DanceTeam   Marissa Chemotti, Co-Captain
Hometown: Murrieta, CA
Major: Psychology with an Emphasis in Developmental Psychology, Minor in Education
Class of 2017

Marissa has danced for 9 years, but began her competitive training at Just Plain Dancin' in 9th grade. She has competed in the styles of jazz, modern, and lyrical dance, along with training in ballet. Her favorite styles of dance are contemporary and jazz. This is her 3rd year on Dance Team and she looks forward to co-captaining the team with Rachel. In her spare time, she loves to relax in the arboretum, find new favorite restaurants downtown, experiment in the kitchen, do anything creative, and spend time with her loved ones. Marissa loves the homey feel of Davis as the perfect little college town. After graduation in the spring, Marissa plans to continue her work in the Infant Sibling Study at the UC Davis MIND Institute, researching the early indicators of Autism and ADHD, and later graduate studies focusing on developmental disorders. In her last year on Dance Team, Marissa looks forward to cheering on the Aggies, building connections with other groups on campus, and of course Dance Team's annual showcase!
DanceTeam   Rachel LeBrett, Co-Captain
Hometown: Brentwood, CA
Major: Statistics with an application in Psychology/Human Development, Minor in Global and International Studies
Class of 2017

Rachel began dancing when she was 4 years old. She decided to become a competitive dancer at the age of 9 and began competing with East County Performing Arts Center. She competed in tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary, and musical theater and could never choose a favorite. She danced on her high school dance team for three years at Heritage high school and was also part of the Brentwood Children's Ballet theater for 11 years. In her spare time she enjoys watching movies, baking, and traveling with her family. Her favorite thing about Davis is the friendly community and beautiful campus. This year she looks forward to performing in her last showcase!
DanceTeam   Alexa Feddema
Hometown: Temecula, CA
Major: Dramatic Arts Major, Education & Physical Education Minor
Class of 2018

Alexa has been dancing since she was 3 years old and she danced at Just Plain Dancin' in Southern California. She is trained in ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, hip-hop, modern, and ballet on pointe. She started dancing competitively at age 8, and also danced with a ballet company for 5 years. In High School she was on the Varsity Dance Team and the Varsity Pom Team, and her senior year she was captain of both teams. After her freshman year at UC Davis, she was able to dance at the Radio City Rockettes' Summer Intensive in NYC. In her spare time, Alexa loves spending time with her family and friends, as well as going to the beach, Disneyland, and other fun places as often as she can. Alexa's favorite things about Davis are the friendly people, beautiful atmosphere, and the many animals. This year she looks forward to performing at all of the Football and Basketball games, making new friendships, and of course dancing in the end of the year Showcase.
DanceTeam   Allie Ard
Hometown: Pleasanton, CA
Major: Animal Science
Class of 2018

Allie has been dancing since she was 3 years old at Jazz N Taps Dance Studio. She joined the competition team when she was 7 years old and competed for 10 years. She has trained in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, musical theater and lyrical. She was also on her high school dance team for her two years. In her spare time, Allie likes to watch movies, bake, and hang out with friends. Her favorite thing about Davis is the downtown area and all the fun places to eat. She is looking forward to dancing the in the Picnic Day parade this year and the team's showcase!
DanceTeam   Nikki Chun
Hometown: Morgan Hill, CA
Major: Psychology with an Emphasis in Biology and a minor in Communications
Class of 2018

Nikki has been dancing since she was 4 years old at Lana's Dance Studio, dancing a total of 14 years there. She joined the competition dance team at the age of 9, and spent 10 years competing. This is her third year on the UC Davis Dance Team. She has trained in all styles of dance including tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, and hip-hop. In her spare time she enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, and dancing. Her favorite thing about Davis is the fact that it is a friendly college campus. She is looking forward to the showcase this year.
DanceTeam   Julia Ilsley
Hometown: Napa Valley, CA
Major: Psychology
Class of 2018

Julia began dancing when she was seven years old at Academy of Dance in Napa. She started competing when she was 13, right around the time she fell in love with contemporary and musical theater. She competed for the following four years until she started school at University of San Francisco as a dance major and focused on modern and ballet. Soon after transferring from USF, she started performing with Applegate Dance Company here in Davis. This is her first year on the UCD Dance team. So far, she loves Davis out of all the places she's been and her favorite thing about it is how open and inviting the community is. While Julia isn't performing at games or working on her psych homework, she loves to teach dance and spend time with her boyfriend. Out of everything, she is most excited about returning to her favorite style of dance, contemporary, while working on the showcase this spring!
DanceTeam   Amanda Ormonde
Hometown: Arroyo Grande, CA
Major: Cell Biology with a minor in Psychology
Class of 2019

