or sport supervisor will meet with the coach and the student-athlete to determine the facts of the case. The Intercollegiate Athletics program will report any alleged violation of campus policy or alleged legal allegations to Student Judicial Affairs.
  3. Upon Judicial Affairs' resolution of the issue, the Intercollegiate Athletics program will conduct a hearing with the affected student-athlete, the athletic director, the student's coach, the faculty athletics representative, and other athletic administrators as needed.
  4. The Intercollegiate Athletics program reserves the right to impose penalties for alleged legal infractions, misconduct, and violations of UC Davis and/or Intercollegiate Athletics policies.
  5. The Intercollegiate Athletics program may impose penalties in addition to those imposed by Judicial Affairs as deemed appropriate by the athletic director. Penalties may include but are not limited to suspension or dismissal from the team. Any student-athlete charged with a felony will be immediately suspended from the team pending the outcome of the charges.
  6. This process will be reviewed and evaluated annually by the Athletic Administrative Advisory Committee.

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Athletic Award Appeal Policy, Guidelines and Procedures


In accordance with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regulations, a student whose Athletic Award is not renewed, is reduced, or is cancelled, is entitled to an appeal.  If Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA) decides to change the Athletic Award, the student will be notified by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office Office and provided with information on the appeals process.  If the student appeals ICA’s decision, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will review the appeal as outlined below.

A Financial Aid Appeal Committee (FAAC) will be formed and shall consist of three members: two staff from the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (including either the Director or Senior Associate Director who will serve as Chairperson for the Committee), and one member of the Athletics Advisory Committee.

Appeal Procedures
The student will have two weeks from the date of the notification from the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to file an appeal using the Athletic Award Appeal Form, along with any required documentation. The form is available online at:  

A student shall submit the appropriate appeal documentation to the Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, and must include:

  • A completed Athletic Award Appeal Form, including the selection of an Administrative Review or In-Person Hearing (a student cannot have both).
  • A written statement explaining why the student believes the decision was in violation of one or more of the following: NCAA or Conference rules or regulations; University policies, guidelines, or practices; or was unjustified. The statement must include names of institutional staff members (e.g., coach, financial aid officer) with whom the student has discussed the award, and a description of any extenuating circumstances (if applicable); and 
  • Copies of any relevant supporting documents (e.g., initial award letter, rules and/or regulations not followed).

Upon receipt of the appeal, the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will submit the student’s documentation to ICA.  The head coach will have seven days to submit a written statement and appropriate documentation to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.  An Administrative Review or In-Person Hearing will be completed within 30 days of receipt of the appeal materials by the FAAC members.

Administrative Review
Only FAAC members are involved in the Administrative Review process.  The student, ICA and head coach will be notified of the FAAC Administrative Review date.    

In-Person Hearing
The only participants at the In-Person Hearing will be the student, the head coach and the FAAC members.

Appeal Guidelines
The scope of the appeal shall be limited to the following issues:

  • Was there a major violation of NCAA or Conference rules and regulations?
  • Was there a violation of University policy, guidelines or practices?
  • Was the decision unjustified, or was there a lack of good faith by either party?

The FAAC shall reach a decision and notify both parties in writing within seven days of the date of the Administrative Review or In-Person Hearing. One of two actions will be taken:

  • The appeal is denied if the FAAC finds that the decision to not renew, reduce or cancel aid is not a violation of NCAA or Conference rules or regulations; follows University policies, guidelines, or practices; is justified and no extenuating circumstances are present.
  • The appeal is approved if the FAAC finds that the decision to not renew, reduce or cancel aid is a violation of NCAA or Conference rules or regulations; against University policies guidelines, or practices; or there are any extenuating circumstances. The Athletic Award will be reinstated as soon as possible, and any conditions relating to the reinstatement will be clearly identified at that time. Reinstatement of the Athletic Award will have no effect on the student athlete's status as a member of the relevant athletic team.

The decision of the FAAC shall be binding to ICA. Any student who wishes to appeal the decision of the FAAC shall be entitled to do so in accordance with the University’s student grievance policies and procedures.

Updated February, 2015

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Student-Athlete Insurance Summary*

Medical insurance coverage is provided for students who are injured while participating in scheduled, supervised and sponsored intercollegiate athletic competitions or authorized practice sessions as a player or trainer.  COVERAGE IS NOT PROVIDED FOR AN ILLNESS OR DISEASE unless it results directly from an ICA injury.

The medical insurance provided by UCD ICA insurance is EXCESS coverage.  This means it responds after your collectible health benefits have been utilized.  All registered students are required by the University to have medical insurance coverage.  You are advised to check with your primary medical insurance company about obtaining an up-to-date medical insurance card to keep in your possession. You are required to provide accurate and up-to-date primary medical insurance information to UC Davis Intercollegiate Athletics at all times.

Many students carry private medical insurance coverage through a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO), Point-of-Service, or other managed care plan which requires members to utilize specific network physicians and facilities in order to receive the maximum benefit coverage from their plan. PLEASE NOTE: If for any reason an athlete chooses not to utilize his/her HMO, PPO, EPO coverage and/or network providers, the athlete shall be financially responsible for any medical expenses incurred as a result of the injury.

