Tears Sets School Record In Dominating Dual Win

Freshman Hanna Tears broke Erica Stricker's 2011 record on the 1-meter board. She and Lucy Lafranchise each qualified for the NCAA Zone Region Championships in March.
(Mark Honbo, Athletics Communication)

Jan. 19, 2013

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DAVIS, Calif. - Juniors Liliana Alvarez and Samantha Shellem plus freshman diver Hanna Tears each captured two individual event wins to lead UC Davis to a dominating 176-113 win over CSU Bakersfield in a women's collegiate swimming and diving dual meet at Schaal Aquatics Center Saturday afternoon. Tears set the school record on the 1-meter board and qualified for the NCAA Zone Regionals in mid-March.

The win improves UC Davis' record in dual meets this season to 6-2. 

Tears, a native of Trabuco Canyon, scored a 278.40 on the low board to eclipse Erica Stricker's previous benchmark of 265.80, set in 2011 against Pacific. She followed with a 292.35 on the 3-meter board, narrowly missing Jamie Flynn's five-year-old record of 293.55. Both scores, along with teammate Lucy Lafranchise's 266.48 on 1-meter, were high enough to qualify for regionals.

Alvarez took down both breaststroke events, with her time of one minute, 4.80 seconds edging teammate Morgan Lee's 1:05.32 in a 1-2-3 Aggie sweep of the 100-yard race. She then dominated the field in the 200 breast at 2:22.57, more than seven seconds faster than her nearest competitor.

Shellem scored the maximum nine points in the 1,650 freestyle with a time of 17:14.73, the fastest at Schaal Aquatics Center since Denver's Michele Lowry set the pool record of 17:07.82 in January 2006. She was more than 20 seconds faster than teammate and runner-up Cara Silvas, who touched the final pad in 17:35.07. Shellem later won an off event from her usual repertoire, claiming the 200 backstroke at 2:07.39.



In addition to the two breaststroke events, UC Davis finished 1-2-3 on both diving boards. Tears and Lafranchise claimed the top two places, respectively, in each event. Lauren Jesse placed third on 1-meter (235.95) while Shannon Stewart matched that place on 3-meter (239.33).

UC Davis also posted the top three times in the 200 individual medley, with Katie Edwards leading the way at 2:06.59. However, the team swam the last four events in exhibition.

The Aggies honored five seniors who competed in their final home meet at Schaal: Lee, Bridget Bugbee, Grace Benefield, Nicole Bahbout and Geneva Azevedo. Oddly, an additional would-be senior competed in the meet for CSUB. Jodi Hanson graduated from UC Davis last spring and now attends Bakersfield for her graduate work. However, she still had one more year of eligibility and opted to swim alongside her younger sister Taylor with the Roadrunners.

The Aggies return to action in road duals at UC Santa Barbara and Fresno State on January 25 and 26 before beginning the final stretch of training for the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Championships in late February.

Team Scores- 1. UC Davis, 176; 2. CSU Bakersfield, 113.

Women's 200 Yard Medley Relay - 1. UC Davis 'B' (Lauren Damian, Liliana Alvarez, Megan Leung, Haley Porter), 1:46.38; 2. UC Davis 'A' (Hilary Hunt, Morgan Lee, Cora Stebbins, Sabrina Cochrane), 1:47.07; 3. UC Davis 'D' (Joann Liang, Maya Sprinsock, Ali Paris, Marilyn Carey), x1:52.19; 4. CSU Bakersfield 'B' (Kristin Koehler, Alli Gillespie, Caitlyn Lozano, Kelsey Lange), 1:52.37; 5. UC Davis 'C' (Sarah Luibel, Caroline Weston, Jessica Nicholson, Sarah Winters), x1:55.86; 6. CSU Bakersfield 'C' (Anna Dravis, Kori Thomas, Jacqueline Whitehead, Chrisy Vo), 2:01.50; --. CSU Bakersfield 'A' (Jeanette Dove, Jodi Hanson, Louise Westergren, Lauren Kaufman), X1:51.49.