Amanda has been dancing for nine years at Coastal Dance and Music Academy and at Dellos Performing Arts Center. She has performed with these teams many times over the years, and has also been a preschool and kindergarten dance teacher. Her favorite style of dance is hip hop, but she also enjoys jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and western swing dancing. Amanda was also a member of her high school's varsity cheer team and the high school dance company for four years. This is Amanda's second year on the UC Davis Dance Team. Aside from dancing, she enjoys shopping, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends. She loves the atmosphere of Davis and is looking forward to the rest of the season with the team!
DanceTeam   Kaitlyn Kelly
Hometown: San Carlos, CA
Major: Sociology- Organizational Studies
Class of 2019

Kaitlyn started her first ballet class at Menlo Park Academy of Dance when she was three years old and continued ballet for the next 14 years. She also trained in jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, ballet contemporary and pointe. Kaitlyn was on her studio's competition team for 6 years and competed with numerous group and solo pieces at various regional and national competitions. She also performed in annual recitals as well as professional ballets. Kaitlyn joined her high school's advanced dance program for 3 years, where she had the chance to choreograph dances to be performed at school assemblies and annual winter and spring shows. Here at Davis, in her spare time she enjoys hanging out with friends on and off campus. One of her favorite things about the school is the college town environment and all of the amazing people she has met. This year she is looking forward to making many more memories!
DanceTeam   Paige Ingles
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Major: Psychology, Biological emphasis
Class of 2019

Paige started dancing at the age of 3 and has danced competitively since she was 7 years old, training in various styles like ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and hip-hop at Bobbie's School of Performing Arts. She was a member of Westlake High School's varsity dance team for four years and won 5th place solo champion at USA Dance Nationals in 2015. This is her second year on the UC Davis Dance Team. For fun, Paige loves listening to music, cooking, and shopping at Target. She also loves her job at In N Out Burger! Her favorite thing about Davis is the kindness of all of the people in the town, and she looks forward to cheering on the Aggies at the Big West Basketball Conference Tournament.
DanceTeam   Tara Choat
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Major: Evolutionary Anthropology, B.S., Theatre and Dance, B.A.
Class of 2019

Tara began dancing at age 4 and competing at age 6. She has trained at many studios in addition to her high school dance program, APA (Academy for the Performing Arts). While in the program at APA Tara was nominated for and won the Orange County Register's Artist of the Year competition for Dance for 2015. In her spare time she keeps up and intense relationship with Netflix, teaches dance, and spends time with her amazing family. Additionally, Tara works as a Public Advisor in the Welcome Center and lovings meeting so many future and new Aggies. Her favorite thing about Davis is the welcoming and friendly atmosphere in the town and within the entire student body of UC Davis. The thing Tara look forwards to the most this year is making long lasting friendships and creating some new and amazing memories.
DanceTeam   Amanda Christie
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Major: Animal Biology
Class of 2020

Amanda started out dancing at the age of 4, at Elaine's Dance Studio. She then moved to Pacific Arts Complex during middle school, dancing there for around 7 years, 4 of those years spent on the competition team. This is her first year on the UC Davis Dance Team. She has trained in all styles of dance, including tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, with hip-hop being her favorite. In her free time, Amanda enjoys working out, being with friends, drinking coffee, and being outdoors. Her favorite part of UC Davis is the spirited campus and the hammocks in the quad. She is looking forward to improving her turns this year.
DanceTeam   Camille Frias
Hometown: Moorpark, CA
Major: Chemistry
Class of 2020

Camille started dancing at the age of 3 and has been dancing ever since at The Dance Company in Moorpark. She competed in jazz, tap, ballet, and hip hop with The Dance Company for 6 years and competed 3 tap solos. In her sophomore year of high school Camille joined the Moorpark High School Dance Team and performed with them for three years before joining the UC Davis Dance Team. When she isn't dancing, she enjoys reading classic novels, watching New Girl and fluffing her poms. Her favorite thing about Davis is the beautiful weather. She is looking forward to a wonderful year on the team making lots of new friendships and memories!
DanceTeam   Louise Magat
Hometown: Danville, CA
Major: Cognitive Science
Class of 2020

Louise began dancing at the age of 4 at Castro Valley Performing Arts. She trained in many styles such as tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary and hip hop. She began competing when she was 8 years old. Louise was also a part of her high school's dance program for all 4 years, where she was able to choreograph and perform various dances. Apart from dance, Louise loves listening to music, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends. Her favorite thing about Davis is the beautiful campus and the friendly environment. This year, she looks forward to making new memories and forming new friendships.
DanceTeam   Rachel Stagi
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Major: Animal Science
Class of 2020

Rachel has been dancing since the age of 3, beginning at Dance Arts Academy and later dancing at T&Co Dance Company until the age of 12, and continued her dancing career at the age of 15 when she began dancing for her high school. When she is not dancing, Rachel enjoys laughing and singing random songs with good food and good company. She enjoys the welcoming environment that UC Davis offers and the hands on experience she gets from her classes. This year Rachel is looking forward to improving her dancing skills and spending as much time being happy as humanly possible.