SHIP does not provide coverage for injuries incurred while participating in an Intercollegiate Athletic competition or practice.  Please refer to the “medical care that is not covered” section of the SHIP booklet.

The UCD medical insurance includes the following:

Policy Limit:…………………........................................................ $90,000 (combined benefits)
Coverage Period:……………......................................................... 2 years from the date of injury

When a student-athlete is injured while participating in UCD Intercollegiate Athletics, in actual play or authorized practice, the limit for medical expenses is $90,000.  For coverage to apply, the injured student-athlete MUST:


•     NOTIFY THE ATHLETIC TRAINER OF THE INJURY WITHIN 30 DAYS FROM THE DATE IT OCCURRED.   Documentation of the injury by our certified athletic trainer is required in order to complete an Injury Report form.  The information provided on the Injury Report form is necessary in order to obtain medical care for the injury.

•     SUBMIT THE CLAIM TO YOUR PRIVATE INSURANCE CARRIER(S).  The University is not responsible for processing a claim through an athlete’s private insurance.  Once all available benefits have been exhausted and appropriate claims documentation has been received, the University’s coverage will take effect.



You are required to utilize your prescription drug benefit through your primary insurance plan for any medication prescribed for an athletic injury.

If medical bills for a covered injury exceed $90,000 within two years from date of injury, catastrophic insurance may apply if the student-athlete has no other medical coverage.

There is a $50,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit for all qualified student-athletes.    

Am I eligible for insurance coverage for athletic injuries?
UC Davis ICA supplies medical insurance coverage for student-athletes injured while participating in scheduled, supervised and sponsored intercollegiate athletic competitions or authorized practice sessions and practice-related activities. ICA insurance coverage is provided at no cost to you.  The medical insurance provided through UC Davis ICA Insurance is excess, or secondary, coverage. This means it responds after your health insurance benefits have been utilized. Please be reminded that ALL registered students are required by the University to have medical insurance coverage.  Additionally, UC Davis ICA Insurance coverage is provided ONLY for treatment that is provided and/or referred through the UC Davis ICA Team Physician Network (TPN). 

What is the UCD ICA Team Physician Network (TPN)?
As an integral part of the total Sports Medicine Program, the UC Davis Intercollegiate Athletics Team Physician Network (TPN) is dedicated to the health, welfare, and performance of all student-athletes. This is a multidisciplinary network with an expert medical staff of 8-12 physicians and includes primary care, sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, osteopathy, and physical medicine and rehabilitation.  They are the primary care providers for all intercollegiate athletic-related injuries/illness and provide the highest quality of care in a very efficient, convenient and professional environment.  The TPN is affiliated with UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services, the UC Davis Medical Center Sports Medicine Clinic, the UC Davis Medical Center Department of Orthopedic Surgery, and other local medical groups.

Meet the TPN:

Melita Moore, M.D.

Kevin Burnham, M.D.

Cassandra Lee, M.D.

Richard Marder, M.D.

Alberto Panero, M.D.

Daniel Parker, M.D.

Amy Sekhon-Atwal, M.D.

Jeffrey Tanji, M.D.

James Van Den Bogaerde, M.D.

Brandee Waite, M.D.

What happens if I'm injured?

Report your injury to a UCD Athletic Trainer immediately.  The ATC will assess your injury and determine if a consultation with a UCD ICA Team Physician is appropriate.  The Team Physician will diagnose and treat most athletic injuries, coordinate health care, and issue referrals to medical providers when additional care or a specialist is needed. Referrals are made at the sole and absolute discretion of the UCD ICA Team Physicians. The UCD ICA Insurance Representative will then carry out the referral process, secure necessary appointments, and coordinate insurance coverage for you.

What are the benefits of utilizing the UCD ICA Team Physician Network?

Among the many benefits of utilizing the TPN are the “beginning-to-end” services provided from the certified athletic trainers to the insurance coordinator to the team physicians.  All these services have been put in place to offer a seamless process to assist each student-athlete and family during a highly emotional and complicated time. We understand that many families have pre-existing relationships with other doctors and medical providers; you may see other doctors and providers through your own private insurance, but by utilizing the TPN you become part of a system that is designed to reinforce the principles listed below:


·      Continuity of care: a team physician will follow you through the duration of your injury

·      A Team Physician is available to treat student-athletes at least 5 days per week, plus at  
  many games/events

·      Team Physicians Clinics are conveniently located on-campus

·      Access to the UCD Athletic Training Room for Rehabilitation Services

·      A streamlined system of communication between Team Physicians, student-athletes,
  Athletic Trainers and coaches

·      Complete coordination of medical treatment

·      Complete coordination of insurance coverage, plus management and payment of your
  medical bills

·      There is no cost to you! 

Can I pursue treatment with my own doctor of choice outside the UCD ICA Team Physician Network?

 If you receive medical care without prior referral from the UCD ICA Team Physician Network, AND authorization from UCD ICA Insurance, the expenses will NOT be covered by ICA Insurance, except for urgent or emergency care of a medical emergency.

