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Sammantha Brockel

Sammantha Brockel MS, ATC
University of San Francisco
Associate Athletic Trainer
Women's Basketball, Men's Golf

UCD 2015 - 2017
As a Fellow at UC Davis, I was provided a great working environment that allowed me to have a well-rounded mentor-ship experience. I was privileged to work with many different experienced and knowledgeable ATs with varying backgrounds, who allowed me the opportunity to explore and develop my own clinical and rehabilitative philosophy. The fellowship program provided monthly development meetings which introduced new clinical concepts and rehabilitative techniques. These meetings allowed us to gain knowledge and seek out further CEU opportunities; from Graston, Myofascial Decompression and BFR to preventative screenings like FMS and SFMA. I was given the opportunity to work with the Field Hockey and Softball teams, as well as work along-side our Head AT with the Men's Basketball team. I gained experience that would not only help me develop into a more well-rounded AT, but also provided me with great connections and a network of colleagues for the rest of my career.

Tessa Dahl

Tessa Dahl, M.A., ATC
San Joaquin Delta College
Women's Athletic Trainer
Men's and Women's Athletics

UCD 2017
The UC Davis Athletic Training Fellowship Program was an amazing experience in my athletic training career. The staff are supportive and always working towards a better practice and providing the student-athletes with the utmost care. Having the opportunity to serve as an athletic training fellow with the Men's Water Polo and Gymnastics Teams taught me to become a more adaptive and holistic athletic trainer. I will forever be grateful for the experience I gained while working with the UC Davis Sports Medicine team.

Molly Gaebler

Molly Gaebler, MS, LAT, ATC
Seattle Children's Hospital 
Head Athletic Trainer, The Northwest School 
Northwest High School Athletics Program

UCD 2012 - 2013
I loved my year at UC Davis as the Certified Athletic Trainer Fellow! It was the perfect experience to follow up my Entry Level Master's Degree Program in Athletic Training. I learned so much from the certified staff and team doctors- they were incredible mentors for me during my first year as a professional. The most valuable part of my internship was the relationships I formed with the UC Davis athletes. I really got to know the track and field and women's lacrosse athletes, and they were some of the smartest and hardest working athletes I have ever met. They were all such wonderful people, and I still miss them! I am grateful to UC Davis for teaching me a professional standard of athletic training that has helped me to provide high quality care to my current athletes. Go Ags! 

Ben Kmetz

Ben Kmetz MS, ATC, CES, PES
Penn State University
Assistant Athletic Trainer

UCD 2016 - 2017
At UC Davis I was able to gain experience providing medical care in all aspects to the student athletes. I was able to work and learn from the sports medicine team and then later apply my knowledge when I worked with baseball. The staff was always willing to answer questions and collaborate with me.  I believe this opportunity provided me with a foundation of knowledge needed to obtain a full-time assistant athletic training position. 

Nicole Lopez
Nicole Lopez, MAT, ATC

University of California, Irvine
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Men's Soccer/Men's Tennis

UCD 2011-2012

I had the privilege of being one of the first fellows (intern was my title back then) at UC Davis. It also happened to be my first job after finishing grad school. I covered cross country/track and field. I look back at my time at UC Davis, I do not regret my decision to apply. I worked with some of the best student athletic trainers, some of whom are my colleagues. I was able to work with some amazing co-workers/clinicians who taught me so much. Those same people, I still am able to call my friends. It was a wonderful experience! Thank you UC Davis for being a part of my journey!!

Taylor Maston

Taylor Maston, MA, ATC
Los Rio Community College District
Athletic Trainer
UCD 2013-2015

Takashi Mita

Takashi Mita, ATC
SyncBody in Tokyo, Japan
CEO, Owner, Athletic Trainer, Performance Therapist

UCD 2015 - 2016
The UC Davis Athletic Training Fellowship added a lot to my career as an AT and to me as a person. My experience working with Men's Water Polo and Women's Lacrosse gave me many opportunities to learn and improve. I loved it! After my UCD fellowship program, I came back to Japan and began my career in a neurosurgical rehab clinic. I worked with patients suffering from brain injuries and diseases, including dementia and Spinocerebellar Degeneration, and the elderly. In 2018, I started my own business at SyncBody. I focus on providing high quality therapeutic treatment and corrective exercises to restore and enhance neuromuscular function and performance to athletes, performing artists, and the physically active population.

Anthony Peters

Anthony Peters, MS, ATC
UC Berkeley
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Football, Women's Lacrosse

UCD 2015 - 2016
As a fellow working alongside the UC Davis Sports Medicine Staff, I was able to further my clinical and interpersonal skills as an athletic trainer. I worked in a fast paced, team-based environment with the UC Davis Football team which made me highly resourceful and improved my time management skills. I also was given autonomy with the baseball team where I could critically think and make my own decisions. UC Davis helped me cultivate the skills I needed to be a successful athletic trainer in Division I athletics.

Chelsea Richardson

Chelsea Richardson, MS, ATC, LAT
University of Idaho
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Women's Basketball

UCD 2016 - 2017
My year at UC Davis was a great experience. Working with the Men's Water Polo & Women's Lacrosse teams gave me experience with a variety of injuries, rehabs, and evaluations. Working at UC Davis afforded me another year of experience to improve my skills in athletic training, management, and professionalism.

Bronson K Sagon

Bronson K Sagon, MS, ATC, LAT
Texas Christian University
Assistant Athletic Trainer
XC/Track & Field

UCD 2015 - 2016
My experience at UC Davis truly taught me how to interact with student-athletes in a more holistic way. I am able to connect with my athletes on a level that allows me to practice patient-centered care, as opposed to clinician-directed care, which I strongly value. Putting my student-athletes at the forefront of any decision-making process has helped define a strong part of who I am as a clinician. 

Lauren Wagner

Lauren Wagner, MA, ATC
Occidental College
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Men's and Women's XC/ Track, Women's Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Softball

UCD 2016 - 2017
My fellowship experience at UC Davis assisted me in my overall growth as a Certified Athletic Trainer. Given this experience straight from graduate school was helpful in that I was in a position with a mentor but still had full autonomy of my sport assignments. Not only did I learn from my mentors and the leaders at UC Davis, but from the athletes as well. I want to thank everyone in athletics at UC Davis for a great experience and in helping me get to where I am today.