Aggies Earn Wire-to-Wire Win Against Pacific

Lucy Lafranchise now owns the fourth-highest score ever recorded by a UC Davis diver on the 1-meter board

Jan. 12, 2013

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Bruin Diving Invitational Results (Day Two)

DAVIS, Calif. -  UC Davis led Saturday's home meet at the Schaal Aquatic Center from start-to-finish to defeat the visiting Pacific Tigers 176.5-106.5. With the win, the Aggies are now 5-2 this season.

By winning the first nine straight events against the Tigers, UC Davis was able to create a sizable advantage that only grew as the afternoon progressed. Led by sophomore Hilary Hunt and junior Haley Porter with two, six different Aggies won their individual races to help seal the victory.

Hunt posted top times in the 100-yard (58.00) and 200-yard (2:04.75) backstroke events, Porter captured the 50- and 100-yard freestyles with times of 24.41 and 53.44 respectively.

Other event-winners include junior Liliana Alvarez who captured the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:05.28, sophomore Marilyn Carey who clocked a 10:26.85 in the 1000-yard free, junior Megan Leung who posted a 2:06.08 in the 200-yard butterfly and junior Samantha Shellem who swam the 200-yard free in 1:52.39.

Of the first nine events contested, UC Davis took the top-three spots in three of those races to earn the maximum number of points allowed.

Rounding out the top three in the 200 free were senior Bridget Bugbee (1:55.08) and junior Katie Edwards (1:55.21); sophomore Lauren Damian (59.02) and junior Sabrina Cochrane (59.58) posted the next-fastest times in the 100 back; junior Karly Troup (2:07.13) and sophomore Sam Rados (2:07.91) finished second and third in the 200 fly; Rados (2:09.81) and sophomore Sarah Luibel (2:11.60) earned the final sweep for the Aggies in the 200 back.



While their swimming teammates were squaring-off against the Tigers, Aggie divers were participating in the final day of competition at the Bruin Diving Invitational from the Spieker Aquatics Center in Los Angeles. Since UC Davis could not compete with a split squad Saturday afternoon, the diving teams recorded their scores at Schaal Aquatics Center earlier in the week.

Freshman Lucy Lafranchise earned 18 points for the Aggies' cause vs. Pacific by earning the top scores in both the 1-meter and 3-meter diving events. Posting a 253.35 in the 1-meter, Lafranchise set a new season-high mark by posting a 272.05 in 3-meter competition, a score that is now the fourth highest recorded by an Aggie diver in the program's history.

In both the 1- and 3-meter diving events, freshmen Hanna Tears (251.33/228.50) and Audrey DeNeffe (245.93/225.00) finished second and third.

Day two from the Bruin Diving Invitational saw four Aggies compete on the 1-meter board; sophomore Shannon Stewart led all Aggies by finishing 35th with a score of 199.60. Tears (191.95) and Lafranchise (191.10) took 41st and 42nd place, with junior Lauren Jesse (172.75) finishing her day in 48th place amongst a field of divers from some of the top swimming and diving programs in the country.

UC Davis swimming and diving will face CSU Bakersfield in the second of consecutive home meets on Saturday, Jan. 19, at the Schaal Aquatics Center. The graduating class of 2013 will be honored that afternoon, that dual against the Roadrunners is the final home event of the season for the Aggies.

Schaal Aquatics Center (DAVIS, Calif.)
Jan. 12, 2012 

Team Scores - 1. UC Davis, 176.5; 2. Pacific, 106.5.

200 Yard Medley Relay: 1. UC Davis 'B' (Lauren Damian, Liliana Alvarez , Cora Stebbins, Sabrina Cochrane), 1:46.99; 2. University of the Pacific 'A' (Dekel Shahaf, Mallory McGowan, Allie Vetterlein, Cristina Mardones), 1:47.08; 3. UC Davis 'A' (Hilary Hunt, Morgan Lee, Megan Leung, Haley Porter), 1:49.00; 4. Pacific 'B' (Lauren Bugglin, Camorah King, Jenna Chaplin, Annie Sumioka), 1:52.36; 5. UC Davis 'D' (Jessica Nicholson, Madeline Benavidez, Caroline Weston, Sarah Luibel), x1:56.36; 6. Pacific 'C' (Shelby Bolin, Shannon Mack, Kelsey Crowder, Zoe Eldridge), x1:56.58; 7. University of California, Davi-CA 'C' (Joann Liang, Maya Sprinsock, Ali Paris, Hailey Ferko), x2:19.88.