This is a summary of ICA Sports Medicine Program policy & procedures. For more information on UC Davis ICA Insurance or the UC Davis ICA TPN, please contact the Athletic Insurance Representative at (530) 752-9200, or visit the athletic training website at

*This is intended as a summary or an explanation of benefits.  It does not in any way serve to change or supersede the master policies.

6/2015-policy year 2015-16. If you have any questions, please contact the Athletic Insurance Coordinator at (530) 752-9200, or visit

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Athletic Training & Rehabilitation Policies and Procedures

The Intercollegiate Sports Medicine staff at UC Davis is comprised of 12 Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC's), one full-time head team physician, six volunteer team physicians and one volunteer physical therapist. Please know that your health is of the utmost importance to us. Our goal is to keep you playing, but safely.

There are three athletic training rooms on campus, the Pavilion Athletic Training Room in the ARC/Pavilion and the Stadium Athletic Training Room in Aggie Stadium and the Dick Lewis Athletic Training satellite facility. These are co-ed facilities so please arrive dressed appropriately. The Pavilion Athletic Training Room and Aggie Stadium Athletic training room is where ALL rehabilitation takes place Monday through Friday.


Intercollegiate Athletics has a full-time head team physician as well as several other team physicians with a variety of sports medicine specialties available for the care of its student-athletes. There is a team physician clinic offered in the evenings Monday - Friday in the Pavilion Athletic Training Room. ICA also utilizes the Student Health Wellness and Counseling Center for x-ray, musculoskeletal ultrasound and other specialty services. We encourage you to communicate with your athletic trainer to schedule an appointment with a team physician. 


  1. Report ALL injuries, skin irregularities and illnesses to a staff certified athletic trainer IMMEDIATELY.
  2. All athletes MUST shower before coming to the athletic training room unless urgent care is needed.
  3. NO food in the athletic training rooms.
  4. NO cleats in the athletic training rooms.
  5. NO foul language.
  6. NO shoes on tables.
  7. NO BIKES in the buildings.
  8. NO use of cell phones in athletic training room
  9. It is YOUR responsibility to communicate with us if your needs are not being addressed. 


  1. Athletic Training Room hours are from 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  2. Sign in for all services on the provided computer each time you enter for rehabilitation.
  3. If classes prevent you from getting to rehabilitation, contact your athletic trainer to arrange for another treatment time.

If you need pre-practice assistance, the athletic training room servicing your team should be open at least 45-60 minutes before your practice begins. Budget your time accordingly. 

The athletic training rooms are open generally 30 minutes after the last practice of the day or end of the game for ice and any injury evaluation needs.

Please contact Tina Tubbs MS ATC, director of sports medicine and head athletic trainer, if you have additional questions or concerns regarding athletic training hours, policies, or procedures.

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Alcohol & Drug Policy

No alcohol or drugs are allowed at team functions sponsored or endorsed by UC Davis Athletics. A team function is any event in which team members are requested to participate and/or the coach is present. Coaches who host or attend functions attended by student-athletes must adhere to this policy. If there are any doubts about the applicability of this policy, the athletic director should be consulted. The only exception to this policy is when alcoholic beverages are served during UC Davis Athletics special events where consumption of alcoholic beverages is governed by campus policy.

Consumption of alcohol, drugs or tobacco products while participating as a member of a UC Davis team is a violation. At away contests, student-athletes and coaches are considered representatives of the university from the time they leave campus until they return. UC Davis is a member of the NCAA and will adhere to all drug policies as established and published in the NCAA manual and on the current NCAA website. A partial list of banned substances is available in the Student-Athlete Academic Services office and in this student-athlete handbook. The list is subject to change and the institution and student-athlete shall be held accountable for all banned drug classes on the current list.

The most current list of banned substances is located on the NCAA website at All tobacco products are banned by the NCAA and the Big West Conference at all practices, contests, and team functions. Any student-athlete who violates the UC Davis campus drug and alcohol policy for all students will be treated like any other student. Violators of the NCAA and/or the UC Davis Athletics alcohol and drug policy will be required to meet with the athletic director and head coach where appropriate disciplinary action may be assessed. In addition, the student-athlete may be referred to Student Judicial Affairs for review. Punitive actions will be determined on a case-by-case basis under the guidance of the NCAA and UC Davis policies. Violations of the NCAA drug policy automatically result in loss of one year of eligibility and suspension from the rest of the current sport season.

In January 2014, UC Davis became a smoke and tobacco free campus.  All forms of tobacco--including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes, electronic cigarettes, and all forms of smokeless tobacco--are banned.  This policy applies to all University property including campus buildings, parking structures and lots, University vehicles, open spaces, grounds, and off-campus University-owned or leased residential facilities.  For more information, see

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Mandatory Life Skills Presentations

UC Davis Life skills program provides resources and education regarding student-athlete life skills that include: drug/alcohol education, social networking techniques, motivational and peak performance skills and other related skills that pertain to student-athlete life skills. Throughout the year resources are updated on the Student-Athlete SmartSite and made available to the students. Each year there are mandatory life skills presentations that cover one of the many educational components the department chooses to address for that year.

For any student that misses the mandatory presentation for class or personal reasons there will be an opportunity to make up for the missed presentation. All student-athletes that miss the assignment will be contacted by Josh Flushman, Associate Athletics Director, Sports Performance, Enhancement and Development (, 530-752-3525) and he will coordinate the make-up assignment and date of completion with each student-athlete.

