Aggies begin 2017-18 season in Reno

Sept. 30, 2017


RENO, Nev.— The UC Davis women’s swimming and diving team officially kicked off its 2017-18 campaign at the Nevada Relays on Saturday afternoon. The Aggies placed second in the 200 free relay and 400 free relay and finished third on the day with 102 points. San Diego State came in second with 152 points and the host Wolfpack finished on top with 186 points.

The non-traditional meet consisted of 10 relay events, two of which UC Davis finished second overall. The quartet of Ali Sena, Jamie Pincin, Aislinn Dresel, and Courtney Schultz out-touched the Aztecs to place second in the 200 free relay with a time of 1:37.51.

The Aggies finished strong on the last event of the day with Olivia Smith, Jamie Pincin, Aislinn Dresel, and Laura Lampron coming in second for the 400 free relay with a time of 3:40.40.

Saturday’s competition also marked the official debut for freshmen Kathryn Bockman, Laura Lampron, Paige Lampron, Kyla Leacox, Sophie Murff, Theresa Nowack, Hayley O’Brien, and Leah Timmerman, as well as transfers Nina Gonzalez and Tori Kaleta, who all competed in their first meet as an Aggie.

Next up on the Aggies’ schedule is the Blue-Gold intrasquad competition at Schaal Aquatics Center on Oct. 14 at 4 p.m.

Nevada Relays
Lombardi Pool (Reno, Nev.)
Sept. 30, 2017

(Winners plus UC Davis student-athletes)

1. Nevada - 186
2. San Diego State - 152
3. UC Davis - 102

Women 300-Yard Fly Relay: 1. Nevada “A” (Cholodovskis, Payne, Murray), 2:50.61; 5. UC Davis “A” (Eva Chung, Nina Gonzalez, Cora McClelland), 2:59.95; 6. UC Davis “B” (Kyla Leacox, Olivia Smith, Ali Sena), 3:02.25; 7. UC Davis “C” (Sophie Murff, Jordan Owyoung, Laura Lampron), 3:02.50; 8. UC Davis “D” (Angelica Nowack, Alexa Hanley, Elise Wright), 3:12.27.

Women 300-Yard Back Relay: 1. Nevada “A” (Turner, Richardson, Hofmeyer), 2:48.21; 3. UC Davis “A” (Solie Laughlin, Eva Chung, Mia Cunnan), 2:55.52; 6. UC Davis “B” (Jordan Owyoung, Aislinn Dresel, Hayley O’Brien), 3:00.90; 7. UC Davis “C” (Macayla Thomas, Sophie Murff, Jamie Pincin), 3:05.16.

Women 300-Yard Breaststroke Relay: 1. Nevada “A” (Depolo, Stigler, Reynolds), 3:14.27; 3. UC Davis “A” (Kristin Schumann, Tori Kaleta, Eva Chung), 3:26.06; 5. UC Davis “B” (Courtney Schultz, Leah Timmerman, Kyla Leacox), 3:26.79; 7. UC Davis “C” (Theresa Nowack, Alexa Hanley, Elise Wright), 3:32.76.

Women 800-Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Nevada “A” (Sokolowska, Cholodovskis, Richardson, Murray), 7:34.57; 5. UC Davis “C” (Angelica Nowack, Hayley O’Brien, Laura Lampron, Macayla Thomas), 8:23.08; 7. UC Davis “A” (Iris Brand, Nina Gonzalez, Olivia Smith, Solie Laughlin), 8:28.17; 8. UC Davis “B” (Kathryn Bockman, Mia Cunnan, Paige Lampron, Leah Timmerman), 8:36.99.

Women 500-Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Nevada “A” (Reynolds, Murray, Cholodovskis, Sokolowska), 4:33.55; 4. UC Davis “A” (Ali Sena, Iris Brand, Courtney Schultz, Nina Gonzalez), 4:46.06; 6. UC Davis “B” (Jamie Pincin, Mia Cunnan, Olivia Smith, Paige Lampron), 4:51.34; 7. UC Davis “C” (Aislinn Dresel, Theresa Nowack, Kathryn Bockman, Angelica Nowack), 4:59.66.

Women 400-Yard Medley Relay: 1. Nevada “A" (Turner, Stigler, Payne, Richardson), 3:51.89; 4. UC Davis “A” (Solie Laughlin, Kristin Schumann, Cora McClelland, Courtney Schultz), 3:58.51; 5. UC Davis “B” (Mia Cunnan, Eva Chung, Aislinn Dresel, Iris Brand), 4:01.02; 7. UC Davis “C” (Macayla Thomas, Tori Kaleta, Laura Lampron, Keely Johnson), 4:11.61.

Women 200-Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Nevada “A” (Reynolds, Richardson, Payne, Turner), 1:36.53; 2. UC Davis “A” (Ali Sena, Jamie Pincin, Aislinn Dresel, Courtney Schultz), 1:37.51; 6. UC Davis “B” (Sophie Murff, Alexa Hanley, Tori Kaleta, Cora McClelland), 1:44.06.

Women 1500-Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. Nevada “A” (McHugh, Cholodovskis, Murray), 15:44.18; 5. UC Davis “A” (Paige Lampron, Kathryn Bockman, Nina Gonzalez), 16:21.63; 6. UC Davis “B” (Angelica Nowack, Hayley O’Brien, Olivia Smith), 16:44.67.

Women 400-Yard Medley 4x100 IM Relay: 1. Nevada “A” (Cholodovskis, Payne, Turner, Reynolds), 3:57.43; 3. UC Davis “A” (Solie Laughlin, Courtney Schultz, Kristin Schumann, Eva Chung), 4:04.34; 5. UC Davis “B” (Iris Brand, Kyla Leacox, Ali Sena, Jordan Owyoung), 4:11.45; 8. UC Davis “C” (Sophi Muro, Leah Timmerman, Cora McClelland, Elise Wright), 4:17.40; 10. UC Davis “D” (Laura Lampron, Mia Cunnan, Theresa Nowack, Hayley O’Brien), 4:19.90.

Women 400-Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. San Diego State “A” (Howard, Thormalm, Meyer, Candelot Roman), 3:34.88; 2. UC Davis “B” (Olivia Smith, Jamie Pincin, Aislinn Dresel, Laura Lampron), 3:40.40; 3. UC Davis “A” (Nina Gonzalez, Solie Laughlin, Iris Brand, Ali Sena), 3:40.91; 5. UC Davis “C” (Keely Johnson, Kathryn Bockman, Paige Lampron, Sophie Murff), 3:46.51; 7. UC Davis “D” (Tori Kaleta, Angelica Nowack, Theresa Nowack, Leah Timmerman), 3:51.19.

There were no diving results for today’s competition.

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