1000 Yard Freestyle:  1. Marilyn Carey, UC Davis, 10:26.85; 2. Grace Benefield, UC Davis, 10:26.93; 3. Cara Silvas, UC Davis, 10:43.69; 4. Lydia Schramm, Pacific, 10:56.62; 5. Sydni Johanson, Pacific, 11:12.43; 6. Kelsey Hambrook-Boreyko, Pacific, 11:12.61.

Women's 200 Yard Freestyle: 1. Samantha Shellem, UC Davis, 1:52.39; 2. Bridget Bugbee, UC Davis, 1:55.08; 3. Katie Edwards, UC Davis, 1:55.21; 4. Sarah Winters, UC Davis-CA, x1:55.38; 5. Shannon Van Konynenburg, Pacific, 1:57.92; 6. Cristina Mardones, Pacific, 1:58.18; 7. Bo Cameron, Pacific, 2:01.18; 8. Marissa Brown, UC Davis, x2:01.66; 9. Kelsey Crowder, Pacific, x2:02.18.

Women's 100 Yard Backstroke: 1. Hilary Hunt, UC Davis, 58.00; 2. Lauren Damian, UC Davis, 59.02; 3. Sabrina Cochrane, UC Davis, 59.58; 4. Lauren Bugglin, Pacific, 1:01.42; 5. Dekel Shahaf, Pacific, 1:01.76; 6. Joann Liang, UC Davis, x1:02.01; 7. Shelby Bolin, Pacific, 1:02.20; 8. Kristin Threw, Pacific, x1:05.40.

Women's 100 Yard Breaststroke: 1. Liliana Alvarez, UC Davis, 1:05.28; 2. Mallory McGowan, Pacific, 1:05.89; 3. Morgan Lee, UC Davis, 1:06.48; 4. Maya Sprinsock, UC Davis, 1:07.70; 5. Madeline Benavidez, UC Davis, x1:08.38; 6. Caroline Weston, UC Davis-CA, x1:09.20; 7. Hailey Ferko, UC Davis, x1:11.12; 8. Camorah King, Pacific, 1:12.70; 9. Shannon Mack, Pacific, 1:13.03.

Women's 200 Yard Butterfly: 1. Megan Leung, UC Davis, 2:06.08; 2. Karley Troup, UC Davis, 2:07.13; 3. Sam Rados, UC Davis, 2:07.91; 4. Ali Paris, UC Davis, x2:10.50; 5. Jenna Chaplin, Pacific, 2:10.94; 6. Allie Vetterlein, Pacific, 2:11.18; 7. Jessica Nicholson, UC Davis, x2:17.66; 8. Kelsey Hambrook-Boreyko, Pacific, 2:22.25.

Women's 50 Yard Freestyle: 1. Haley Porter, UC Davis, 24.41; 2. Morgan Lee, UC Davis, 24.50; 3. Katie Edwards, UC Davis, 24.91; 4. Annie Sumioka, Pacific, 25.04; 5. Mallory McGowan, Pacific, 25.15; 6. Cora Stebbins, UC Davis, x25.50; 7. Devon Demont, UC Davis, x26.13; 8. Sydni Johanson, Pacific, 26.43; 9. Dekel Shahaf, Pacific, x27.12; 10. Lydia Schramm, Pacific, x27.16; 11. Kristin Threw, Pacific, x27.39.

Women's 100 Yard Freestyle: 1. Haley Porter, UC Davis, 53.44; 2. Samantha Shellem, UC Davis, 54.12; 3. Mallory McGowan, Pacific, 54.60; 4. Annie Sumioka, Pacific, 54.97; 4. Cora Stebbins, UC Davis, 54.97; 6. Sarah Winters, UC Davis, x55.72; 7. Shannon Van Konynenburg, Pacific, 56.35; 8. Zoe Eldridge, Pacific, x57.34.

Women's 200 Yard Backstroke: 1. Hilary Hunt, UC Davis, 2:04.75; 2. Sam Rados, UC Davis, 2:09.81; 3. Sarah Luibel, UC Davis, 2:11.60; 4. Bo Cameron, Pacific, 2:11.99; 5. Shelby Bolin, Pacific, 2:12.57; 6. Lauren Damian, UC Davis, x2:12.90; 7. Karley Troup, UC Davis, x2:13.19; 8. Joann Liang, UC Davis, x2:13.51; 9. Kelsey Crowder, Pacific, 2:16.81; 10. Sabrina Cochrane, UC Davis, x2:17.90; 11. Jessica Nicholson, UC Davis, x2:18.14.