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Year-Round Drug Testing

The NCAA has approved year-round drug testing in every sport. This includes summer. Before you leave campus in spring, make sure your coach has your contact information. You may be selected for drug testing even if you are in another state (or another country) during the summer; the NCAA has made arrangements for testing sites around the world and will require you to report to a site in a city near you.

Drug testing happens very quickly. You will be contacted by phone by a staff member in UC Davis Athletics and given instructions. Typically you will report for drug testing 24 hours later. Failure to report for drug testing is considered the same as testing positive. Student-athletes who test positive are deemed ineligible for one year; that year is also counted as one of your four seasons of eligibility.

The NCAA maintains a list of banned drug classes and provides examples of banned substances in each drug class on the NCAA website.

The 2015-16 NCAA Banned Drug List is also provided below.

Please notify your athletic trainer if you are taking any medications or supplements.

Any nutritional supplement use may present risks to your health and athletic eligibility. The nutritional supplement industry is not regulated. In some instances, not all ingredients are listed on the product. Additionally, cross contamination of banned substances can occur at the factories where supplements are made.

Any questions regarding NCAA banned drugs and the use of nutritional supplements should be referred to the institution's designated athletics department resource individual:

Tina Tubbs, Director of Sports Medicine
264 Hickey Gym
UC Davis
One Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (530) 752-0647

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A list of NCAA banned drugs is available at, or available to download here.


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Nutritional Supplement/Ergogenic Aids/Creatine Statement

UC Davis student-athletes depend on the coaches and sports medicine staff to supply them with accurate and sound information on sports nutrition and help them discern media hype from fact in reference to supplements. The environment for today's student-athlete is filled with easy access to products which are legal but which contain substances banned by the NCAA. Many student-athletes assume incorrectly that if these products can be purchased at a health food store they must be allowed under NCAA rules. Reliance on the advice of the clerk at the store or the distributor at the gym or anyone who is not with the student-athlete's athletic program has resulted in erroneous information about whether the product contains an NCAA banned substance. Appeals based on this argument have not been successful in overturning a positive drug test penalty.

Some common nutritional supplements are creatine, DHEA, androstenedione, 19-norandrostenedione, glucosamine, ma huang (ephedrine), amino acids and ginseng. Many fat burners and weight gain products contain nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements can come in pills, powders, liquids, and bars. Some are NCAA banned substances and some are not. They are all legal and may be obtained at grocery stores, pharmacies, health food stores, on the internet, and many other locations.

Nutritional supplements are marketed to athletes to improve performance. Many athletes use nutritional supplements despite proof that the supplements are ineffective. In addition, such substances are expensive and may be harmful to health or performance. Creatine, for example, has been found in some laboratory studies to enhance short-term high intensity exercise capability, delay fatigue on repeated bouts of exercise and increase strength. Several studies have contradicted these claims and, moreover, the safety of creatine supplements has not been verified. Many compounds obtained from nutrition stores and mail order companies may not be subject to strict regulations set by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, many of these supplements do not accurately list all their ingredients and may contain impurities or banned substances. In fact, many athletes have tested positive while taking these "supplements" and have lost at least a year of athletic eligibility, even after appeals.

It is not permissible for an institution to provide nutritional supplements to its student-athletes, unless the supplement is a non-muscle-building supplement and is included in one of the four classes identified in NCAA Bylaw Additionally, it is not permissible for an institution or an institutional staff member to sell or arrange the sale of muscle-building supplements to student-athletes.

If you have questions regarding banned substances or nutritional supplements please consult with a UC Davis athletic trainer or contact the Center for Drug Free Sport, at or (816) 474-8655.

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Social Networking Websites Policy

Student-athletes, as members of the UC Davis community, are permitted to have profiles on social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook provided that:

  • No offensive or inappropriate pictures are posted.
  • No offensive or inappropriate comments are posted.
  • Any information placed on the website(s) does not violate the ethics and intent behind both the student code of conduct AND the student-athlete code of conduct.

Student-athletes should remember that they are ambassadors of the University of California and always in the public eye. Content posted by student-athletes at other institutions or even other students on campus may not be acceptable on the profile. Questions regarding acceptable content per Intercollegiate Athletics policy should be directed Tracy Cumming, Director of ICA Compliance Services (2266 Cowell, (530) 752-6146,; Mike Robles, Assistant Athletics Director, Athletics Communications (Student Affairs Annex, (530) 752-3680,; or to the head coach, sport supervisor, or athletic director.

NOTE: The UC Davis Police Department, Student Judicial Affairs, and other local police and sheriff's offices check these websites daily. In addition to the unfortunate reality of online predators, potential employers and internship supervisors also use these sites to screen candidates. Many graduate programs and scholarship committees now search these sites to screen applicants. We advise UC Davis student-athletes to exercise extreme caution in their use of social networking websites.

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Hazing Policy

UC Davis Athletics supports only those activities which are constructive, educational, and inspirational and that contribute to the intellectual and personal development of students. UC Davis Athletics unequivocally opposes any situation created intentionally to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule.

