Aggies fall short against Gauchos, 150-144

Jan. 19, 2018

Complete Results

DAVIS, Calif. — Friday’s dual contest against UC Santa Barbara kept fans on the edge of their seats as the Aggies and Gauchos were tied on two separate occasions across the 16-event competition. But the Gauchos’ win in the 400 freestyle relay would be too much for the Aggies to overcome, resulting in a narrow 150-144 victory for UC Santa Barbara.

Senior Courtney Schultz and junior Solie Laughlin led all Aggies on the day scoring 17 points each. Schultz took the win in the 100 free in addition to second place finishes in the 50 free and 200 free, while Laughlin would take home top honors in the 100 back as well as second place finishes in the 200 back and and 400 IM. 

The Aggies are now 4-5 in dual matchups and 1-1 in MPSF. The Gauchos improve to 4-2 in dual competition and 2-1 in conference.

The Gauchos took an early lead after claiming the first win of the day in the 200 medley relay. The UC Davis quartet of Laughlin, Kristin Schumann, Cora McClelland, and Ali Sena finished second in the event with a time of 1:44.81—the second fastest time by the Aggies this season.

Freshman Paige Lampron (10:21.37) touched third overall in the 1000 free, recording the fastest time by a UC Davis swimmer this season.

In the 200 free, Schultz (1:52.74) finished second just behind by Emily Ward (1:52.62) of the Gauchos, while sophomore Olivia Smith touched third overall with a time of 1:54.12.

Following Laughlin’s first place finish in the 100 back (57.39) and Schumann’s second place finish in the 100 breaststroke (1:04.67), the Aggies would begin to chip away at the Gauchos lead.

In the 200 fly, junior Eva Chung touched first overall with a time of 2:04.82, followed by junior Nina Gonzalez (2:06.29) in third, and McClelland (2:06.90) in fourth, to make it 67-45 in favor of the Gauchos.

But it was the Aggies 1-2-3 finish in the 100 free that allowed UC Davis to overtake the lead, 84-82. Schultz touched first overall with a time of 52.07, followed by Sena (52.42) in second, and Jamie Pincin in third (52.73).

Two events later, Schumann would take the win in the 200 breaststroke with a time of 2:18.06, tying the meet at 102-102.

With just two events to go, the fans at Schaal Aquatics Center would see a second tied score at 129 points apiece.

Following a 2-3-4 finish by the Aggies in the 400 IM, the fate of the meet came down to the last event of the day—the 400 free relay.

But the Aggies’ second place finish would not be enough to overtake the Gauchos, resulting in a 150-144 win for UC Santa Barbara.

On the high boards, freshman Katie Truong recorded the highest score by an Aggie this season at 257.33 points. Truong was closely followed by her teammate Angelina Proshak, who posted her season-best score of 252.30. Truong also took home top honors in the one-meter program with a score of 240.83, while junior Inessa Toropov came in second with a score of 229.73.

The Aggies will resume action tomorrow beginning at 12 p.m. as they take on San Jose State in their last home event of the 2017-18 season. During the intermission of Saturday’s meet, UC Davis will honor its 11 graduating student-athletes in a senior ceremony.

Schaal Aquatics Center (Davis, Calif.)
Jan. 19, 2018

Team Results:
1. UC Santa Barbara, 150
2. UC Davis, 144

(Winners plus UC Davis student-athletes)

Women's 200 Yard Medley Relay:
1. UC Santa Barbara 'A' (Tara Middleton, Heaven Quintana, Allie Stevens, Rachel Kulik ), 1:43.60; 2. UC Davis 'A' (Solie Laughlin, Kristin Schumann, Cora McClelland, Ali Sena ), 1:44.81; 4. UC Davis 'B' (Mia Cunnan , Kyla Leacox , Aislinn Dresel , Jamie Pincin ), 1:47.60; 6. UC Davis ’C’ (Jordan Owyoung, Tori Kaleta, Eva Chung, Vanessa Yeung), x1:49.40.

Women's 1000 Yard Freestyle:
1. Emily Boggess, UC Santa Barbara, 10:15.59; 3. Paige Lampron, UC Davis, 10:21.37; 5. Hayley O'Brien, UC Davis, 11:06.05; 6. Angelica Nowack, UC Davis, 11:24.85.

Women's 200 Yard Freestyle:
1. Emily Ward, UC Santa Barbara, 1:52.62; 2. Courtney Schultz, UC Davis, 1:52.74; 3. Olivia Smith, UC Davis, 1:54.12; 6. Nina Gonzalez, UC Davis, 1:57.95; 8. Iris Brand, UC Davis, x2:01.55.

Women's 100 Yard Backstroke:
1. Solie Laughlin, UC Davis, 57.39; 4. Aislinn Dresel, UC Davis, 58.74; 6. Jordan Owyoung, UC Davis, 59.30; 8. Kyla Leacox, UC Davis, 1:01.47.

