Aggies swim past LMU, San Diego

Oct. 29, 2017

Complete Results

LOS ANGELES — The Aggies won four individual events plus the 200 medley relay to secure wins over host Loyola Marymount and visiting San Diego in a women’s collegiate swimming double dual at Burns Aquatics Center on Sunday. The Aggies claimed a 200-60 victory over the Lions along with a 137-123 win over the Toreros.

UC Davis improves to 2-4 in dual competition.

The quartet of Aislinn Dresel, Kristin Schumann, Cora McClelland, and Courtney Schultz set the tone for the Aggies in the first event of the day finishing first overall in the 200 medley relay with a new season-best time of 1:46.99. 

Junior Solie Laughlin posted the fastest time of the season for UC Davis in the 1000 free, touching second overall with a time of 10:33.12.

In the third event of the day, team captain Ali Sena finished second in the 200 free with a time of 1:56.01 while Laughlin touched third with a time of 1:57.07, allowing the Aggies to maintain a narrow one point lead over the Toreros.

In the next event, freshman Kyla Leacox won the 100 back with a time of 58.10 in her first time swimming the event for the Aggies this season. Leacox was followed by Mia Cunnan who touched second with a time of 59.31, and Eva Chung who finished fourth.

Courtney Schultz came in second in the 100 breast and Leah Timmerman touched fifth overall.

In the sixth event of the day, the Aggies finished 2-3-4 in the 200 fly with Cora McClelland touching second, followed by Olivia Smith, and Laura Lampron.

UC Davis would also go on to finish 2-3-4 in the next two events for the 50 free and 100 free.

In the 50 free, Jamie Pincin touched second with a season-best time of 24.24, followed by Iris Brand at 24.38, and Aislinn Dresel at 24.61, allowing UC Davis to maintain a seven-point lead over San Diego.

Then in the 100 free, Courtney Schultz posted a season-best time of 52.01, which is also the fastest time by a UC Davis swimmer this season. Schultz was followed by Brand at 52.15 and Pincin at 52.43. Aislinn Dresel also finished ninth overall with her season-best time of 54.24.

The Aggies began to pull away from the Toreros in the 200 back thanks to a 1-2-3 sweep that would give UC Davis a 94-75 lead over San Diego. Mia Cunnan captured the win with her fastest time this season of 2:06.11. Cunnan was followed by Chung at 2:10.66 and Jordan Owyoung at 2:11.07.

Kristin Schumann then won the 200 breast with a time of 2:23.15. Team captain Elise Wright came in second, finishing strong with her fastest time of the season at 2:27.87. Timmerman touched fourth on the day with Tori Kaleta finishing fifth.

The Aggies then strengthened their lead with a 2-3-4-5 finish in the 100 fly. McClelland swam her season-best time of 57.05, which is also the fastest time on the team for UC Davis this season. McClelland was followed by Chung in third, Smith in fourth, and Laura Lampron in fifth. Also swimming the event in exhibition was Sena, who swam a lifetime best of 58.89.

The second to last event of the day would see yet another 1-2-3 finish from UC Davis, with Laughlin claiming top honors in the 200 IM with a time of 2:08.22. Laughlin was followed by Schultz at 2:09.91 and Leacox in third with a time of 2:09.93.

Leading off for the Aggies in the 400 free relay was Sena, who swam another lifetime best at 51.94 for the 100 free. The A and B teams for UC Davis were disqualified from the 400 free relay event.

The Aggies will return home on Friday, Nov. 3 to host Fresno State and Cal State East Bay in a double dual competition beginning at 4 p.m.

Burns Aquatics Center
Los Angeles, Calif.
Oct. 29, 2017

(Winners plus UC Davis results)

Dual Meet Scores
UC Davis 137, San Diego 123
San Diego 177.50, LMU 84.50
UC Davis 200, LMU 60

Women’s 200 Yard Medley Relay: 1. UC Davis “A” (Aislinn Dresel, Kristin Schumann, Cora McClelland, Courtney Schultz), 1:46.99; 3. UC Davis “B” (Mia Cunnan, Kyla Leacox, Jordan Owyoung, Ali Sena), 1:48.78; 4. UC Davis “C” (Eva Chung, Tori Kaleta, Olivia Smith, Jamie Pincin), 1:49.60.