UC Davis interprets hazing as any act whether physical, mental, emotional or psychological, which subjects another person, voluntarily or involuntarily, to anything that may abuse, mistreat, degrade, humiliate, harass or intimidate the person, or which may in any fashion compromise the inherent dignity of the person. In addition, any requirements by a member which compels another member to participate in any activity which is against university policy or state/federal law will be defined as hazing.

Actions and activities that are prohibited include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any type of initiation or other activity where there is an expectation of individuals joining a particular team to participate in behavior designed to humiliate, degrade, or abuse them regardless of the person's willingness to participate.
  • Forcing, requiring or pressuring an individual to consume alcohol or any other substance.
  • Forcing, requiring, or pressuring an individual to shave any part of the body, including hair on the head.
  • Any requirement or pressure put on an individual to participate in any activity that is illegal, perverse, publicly indecent, contrary to genuine morals and/or beliefs, e.g., public profanity, indecent or lewd conduct or sexual gestures in public.
  • Required eating of anything an individual would refuse to eat otherwise.
  • Any activity or action that creates a risk to the health, safety or property of the University or any member of its community.
  • Forcing or requiring calisthenics, such as push-ups, sit-ups and runs.
  • Assigning or endorsing pranks such as stealing or harassment of another organization.
  • Awakening or disturbing individuals during normal sleeping hours.
  • Expecting or pressuring individuals to participate in an activity in which the full membership is not willing to participate.
  • Physical abuse of any kind.
  • Forcing, encouraging or pressuring someone to wear in public apparel which is conspicuous and not within the norm of what is considered to be in good taste.
  • Engaging in public stunts and foolery.
  • Nudity at any time or forced reading of pornographic material.
  • Paddling, beating or otherwise permitting a member to hit other members.
  • Having substances such as eggs, mud, paint and honey thrown at, poured on or otherwise applied to the body of a member.
  • Morally degrading/humiliating games or other activity that makes a member the object of amusement, ridicule or intimidation.
  • Subjecting a member to cruel and unusual psychological conditions.

