Laughlin scores second 'B' cut on last day of Mizzou Invite

Nov. 18, 2017

Complete Results

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Junior Solie Laughlin secured her second NCAA “B” cut of the season in the “B” final of the 200 back, while junior Kristin Schumann finished seventh overall in the 200 breaststroke and junior Nina Gonzalez finished sixth in the 200 fly. Eighteen swimmers advanced to individual second swims, with two earning spots in championship finals, to round out the last day of competition for UC Davis at the tenth-annual Mizzou Invite.

The Aggies maintained their sixth-place position as a team, finishing with 276 total points. The host Tigers paced the field with 1,391.50 points followed by Nebraska in second with 774.50 points.

Saturday night’s second session kicked off with the 1650 freestyle. The Aggies competed in the event for the first time this season with freshman Paige Lampron posting the fastest time for UC Davis at 17:39.50 to finish 16th overall. Senior Angelica Nowack (17:41.19) finished 18th and freshman Kathryn Bockman (17:43.31) touched 19th overall.

Laughlin notched her second NCAA “B” cut of the meet in the 200 back as she secured the top spot in the “B” final to finish ninth overall with a season-best time of 1:57.49. Laughlin earned her first NCAA “B” time in the 200 IM during the first day of competition. Sophomore Mia Cunnan finished 20th on the night posting her fastest time of the season of 2:03.37. Senior Jordan Owyoung (2:08.87) also swam her season-best time to finish 27th overall.

Sophomore Jamie Pincin (51.02) touched 12th overall in the 100 free, swimming the fastest time by a UC Davis swimmer this season, while senior Ali Sena (52.09) finished 24th, and senior Courtney Schultz touched first in the “D” final with a season-best time of 51.56.

After finishing eighth in the prelims of the 200 breaststroke, Schumann (2:16.09) improved one spot in the championship final, narrowly missing the “B” standard by just 10 one-hundredths of a second. Both Kyla Leacox and Tori Kaleta posted season-best efforts in the “B” final to finish 13th and 14th, respectively. In the “C” final, the Aggies finished 4-5-6 with Elise Wright (2:21.54) and Alexa Hanley (2:23.94) swimming their fastest times so far this season.

The championship final of the 200 fly saw the highest finish by an Aggie swimmer across all three days of competition. Junior transfer Nina Gonzalez (2:02.31) posted her season-best time to finish sixth overall. Gonzalez’ effort also earned her a spot in the UC Davis record books—her second in just three days—to rank fifth in the 200 fly in the UC Davis top 10 list. Gonzalez earned her first top 10 record on Thursday to rank her seventh in the 500 free. Eva Chung finished 12th overall thanks to her season-best time of 2:04.53, while Olivia Smith (2:06.53) came in first in the “D” final, swimming the sixth fastest time by a UC Davis swimmer this season.

In the last final of the night —and only relay event— the quartet of Pincin, Schultz, Sena, and Gonzalez recorded the fastest time for UC Davis this season in the 400 free relay at 3:27.57 to finish ninth overall.

The Aggies will return to competition next year on Saturday, Jan. 6 as they host the Aggie Open at Schaal Aquatics Center in Davis, Calif.

Columbia, Mo. - Mizzou Aquatic Center
Nov. 18, 2017
Day Three Results

1. Missouri - 1,391.50
2. Nebraska - 774.50
3. Wyoming - 486
4. Drury - 378
5. Illinois - 339
6. UC Davis - 276
7. Oklahoma Baptist - 107
8. South Dakota State - 100
9. Unattached - 59
10. Iowa State - 45
11. University of Cincinnati - 40
12. University of Nebraska, Omaha - 2

(Winners plus UC Davis student-athletes)

WOMEN’S 200 YARD BACKSTROKE: 1. Hannah Stevens (Missouri), 1:52.31; 9. Solie Laughlin (UC Davis), 1:57.49 (NCAA “B” time); 20. Mia Cunnan (UC Davis), 2:03.37; 27. Jordan Owyoung (UC Davis), 2:08.87… PRELIMS: 1. Hannah Stevens (Missouri), 1:52.49; 12. Solie Laughlin (UC Davis), 2:00.28; 22. Mia Cunnan (UC Davis), 2:04.53; 31. Jordan Owyoung (UC Davis), 2:09.99.