Women’s 1000 Yard Freestyle: 1. Anna Luckenbach (San Diego), 10:28.55; 2. Solie Laughlin (UC Davis), 10:33.12; 5. Nina Gonzalez (UC Davis), 10:50.28; 6. Kathryn Bockman (UC Davis), 10:52.87; 8. Angelica Nowack (UC Davis), 11:03.73.

Women’s 200 Yard Freestyle: 1. Mackenna Briggs (San Diego), 1:55.55; 2. Ali Sena (UC Davis), 1:56.01; 3. Solie Laughlin (UC Davis), 1:57.07; 7. Kristin Schumann (UC Davis), 1:59.18; 11. Kathryn Bockman (UC Davis), 2:05.93; —. Sophie Murff (UC Davis), X1:59.70.

Women’s 100 Yard Backstroke: 1. Kyla Leacox (UC Davis), 58.10; 2. Mia Cunnan (UC Davis), 59.31; 4. Eva Chung (UC Davis), 1:00.00.

Women’s 100 Yard Breaststroke: 1. Kailyn Evans (San Diego), 1:05.99; 2. Courtney Schultz (UC Davis), 1:07.45; 5. Leah Timmerman (UC Davis), 1:09.03; 6. Tori Kaleta (UC Davis), 1:09.33; 7. Elise Wright (UC Davis), 1:09.56.

Women’s 200 Yard Butterfly: 1. Alex Hubel (San Diego), 2:06.51; 2. Cora McClelland (UC Davis), 2:08.61; 3. Olivia Smith (UC Davis), 2:09.02; 4. Laura Lampron (UC Davis), 2:10.18; 6. Angelica Nowack (UC Davis), 2:14.27.

Women’s 50 Yard Freestyle: 1. Dani Taylor (San Diego), 23.99; 2. Jamie Pincin (UC Davis), 24.24; 3. Iris Brand (UC Davis), 24.38; 4. Aislinn Dresel (UC Davis), 24.61; 6. Kyla Leacox (UC Davis), 24.68; —. Sophie Murff (UC Davis), X25.11.

Women’s 100 Yard Freestyle: 1. Dani Taylor (San Diego), 51.69; 2. Courtney Schultz (UC Davis), 52.01; 3. Iris Brand (UC Davis), 52.15; 4. Jamie Pincin (UC Davis), 52.43; 9. Aislinn Dresel (UC Davis), 54.24.

Women’s 200 Yard Backstroke: 1. Mia Cunnan (UC Davis), 2:06.11; 2. Eva Chung (UC Davis), 2:10.60; 3. Jordan Owyoung (UC Davis), 2:11.07.

Women’s 200 Yard Breaststroke: 1. Kristin Schumann (UC Davis), 2:23.15; 2. Elise Wright (UC Davis), 2:27.87; 4. Leah Timmerman (UC Davis), 2:28.05; 5. Tori Kaleta (UC Davis), 2:29.44.

Women’s 500 Yard Freestyle: 1. Mackenna Briggs (San Diego), 5:04.81; 4. Paige Lampron (UC Davis), 5:12.60; 5. Nina Gonzalez (UC Davis), 5:12.95; 6. Iris Brand (UC Davis), 5:15.52; 9. Angelica Nowack (UC Davis), 5:23.71.

Women’s 100 Yard Butterfly: 1. Alex Hubel (San Diego), 56.76; 2. Cora McClelland (UC Davis), 57.05; 3. Eva Chung (UC Davis), 58.61; 4. Olivia Smith (UC Davis), 59.27; 5. Laura Lampron (UC Davis), 59.96;—. Ali Sena (UC Davis), X58.89; —. Sophie Murff (UC Davis), X1:00.82.

Women’s 200 Yard IM: 1. Solie Laughlin (UC Davis), 2:08.22; 2. Courtney Schultz (UC Davis), 2:09.91; 3. Kyla Leacox (UC Davis), 2:09.93; 6. Kristin Schumann (UC Davis), 2:15.18;—. Laura Lampron (UC Davis), X2:14.74;—. Elise Wright (UC Davis), X2:15.61;—. Leah Timmerman (UC Davis), X2:17.61;—. Tori Kaleta (UC Davis), X2:17.95;—. Cora McClelland (UC Davis), X2:20.81.

Women’s 400 Yard Freestyle Relay: 1. San Diego “A” (Wong, Hubel, Briggs, Taylor), 3:31.67.

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