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Updated Oct. 2, 2014

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Cross CountryHalsted, Hoffman to lead Aggie harrier chargeDavis Enterprise, September 3, 2015
Men's Water PoloUCD men's water polo starts against defending champ UCLADavis Enterprise, September 2, 2015
Field HockeyUCD roundup: Aggie field hockey team takes home opener in OTDavis Enterprise, September 1, 2015
FootballIt takes brains for Aggies to compete with The Big BoysDavis Enterprise, August 30, 2015
Men's BasketballAggies release men's hoops scheduleDavis Enterprise, August 28, 2015
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Field HockeyStiff field hockey slate starts Saturday vs. No. 4 SyracuseDavis Enterprise, August 28, 2015
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Men's Basketball Corey Hawkins takes his talents to MiamiDavis Enterprise, August 23, 2015
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Women's VolleyballMeet Lindsay Dowd, Philips Gold's new setterTiebreaker Times, August 15, 2015
Women's SoccerAggie women head to San Jose for soccer exhibitionDavis Enterprise, August 14, 2015
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LacrosseUCD names new women's lacrosse coachDavis Enterprise, August 13, 2015
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FootballReally. 2-9 is about to be a distant memoryDavis Enterprise, August 7, 2015
Women's SoccerAnother recruit signs with UCD women's soccerDavis Enterprise, August 11, 2015
Men's BasketballSypkens signs with Japanese pro teamDavis Enterprise, August 11, 2015
FootballFired-up Aggies hit the ground runningDavis Enterprise, August 9, 2015
Men's Track & FieldHalsted leads a group of the smartest Aggie runnersDavis Enterprise, August 6, 2015
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BasketballMen's Athlete of the Year: Corey HawkinsThe Aggie, June 3, 2015
Women's GolfUC Davis golfer Lee is an All-AmericanDavis Enterprise, June 3, 2015
GeneralAggies finish second in Big West Commissioner's CupDavis Enterprise, June 3, 2015
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Men's BasketballSenior Spotlight: Tyler LesCalifornia Aggie, May 28, 2015
Women's GolfUC Davis women's golf finishes 11th at NCAA FinalsCalifornia Aggie, May 28, 2015
Men's/Women's TrackThree Aggies advance on opening day of NCAA PrelimsDavis Enterprise, May 29, 2015
BaseballSeven UC Davis baseball players earn awardsDavis Enterprise, May 28, 2015
Men's/Women's TrackA weekend of records for Aggies in Big West Track and Field ChampionshipCalifornia Aggie, May 26, 2015
Women's GolfAggie golf season ends in NCAA FinalsDavis Enterprise, May 26, 2015
BaseballJacobson helps UC Davis baseball seniors get 30th winDavis Enterprise, May 24, 2015
Men's/Women's TrackMarshall leads UCD track contingent to NCAA prelim meetDavis Enterprise, May 26, 2015
Women's TrackUC Davis speedster Marshall is Big West's best for a third timeDavis Enterprise, May 22, 2015
Women's GolfWeather-savvy UC Davis women golfers ready for humid FloridaDavis Enterprise, May 20, 2015
Men's GolfMen's golf season ends at regionalsCalifornia Aggie, May 19, 2015
Men's/Women's Track and FieldAggie Marshall doubles for third time, Lambdin shines againDavis Enterprise, May 17, 2015
Men's GolfAggie golfers in seventh at NCAA RegionalDavis Enterprise, May 15, 2015
TrackUC Davis women look for 4-peat at Big West track finalsThe Sacramento Bee, May 14, 2015
Men's GolfMen's golf faces off in NCAAThe Aggie, May 14, 2015
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BaseballUCD roundup: Aggie softball squad has trouble in paradiseDavis Enterprise, May 10, 2015
BaseballRecord-setting weekend for UC Davis baseballersDavis Enterprise, May 10, 2015
Women's GolfStrong start puts UC Davis golfers in fourth at regionalDavis Enterprise, May 8, 2015
Men's GolfUCD's Vivolo is league's top linksterDavis Enterprise, May 7, 2015
Women's GolfLewis leads Aggie golfers into NCAA finalsDavis Enterprise, May 10, 2015
Women's Track & FieldSports briefs: Aggie Nixon wins BW weekly awardDavis Enterprise, May 7, 2015
Women's GolfHot-shooting Aggie women open NCAA golf regionalsDavis Enterprise, May 7, 2015
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Women's Water PoloUCD women's water polo looks for redemption in HawaiiDavis Enterprise, April 23, 2015
BaseballAggies March past SpartansDavis Enterprise, April 22, 2015
Women's GolfWong, Aggie women roll to Big West golf crownsDavis Enterprise, April 22, 2015
BaseballWalk-Off Single Spoils Spartans' Comeback Bid At UC DavisSan Jose State Spartans, April 21, 2015
Women's GolfWong, Chen go low to lead UC Davis women's golfSacramento Bee, April 20, 2015
TrackLambdin, Marshall lead Aggies at Mt. SAC Davis Enterprise, April 19, 2015
GeneralRegional digest: Crown for UC Davis men's tennis team Sacramento Bee, April 18, 2015
FootballNew strength coach hopes to stem UCD football injury tideDavis Enterprise, April 17, 2015
Women's GolfAggie women ready to host Big West golf tourneyDavis Enterprise, April 17, 2015
Men's BasketballLes, AD Gould talk about the Aggie coach's futureDavis Enterprise, April 17, 2015
LacrosseCritical home stretch at hand for UC Davis lacrosse teamDavis Enterprise, April 16, 2015
Women's Water PoloUCD roundup: Aggie women pull a pool upsetDavis Enterprise, April 14, 2015
Baseball Ex-Aggie Gamboa sees the lights, then starts in Triple-ADavis Enterprise, April 14, 2015
Men's Golf Aggies cruise in own tourney, eye Big West crownDavis Enterprise, April 14, 2015
FootballFootball resumes for AggiesCalifornia Aggie, April 14, 2015