WOMEN’S 100 YARD FREESTYLE: 1. Ann Ochitwa (Missouri), 48.05; 12. Jamie Pincin (UC Davis), 51.02; 24. Ali Sena (UC Davis), 52.09; 25. Courtney Schultz (UC Davis), 51.56… PRELIMS: 1. Ann Ochitwa (Missouri), 47.58; 15. Jamie Pincin (UC Davis), 51.21; 24. Ali Sena (UC Davis), 52.01; 25. Courtney Schultz (UC Davis), 52.08; Ex. Nina Gonzalez (UC Davis), X52.05; Ex. Olivia Smith (UC Davis), X53.15; Ex. Laura Lampron (UC Davis), X53.60; Ex. Aislinn Dresel (UC Davis), X53.73; Ex. Paige Lampron (UC Davis), X53.96; Ex. Mia Cunnan (UC Davis), X54.04; Ex. Kyla Leacox (UC Davis), X54.18; Ex. Kathryn Bockman (UC Davis), X54.96.

WOMEN’S 200 YARD BREASTSTROKE: 1. Lauren Savoy (Missouri), 2:11.35; 7. Kristin Schumann (UC Davis), 2:16.09; 13. Kyla Leacox (UC Davis), 2:19.58; 14. Tori Kaleta (UC Davis), 2:20.25; 20. Elise Wright (UC Davis), 2:21.54; 21. Alexa Hanley (UC Davis), 2:23.94; 22. Leah Timmerman (UC Davis), 2:25.83… PRELIMS: 1. Jordan Ehly (Nebraska), 2:11.17; 8. Kristin Schumann (UC Davis), 2:16.25; 16. Tori Kaleta (UC Davis), 2:20.87; 17. Kyla Leacox (UC Davis), 2:20.98; 22. Elise Wright (UC Davis), 2:22.89; 23. Alexa Hanley (UC Davis), 2:25.09; 25. Leah Timmerman (UC Davis), 2:25.56; Ex. Eva Chung (UC Davis), X2:21.81; Ex. Courtney Schultz (UC Davis), X2:31.65.

WOMEN’S 200 YARD BUTTERFLY: 1. Sharli Brady (Missouri), 1:54.56; 6. Nina Gonzalez (UC Davis), 2:02.31; 12. Eva Chung (UC Davis), 2:04.53; 18. Laura Lampron (UC Davis), 2:06.42; 19. Cora McClelland (UC Davis), 2:06.69; 23. Angelica Nowack (UC Davis), 2:11.39; 25. Olivia Smith (UC Davis), 2:06.53… PRELIMS: 1. Sharli Brady (Missouri), 1:54.80; 8. Nina Gonzalez (UC Davis), 2:03.53; 14. Eva Chung (UC Davis), 2:05.06; 20. Laura Lampron (UC Davis), 2:07.02; 21. Cora McClelland (UC Davis), 2:07.18; 23. Angelica Nowack (UC Davis), 2:08.36; 25. Olivia Smith (UC Davis), 2:09.37; Ex. Elise Wright (UC Davis), X2:08.25; Ex. Solie Laughlin (UC Davis), X2:10.22; Ex. Jordan Owyoung (UC Davis), X2:12.23; Ex. Aislinn Dresel (UC Davis), X2:14.78; Ex. Alexa Hanley (UC Davis), X2:17.95.

WOMEN’S 1650 YARD FREESTYLE: 1. Kira Zubar (Missouri), 16:09.51; 16. Paige Lampron (UC Davis), 17:39.50; 18. Angelica Nowack (UC Davis), 17:41.19; 19. Kathryn Bockman (UC Davis), 17:43.31.

WOMEN’S 400 YARD FREESTYLE RELAY: 1. Missouri “A” (Metzger-Seymour, Porter, Stevens, Ochitwa), 3:15.53; 9. UC Davis “A” (Jamie Pincin, Courtney Schultz, Ali Sena, Nina Gonzalez), 3:27.57; 14. UC Davis “B” (Mia Cunnan, Laura Lampron, Olivia Smith, Aislinn Dresel), 3:31.55; 16. UC Davis “C” (Paige Lampron, Kyla Leacox, Kathryn Bockman, Cora McClelland), 3:34.28.

WOMEN’S PLATFORM DIVING: 1. Abi Knapton (Nebraska), 270.60… PRELIMS: 1. Karla Contreras (Wyoming), 256.50; 18. Angelina Proshak, (UC Davis), 183.30; 21. Alisha Miller (UC Davis), 178.50; 22. Katie Truong (UC Davis), 176.75; 25. Jessica Fernandez (UC Davis), 153.55.

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