Women's 1650 Yard Freestyle - 1. Samantha Shellem, UC Davis, 17:14.73; 2. Cara Silvas, UC Davis, 17:35.07; 3. Delise Batiza, CSUB, 17:40.55; 4. Grace Benefield, UC Davis, 17:42.66; 5. Sam Rados, UC Davis, x17:47.22; 6. Mikaela Baggesen-Jensen, CSUB, 17:55.31.

Women's 200 Yard Freestyle - 1. Bridget Bugbee, UC Davis, 1:53.72; 2. Maya Sprinsock, UC Davis, 1:56.15; 3. Kelsey Lange, CSUB, 1:56.72; 4. Marilyn Carey, UC Davis, 1:57.45; 5. Karley Troup, UC Davis, x1:58.02; 6. Jodi Hanson, CSUB, 2:01.03; 7. Louise Westergren, CSUB, 2:02.69; --. Sarah Winters, UC Davis, X1:56.59; --. Joann Liang, UC Davis, X1:59.45; --. Jessica Nicholson, UC Davis, X2:01.61.

Women's 100 Yard Backstroke - 1. Hilary Hunt, UC Davis, 58.17; 2. Jeanette Dove, CSUB, 59.56; 3. Lauren Damian, UC Davis, 1:00.46; 4. Sarah Luibel, UC Davis, 1:02.03; 5. Kristin Koehler, CSUB, 1:04.79.

Women's 100 Yard Breaststroke - 1. Liliana Alvarez, UC Davis, 1:04.80; 2. Morgan Lee, UC Davis, 1:05.32; 3. Katie Edwards, UC Davis, 1:06.06; 4. Alli Gillespie, CSUB, 1:08.19; 5. Madeline Benavidez, UC Davis, x1:08.21; 6. Caroline Weston, UC Davis, x1:09.79; 7. Kori Thomas, CSUB, 1:16.45.

Women's 200 Yard Butterfly - 1. Megan Leung, UC Davis, 2:07.35; 2. Ali Paris, UC Davis, 2:08.92; 3. Caitlyn Lozano, CSUB, 2:10.82; 4. Marissa Brown, UC Davis, 2:13.47; 5. Nicolette Goncalves, CSUB, 2:14.02; 6. Colleen Sullivan, CSUB, 2:18.87.

Women's 50 Yard Freestyle - 1. Sabrina Cochrane, UC Davis, 24.57; 2. Lauren Kaufman, CSUB, 24.60; 3. Haley Porter, UC Davis, 24.81; 4. Chrisy Vo, CSUB, 24.99; 5. Morgan Lee, UC Davis, 25.13; 6. Cora Stebbins, UC Davis, x25.80; 7. Jacqueline Whitehead, CSUB, 26.88; 8. Anna Dravis, CSUB, x27.29.

Women's 100 Yard Freestyle - 1. Haley Porter, UC Davis, 52.86; 2. Hilary Hunt, UC Davis, 53.08; 3. Kelsey Lange, CSUB, 53.62; 4. Lauren Kaufman, CSUB, 54.98; 5. Chrisy Vo, CSUB, 55.42; 6. Marilyn Carey, UC Davis, 55.55; 7. Devon Demont, UC Davis, x56.30; 8. Kristin Koehler, CSUB, x57.48; --. Caitlyn Lozano, CSUB, X55.41; --. Jacqueline Whitehead, CSUB, X57.58; --. Anna Dravis, CSUB, X59.42.

Women's 200 Yard Backstroke - 1. Samantha Shellem, UC Davis, 2:07.39; 2. Jeanette Dove, CSUB, 2:09.66; 3. Nicolette Goncalves, CSUB, 2:09.81; 4. Sarah Luibel, UC Davis, 2:12.38; 5. Grace Benefield, UC Davis, 2:14.67; 6. Lauren Damian, UC Davis, x2:15.70; 7. Mikaela Baggesen-Jensen, CSUB, 2:19.16; --. Sam Rados, UC Davis, X2:09.50; --. Karley Troup, UC Davis, X2:12.38.