BaseballUC Davis' hard hitterCalifornia Aggie, April 14, 2015
Men's BasketballUC Davis' Corey Hawkins earns MVP honors at college all-star gameSacramento Bee, April 3, 2015
SoftballCSUN uses power to get softball sweep of AggiesDavis Enterprise, April 5, 2015
Men's/Women's BasketballYou can't buy the focus Aggie pair brought to UCDDavis Enterprise, April 4, 2015
BaseballGamboa, Kelly still knocking on MLB doorDavis Enterprise, April 2, 2015
Men's/Women's BasketballUC Davis represents well at the Final FourDavis Enterprise, April 1, 2015
BaseballAggies get ready for Hawai'i by rolling over Saint Mary'sDavis Enterprise, April 1, 2015
SoftballNunez powers Aggies to softball winDavis Enterprise, April 1, 2015
Women's TennisSleiffer seals Aggie tennis victory over MontanaDavis Enterprise, March 31, 2015
FootballUC Davis opens hopeful spring football campDavis Enterprise, March 31, 2015
BaseballOver the years, 'The Show' has been a reach for DavisDavis Enterprise, March 31, 2015
BaseballAggie baseball team takes journey a single step at a timeDavis Enterprise, March 31, 2015
Women's Track & FieldDouble Runner® Interview: Kim Conley">Double Runner, March 29, 2015
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Men's SoccerJahn, Amarikwa give Avaya Stadium opener a local feelThe Davis Enterprise, March 24, 2015
Men's BasketballHawkins goes out on a high note, Aggies lose in NITThe Davis Enterprise, March 18, 2015
Men's BasketballThe father-son Les Era comes to a close at Stanford The Davis Enterprise, March 18, 2015
Men's BasketballA Deep Run in NIT Could Lead to Historic Opportunity for UC DavisThe Sacramento Bee, March 18, 2015
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Men's Basketball2015 NIT Preview: UC Davis Aggies vs. Stanford CardinalSB Nation, March 17, 2015
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Men's BasketballJim Les leads UC Davis to Big West championship and its first NITJournal Star, March 16, 2015
Men's BasketballStanford to face UC Davis in NITThe Examiner, March 16, 2015
Men's BasketballStanford to play UC Davis in NITContra Costa Times, March 15, 2015
Men's BasketballCardinal to host UC Davis in NIT first roundSF Gate, March 15, 2015
Women's BasketballUCD women provide tourney spark before losingDavis Enterprise, March 15, 2015
Women's BasketballDespite losing seniors, Aggie women look to futureDavis Enterprise, March 15, 2015
Men's BasketballOpinion: UC Davis, Sacramento State plot to retain momentumThe Sacramento Bee, March 14, 2015
Women's BasketballAggie women get to Big West semisDavis Enterprise, March 12, 2015
Men's BasketballUC Davis rallies in 2nd half to beat CS Northridge 71-67CBS Sports, March 12, 2015
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Men's BasketballHead coach Jim Les helms successful teamThe Aggie, Feb. 26, 2015
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Women's Swimming and DivingUC Davis' Roberts named to all-conference honor rollNapa Valley Register, Feb. 26, 2015
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Men's BasketballLong Beach State Men's Basketball's Losing Skid Hits FourLong Beach State, Feb. 19, 2015
LacrosseLacrosse defies oddsThe Aggie, Feb. 19, 2015
Men's BasketballCorey Hawkins considers Philly to be, Feb. 19, 2015
Women's Swimming and DivingAggies Ready to Make a Splash in MPSF ChampionshipsThe Aggie, Feb. 18, 2015
Women's BasketballFipps having record-breaking season at UC DavisSierraStar, Feb. 18, 2015
Men's BasketballLong Beach State men's basketball set for huge showdown with UC DavisLong Beach State, Feb. 18, 2015
Men's BasketballUC Davis cruises to 75-69 win over Cal State, Feb. 13, 2015
Women's BasketballFipps finishes strong as Aggie women top TitansDavis Enterprise, Feb. 13, 2015
Men's BasketballUCD proves team concept, wins again without HawkinsDavis Enterprise, Feb. 13, 2015
BaseballUC Davis Baseball Season Opens up with RoadtripThe Aggie, Feb. 12, 2015
Women's WaterpoloInside the game with Allyson HansenThe Aggie, Feb. 12, 2015
Men's SoccerRepublic FC to play at UC Davis in soccer tripleheaderSacramento Bee, Feb. 11, 2015
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FootballAggies get `our kind of guys,' says football coach GouldDavis Enterprise, Feb. 5, 2015
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FootballlEx-Cal Coach's Deep Impact on Super Bowl Feb. 1, 2015
Men's Basketball'Eaters take on fellow leadersDaily Pilot, Feb. 3, 2015
Men's BasketballTally another televised win for UC Davis men's basketballDaily Democrat, Feb. 3, 2015
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Track & FieldAggie track teams to try different combinations, fall back on vetsDavis Enterprise, Jan. 22, 2015
Track & FieldVersatile, experienced Sheffield hits ground running at UCDDavis Enterprise, Jan. 22, 2015
Women's BasketballComing from cold weather, Harris' shooting is red-hot for UCDDavis Enterprise, Jan. 21, 2015
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Women's Water PoloConvenient local connection aides UCD women's water poloDavis Enterprise, Jan. 16, 2015
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Men's SoccerMLS SuperDraft: 20 players who define college cropSoccer America, Jan. 14, 2015
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Women's Water PoloAggies relish Olympic opportunityDavis Enterprise, Jan. 13, 2015
Men's TennisUCD men to gauge progress in spring tennis openerDavis Enterprise, Jan. 13, 2015
Men's BasketballAggies are ready for more closeups, Mr. DeMilleDavis Enterprise, Jan. 13, 2015
FootballNapa High grad Jones making impact for UC DavisNapa Valley Register, Jan. 13, 2015