Women's 100 Yard Breaststroke:
1. Heaven Quintana, UC Santa Barbara, 1:03.45; 2. Kristin Schumann, UC Davis, 1:04.67; 6. Elise Wright, UC Davis, 1:07.51; 7. Tori Kaleta, UC Davis, 1:07.79; 8. Alexa Hanley, UC Davis, 1:09.10; --. Theresa Nowack, UC Davis, X1:07.13; --. Leah Timmerman, UC Davis, X1:09.10.

Women's 200 Yard Butterfly:
1. Eva Chung, UC Davis, 2:04.82; 3. Nina Gonzalez, UC Davis, 2:06.29; 4. Cora McClelland, UC Davis, 2:06.90; 6. Olivia Smith, UC Davis, 2:07.44; 7. Laura Lampron, UC Davis, 2:07.52.

Women's 50 Yard Freestyle:
1. Rachel Kulik, UC Santa Barbara, 23.95; 2. Courtney Schultz, UC Davis, 24.07; 3. Alis Sena, UC Davis, 24.20; 7. Mia Cunnan, UC Davis, 24.36; 8. Jamie Pincin, UC Davis, 24.60; --. Sophie Murff, UC Davis, X25.61.

Women's 3-meter Diving:
1. Katie Truong, UC Davis, 257.33; 2. Angelina Proshak, UC Davis, 252.30; 3. Amanda Chau, UC Davis, 225.90; 4. Ani Vemury, UC Davis, 204.15; 5. Alisha Miller, UC Davis, 203.70; 6. Inessa Toropov, UC Davis, 203.03.

Women's 100 Yard Freestyle:
1. Courtney Schultz, UC Davis, 52.07; 2. Ali Sena, UC Davis, 52.42; 3. Jamie Pincin, UC Davis, 52.73; 8. Sophie Murff, UC Davis, 55.37.

Women's 200 Yard Backstroke:
1. Elena England, UC Santa Barbara, 2:01.59; 2. Solie Laughlin, UC Davis, 2:01.91; 3. Mia Cunnan, UC Davis, 2:06.14; 6. Iris Brand, UC Davis, 2:10.43; 7. Vanessa Yeung, UC Davis, 2:10.67.

Women's 200 Yard Breaststroke:
1. Kristin Schumann, UC Davis, 2:18.06; 4. Eva Chung, UC Davis, 2:20.52; 6. Tori Kaleta, UC Davis, 2:23.63; 8. Kyla Leacox, UC Davis, 2:30.86; --. Elise Wright, UC Davis, X2:26.23; --. Theresa Nowack, UC Davis, X2:27.69; --. Leah Timmerman, UC Davis, X2:30.25; --. Alexa Hanley, UC Davis, X2:31.16.

Women's 500 Yard Freestyle:
1. Rachel Forbes, UC Santa Barbara, 5:01.89; 2. Paige Lampron, UC Davis, 5:04.68; 3. Olivia Smith, UC Davis, 5:04.71; 5. Nina Gonzalez, UC Davis, 5:16.85; 7. Hayley O'Brien, UC Davis, 5:26.94.

Women's 100 Yard Butterfly:
1. Heaven Quintana, UC Santa Barbara, 54.63; 5. Cora McClelland, UC Davis, 57.84; 6. Jordan Owyoung, UC Davis, 58.29; 7. Aislinn Dresel, UC Davis, 58.85; 8. Laura Lampron, UC Davis, 59.52; --. Sophie Murff, UC Davis, X1:00.46; --. Angelica Nowack, UC Davis, X1:05.09.

Women's 1-meter Diving:
1. Katie Truong, UC Davis, 240.83; 2. Inessa Toropov, UC Davis, 229.73; 3. Angelina Proshak, UC Davis, 222.45; 4. Ani Vemury, UC Davis, 209.63; 5. Alisha Miller, UC Davis, 189.45; 6. Amanda Chau, UC Davis, 188.78; 7. Allie Autrey, UC Davis, 164.03.

Women's 400 Yard IM:
1. Brittney Straw, UC Santa Barbara, 4:26.55; 2. Solie Laughlin, UC Davis, 4:27.33; 3. Eva Chung, UC Davis, 4:28.06; 4. Laura Lampron, UC Davis, 4:33.14; 7. Vanessa Yeung, UC Davis, x4:37.91; --. Elise Wright, UC Davis, X4:41.59; --. Alexa Hanley, UC Davis, X4:48.50; --. Leah Timmerman, UC Davis, X4:49.61.

Women's 400 Yard Freestyle Relay:
1. UC Santa Barbara 'A' (Jacquelyn Harris, Haley Herzberg, Emily Ward, Leanne Sun), 3:28.36; 2. UC Davis 'A' (Courtney Schultz, Jamie Pincin, Iris Brand, Ali Sena), 3:29.21; 3. UC Davis 'B' (Mia Cunnan, Olivia Smith, Paige Lampron, Aislinn Dresel), 3:30.65.

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