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The UC Davis Strength and Conditioning Department is committed to the complete athletic development of all of its student-athletes. This is accomplished by a staff of four full-time certified strength and conditioning professionals who design year-round comprehensive training programs that optimize overall performance.

Our mission, as a Strength & Conditioning coach, is to support every varsity sport in the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, by propelling each student-athlete to maximize his or her athletic potential for competitive success. This is accomplished by integrating practical research-based training methodologies to increase power, strength, speed, mobility, agility and efficiency of movement for sport-specific tasks. Equally important as improving these qualities, is conditioning every student-athlete to be able to repeat these sport-specific tasks at a frequency required for competitive success while concurrently developing the mental toughness required to compete in NCAA sports.


UC Davis strength and conditioning program is designed to develop the athlete so they can perform on the field to their full potential. Strength and conditioning shall be conducted in a manner that plans to develop them physically and mentally throughout their careers. All programs will be constructed around the following list of program goals and objectives;

1. All programs will be evidence based and include some form of progressive overload and periodization.

2. Injury prevention
        ●   Attain optimal range of motion for all joints and muscles
        ●   Develop balanced, strength and stability

3. Athletic performance enhancement
        ●   Priority of training will be on movements, not muscles (ground based multi joint movements)
        ●   Explosiveness will be developed through the use of Olympic lifts and plyometrics
        ●   Core strength lifts will include squats, deadlifts, pressing and pulling lifts in bilateral and unilateral variations
        ●   Train athletic movements/basic motor skills
        ●   Develop speed, agility, and conditioning specific to the sport

4. Develop discipline, leadership, attention to detail, and the mental game

5. Provide education and resources on the topics of sports nutrition and recovery

6. Training will be sequential and progressive

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