Women's 200 Yard Breaststroke: 1. Cristina Mardones, Pacific, 2:20.31; 2. Hailey Ferko, UC Davis, 2:28.68; 3. Caroline Weston, UC Davis, 2:29.85; 4. Shannon Mack, Pacific, 2:33.34; 5. Camorah King, Pacific, 2:35.35; --. Liliana Alvarez, UC Davis, X2:19.57; --. Katie Edwards, UC Davis, X2:22.35; --. Morgan Lee, UC Davis, X2:24.39; --. Maya Sprinsock, UC Davis, X2:28.50.

Women's 500 Yard Freestyle: 1. Jenna Chaplin, Pacific, 5:12.84; 2. Lydia Schramm, Pacific, 5:26.86; 3. Sydni Johanson, Pacific, 5:29.25; --. Samantha Shellem, UC Davis, X5:02.85; --. Bridget Bugbee, UC Davis, X5:10.02; --. Marilyn Carey, UC Davis-CA, X5:12.30; --. Sarah Winters, UC Davis, X5:12.91.

Women's 100 Yard Butterfly: 1. Dekel Shahaf, Pacific, 1:00.43; 2. Zoe Eldridge, Pacific, 1:02.22; 3. Shannon Van Konynenburg, Pacific, 1:04.07; --. Megan Leung, UC Davis, X58.24; --. Lauren Damian, UC Davis, X58.71; --. Karley Troup, UC Davis, X58.88; --. Ali Paris, UC Davis, X1:00.62.

Women's 200 Yard IM: 1. Cristina Mardones, Pacific, 2:08.94; 2. Allie Vetterlein, Pacific, 2:09.30; 3. Kelsey Crowder, Pacific, 2:17.12; 4. Camorah King, Pacific, x2:23.64; --. Sabrina Cochrane, UC Davis, X2:06.38; --. Liliana Alvarez, UC Davis-CA, X2:15.31; --. Madeline Benavidez, UC Davis, X2:17.54; --. Jessica Nicholson, UC Davis, X2:18.24.

Women's 400 Yard IM Exh.: 1. Sam Rados, UC Davis, 4:36.58; 2. Grace Benefield, UC Davis, 4:38.08; 3. Karley Troup, UC Davis, 4:38.57; 4. Ali Paris, UC Davis, x4:41.90; 5. Cara Silvas, UC Davis, x4:47.00; 6. Kelsey Hambrook-Boreyko, Pacific, 4:49.37.

Women's 400 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Pacific 'A' (Zoe Eldridge, Bo Cameron, Shannon Van Konynenburg, Allie Vetterlein), 3:43.13; 2. University of the Pacific 'B' (Jenna Chaplin, Shelby Bolin, Sydni Johanson, Annie Sumioka), 3:50.47; --. UC Davis 'A' (Bridget Bugbee, Maya Sprinsock, Hilary Hunt, Samantha Shellem), X3:34.42; --. UC Davis 'B' (Katie Edwards, Marilyn Carey, Megan Leung, Haley Porter), X3:37.46; --. University of California, Davi-CA 'C' (Hailey Ferko, Sarah Luibel, Sarah Winters, Cora Stebbins ), X3:41.84.

Women's 1-meter Diving: 1. Lucy Lafranchise, UC Davis, 253.35; 2. Hannah Tears, UC Davis, 251.33; 3. Audrey DeNeffe, UC Davis, 245.93; 4. Shannon Stewart, UC Davis-CA, x232.80; 5. Lauren Jesse, UC Davis, x211.73; 6. Geneva Azevedo, UC Davis, x201.00; 7. Nicole Bahbout, UC Davis, x200.25.

Women's 3-meter Diving: 1. Lucy Lafranchise, UC Davis, 272.05; 2. Hannah Tears, UC Davis, 228.50; 3. Audrey DeNeffe, UC Davis, 225.00; 4. Lauren Jesse, UC Davis, x211.10; 5. Shannon Stewart, UC Davis, x201.80. 

Spieker Aquatics Center (LOS ANGELES)
Jan. 12, 2012 

Women's 1-meter Diving:  1.  Samantha Pickens, University of Arizona, 282.60...  35. Shannon Stewart, UC Davis, 199.60; 41. Hanna Tears, UC Davis, 191.95; 42. Lucy Lafranchise, UC Davis, 191.40; 48. Lauren Jesse, UC Davis, 172.75.