Men's BasketballUC Davis men's basketball wins televised game, schedules 2 moreDaily Democrat, Jan. 12, 2015
Men's BasketballGreg Crawford On BasketballJan. 11, 2015
Men's BasketballAggies thrill ESPNU, Pavilion audiences with overtime victoryDavis Enterprise, Jan. 11, 2015
Men's BasketballAggies put on a show on national TVSacramento Bee, Jan. 10, 2015
FootballThese NFL backs are on the run from Berkeley (Ron Gould)Los Angeles Times, Jan. 10, 2015
Men's BasketballUC Davis men roll past CSUN in Big West openerDavis Enterprise, Jan. 8, 2015
Men's BasketballUC Davis wins Big West opener with hot shootingSacramento Bee, Jan. 8, 2015
Women's BasketballUCD women start on the road with the Big West's bestDavis Enterprise, Jan. 7, 2015
Men's SoccerThe SBI 2015 MLS Mock Draft (Version 1.0), Jan. 6, 2015
Men's SoccerSBI Soccer's 2015 MLS Draft Big Board (v 2.0), Jan. 4, 2015
Men's BasketballLast Aggie hoops tuneups come Saturday in Pavilion doubleheaderDavis Enterprise, Jan. 1, 2015
Men's BasketballSac State's Hilliard, UC Davis' Graham point to their pastSacramento Bee, Dec. 24, 2014
Women's BasketballUCD women hang tough against No. 16 StanfordDavis Enterprise, Dec. 23, 2014
Women's BasketballUCD women look to improve, despite game at No. 7 StanfordDavis Enterprise, Dec. 21, 2014
Women's BasketballColleges: McGuire earning positive feedbackVentura County Star, Dec. 21, 2014
FootballAggie Manzanares not quite finished carrying the rockDavis Enterprise, Dec. 21, 2014
FootballUCD RB coach Wright heads to Florida; what next?Davis Enterprise, Dec. 19, 2014
BaseballFormer Aggie Descalso inks deal with ColoradoDavis Enterprise, Dec. 17, 2014
General NewsTumey talks about state of Aggie athletics, where they're headedDavis Enterprise, Dec. 17, 2014
Men's SoccerDavis soccer legacy seen in professional ranksDavis Enterprise, Dec. 14, 2014
Men's BasketballHappy with 7-1 start, but there's still plenty of work aheadSacramento Bee, Dec. 10, 2014
Men's BasketballUndefeated UC Davis beats San Jose St. 70-56Fox Sports, Dec. 04, 2014
Men's BasketballRecap: UC Davis vs. San Jose StKentucky, Dec. 04, 2014
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Men's BasketballAggies moving on after latest setbackThe Herald Journal, Dec. 04, 2014
Men's BasketballSPARTANS DROP SEVENTH STRAIGHTInsideTheSpartans, Dec. 04, 2014
Men's BasketballSan Jose State (1-6) at UC Davis (5-0)Bradenton Herald, Dec. 03, 2014
Men's Basketball102-year-old Aggie basketball record could be tied WednesdayDavis Enterprise, Dec. 03, 2014
Men's BasketballGhosts of The Streak Past to lend Aggies encouragement?Davis Enterprise, Dec. 02, 2014
Men's BasketballUC Davis can match best start in men's basketball since 1912Sacramento Bee, Dec. 02, 2014
Men's BasketballAggies face tough home testThe Herald Journal, Dec. 01, 2014
Men's BasketballAggie men badger Wolverines with another ride on `Energy Bus'Davis Enterprise, Nov. 30, 2014
FootballJoseph, Manzanares lead 10 All-Big Sky Aggie picksDavis Enterprise, Nov 26, 2014
Men's Water PoloUCD roundup: Aggies beat Cal Baptist to finish third in the poolDavis Enterprise, Nov 25, 2014
FootballNo excuses, but there's hope for UCD after 2-9 seasonDavis Enterprise, Nov 26, 2014
Men's SoccerSeason's over, but UCD is still making news on the pitchDavis Enterprise, Nov 25, 2014
FootballSilveria has been there through thick and thinDavis Enterprise, Nov 21, 2014
Women's BasketballFipps, Doherty, freshmen lead Aggie win over HornetsDavis Enterprise, Nov 19, 2014
Men's SoccerSports briefs: Former Aggie Amarikwa re-ups with ChicagoDavis Enterprise, Nov 19, 2014
FootballManzanares leads Aggie footballers past Cal PolyDavis Enterprise, Nov 16, 2014
Men's BasketballHealthy Aggie men open with deep lineupDavis Enterprise, Nov 16, 2014
FootballCal Poly football team run over by UC DavisThe Tribune, Nov 15, 2014
Women's BasketballNo. 1 UConn is at The Pavilion Friday nightDavis Enterprise, Nov 14, 2014
Women's BasketballAggies tune up for No. 1 UConn as Sonoma State fallsDavis Enterprise, Nov 12, 2014
Cross CountryUCD roundup: Senior runner finishes in styleDavis Enterprise, Nov 09, 2014
Women's Field HockeyStanford 2, UC Davis 1Palo Alto Online, Nov 07, 2014
Men's SoccerSports briefs: Aggie senior in the running for soccer awardDavis Enterprise, Oct. 29, 2014
Men's SoccerAggies tie two records in 0-0 decision with Sac StateDavis Enterprise, Oct. 26, 2014
Men's SoccerUC Davis' Martin Del Campo hopes for shot in MLSSacramento Bee, Oct. 24, 2014
Men's SoccerAggies expect a bonny meeting in SacramentoDavis Enterprise, Oct. 24, 2014
Women's BasketballShhh. Are Aggie women BWC's best-kept secret?Davis Enterprise, Oct. 24, 2014
Men's BasketballUCD roundup: Preseason awards roll in for Aggie hoopster HawkinsDavis Enterprise, Oct. 24, 2014
FootballBye No. 2 comes at perfect time for nicked-up UCDDavis Enterprise, Oct. 24, 2014
Women's BasketballSports briefs: Aggie women picked to take fourth in Big WestDavis Enterprise, Oct. 23, 2014
Women's SoccerInside the Game with Taylor JernThe California, Oct. 16, 2014
Swimming & DivingUCD swimmers eye third straight titleDavis Enterprise, Oct. 15, 2014
FootballScott takes over and the offense sings a different tuneDavis Enterprise, Oct. 12, 2014
FootballCollege Football: Bobcats meet UC Davis in CaliforniaGreatFals Tribune, Oct. 11, 2014
Men's Water PoloHall of Fame Coach Dante Dettamanti Named Men's Water Polo Assistant CoachSan José State Athletics, Oct. 7, 2014
SoftballNapa High gets a former Division I coachNapa Valley Register, Oct. 7, 2014
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