Women's 200 Yard Breaststroke - 1. Liliana Alvarez, UC Davis, 2:22.57; 2. Madeline Benavidez, UC Davis, 2:29.79; 3. Caroline Weston, UC Davis, 2:30.50; 4. Jodi Hanson, CSUB, 2:34.78; 5. Kori Thomas, CSUB, 2:49.41.

Women's 500 Yard Freestyle - 1. Alli Gillespie, CSUB, 5:07.25; 2. Delise Batiza, CSUB, 5:18.91; 3. Colleen Sullivan, CSUB, 5:37.17; --. Bridget Bugbee, UC Davis, X5:08.32; --. Maya Sprinsock, UC Davis, X5:10.70; --. Sarah Winters, UC Davis, X5:13.16; --. Jessica Nicholson, UC Davis, X5:19.58.

Women's 100 Yard Butterfly - 1. Nicolette Goncalves, CSUB, 58.22; 2. Caitlyn Lozano, CSUB, 59.05; 3. Louise Westergren, CSUB, 1:01.90; 4. Jacqueline Whitehead, CSUB, x1:06.88; --. Megan Leung, UC Davis, X57.92; --. Katie Edwards, UC Davis, X58.76; --. Lauren Damian, UC Davis, X59.29; --. Ali Paris, UC Davis, X1:00.38; --. Joann Liang, UC Davis, X1:05.28.

Women's 200 Yard IM - 1. Jeanette Dove, CSUB, 2:14.78; 2. Jodi Hanson, CSUB, 2:18.24; 3. Mikaela Baggesen-Jensen, CSUB, 2:23.98; --. Katie Edwards, UC Davis, X2:06.59; --. Samantha Shellem, UC Davis, X2:08.38; --. Sabrina Cochrane, UC Davis, X2:09.55; --. Sam Rados, UC Davis, X2:10.56; --. Karley Troup, UC Davis, X2:13.08; --. Liliana Alvarez, UC Davis, X2:13.41; --. Ali Paris, UC Davis, X2:14.21; --. Madeline Benavidez, UC Davis, X2:14.23; --. Marissa Brown, UC Davis, X2:17.87; --. Grace Benefield, UC Davis, X2:19.26; --. Cara Silvas, UC Davis, X2:20.93.

Women's 200 Yard Freestyle Relay - 1. CSU Bakersfield 'B' (Kelsey Lange, Anna Dravis, Louise Westergren, Kristin Koehler), 1:42.84; 2. CSU Bakersfield 'A' (Nicolette Goncalves, Chrisy Vo, Lauren Kaufman, Alli Gillespie), 1:43.51; --. UC Davis 'B' (Haley Porter, Megan Leung, Samantha Shellem, Sabrina Cochrane), X1:38.11; --. UC Davis 'A' (Hilary Hunt, Bridget Bugbee, Morgan Lee, Katie Edwards), X1:38.77.

Women's 1 mtr Diving - 1. Hannah Tears, UC Davis, 278.40; 2. Lucy Lafranchise, UC Davis, 266.48; 3. Lauren Jesse, UC Davis, 235.95; 4. Shannon Stewart, UC Davis, x235.03; 5. Jordan Reed, CSUB, 219.30; 6. Geneva Azevedo, UC Davis, x190.65; 7. Nicole Bahbout, UC Davis, x181.95; 8. Kooper Thomas, CSUB, 166.05.

Women's 3 mtr Diving - 1. Hannah Tears, UC Davis, 292.35; 2. Lucy Lafranchise, UC Davis, 262.58; 3. Shannon Stewart, UC Davis, 239.33; 4. Lauren Jesse, UC Davis, x236.63; 5. Jordan Reed, CSUB, 228.30; 6. Nicole Bahbout, UC Davis, x194.10; 7. Geneva Azevedo, UC Davis, x165.23; 8. Kooper Thomas, CSUB, 148.35.