Track and Field starts outdoor season strong in Berkeley

March 3, 2018

Cal Opener Complete Results

BERKELEY, Calif. —
The UC Davis track and field squad came away with 14 first-place titles, including three first-place relay finishes, to highlight the Aggie action that took place at the Cal Opener track and field meet at Edwards Stadium on Saturday.

Starting with the field events, UC Davis left with four first-place titles, three on the men’s side, and one on the women’s side. For the first squad, Marc Toney finished with a 4.85m pole vault measurement, Steven Childs led the Aggie group of five in the long jump with a 7.12m measurement, and Drew Xandrine-Anderson took the triple jump title with a 15.22m jump, while Jaleah Calvillo represented the latter squad with a 1.63m high jump.

The remaining 10 first-place titles were received in the Aggies’ running performances. Starting with the 100m dash, first-place winners Nigel Burnett led the Aggie men’s team of eight with a time of 10.69, while Kieana Butler led the six-person Aggie lineup with a 12.06 time. For the other running dash events, Dante Berggren scored a first-place finish in the men’s 200m dash with a 21.69 time, while Mikaela Adolphus finished in first with a 55.45 400m time, which is currently tied for eighth in the school record book.

The men’s hurdles were also a success for the Aggies, as Kyle Clancy and Anthony Easter, who made his UC Davis competition debut, each went on to garner first-place titles with a 14.51 100m hurdles time, making a mark in the seventh-place spot for the all-timers, and a 52.37 400m hurdles time, which ties with the seventh-place mark in the record book, respectively.

Lastly in the relay events, both the men, with Aggie foursome Berggren, Burnett, Fourie Bernhardt, and Brian Thomas, as well as the women, which included Jazmen Bunch, Butler, Davis, and Natsumi McGee, each came away with the fastest 4x100 relay times of 41.08, which marks the new fourth-place time in school history, and 46.06, respectively. The Aggie men also received a first-place finish with a 3:16.10 4x400 relay time, earned by UC Davis quartet Berggren, Burnett, Easter, and Thomas.

The UC Davis track and field team returns to action next weekend as they stay at home to host the annual Aggie Open event at the Woody Wilson Track and Field on Mar. 9-10. 

Saturday, Mar. 3, 2018 at Berkeley, Calif. (Edwards Stadium)
UC Davis competitors only


MEN’S HAMMER THROW: 2. Michael Pertusati, 53.15m; 3. Garrett Burrow, 49.45m; 4. Cody Holt, 49.14m.

WOMEN’S HIGH JUMP: 1. Jaleah Calvillo, 1.63m; 4. Sydney Holmes, 1.53m.

WOMEN’S LONG JUMP: 5. Kathleen Bufka, 5.39m; 11. Molly Klipfel, 4.75m.

WOMEN’S POLE VAULT: 2. Stasia Kubicki, 3.75m.

MEN’S JAVELIN THROW: 2. Adan Hernandez, 48.47m.

MEN’S POLE VAULT 1. Marc Toney, 4.85m; 3. Jerad Espanola, 4.55m; 4. Drake Foote, 4.25m.

MEN’S LONG JUMP: 1. Steven Childs, 7.12m; 2. Kyle Clancy, 7.05m; 5. T.K. Dodds, 6.47m; 6. Drew Xandrine-Anderson, 6.36m; 9. Jalin White, 6.15m.

WOMEN’S JAVELIN THROW: 7. Erinn Beattie, 29.14m.

WOMEN’S SHOT PUT: 3. Breanna Standifer, 12.75m; Malia Helms, 11.77m.

MEN’S HIGH JUMP: 2. Drake Foote, 1.88m; 4. Spencer Kemmerer, 1.88m.

MEN’S SHOT PUT: 4. Greg Richardson, 15.21m, 6. Michael Pertusati, 14.39m.

WOMEN’S DISCUS THROW: 5. Breanna Standifer, 44.23m; 7. Xochiti Bryson, 37.26m.

WOMEN’S TRIPLE JUMP: 4. Molly Klipfel, 10.49m.

MEN’S TRIPLE JUMP: 1. Drew Xandrine-Anderson, 15.22m; 3. T.K. Dodds, 14.21m



MEN’S DISCUS THROW: 5. Greg Richardson, 45.07m; 6. Adan Hernandez, 42.27m; 7. Garrett Burrow, 41.63m.


WOMEN’S 4x100 RELAY: 1. UC Davis (Bunch, Butler, Davis, McGee), 46.06.

MEN’S 4x100 RELAY: 1. UC Davis (Berggren, Burnett, Bernhardt, Thomas), 41.08.

WOMEN’S 1500 RUN: 6. Haley Adel, 4:42.07; 9. Alexis Ballman, 4:49.80; 11. Lauren Powers, 5:14.94; 12. Morgan Bowman, 5:45.06.

MEN’S 1500 RUN: 4. Jon Horvath, 3:54.69; 7. Austin Goins, 3:59.58; 8. Jordy Ceja, 4:03.12; 9. Ryman Crone, 4:06.32; 11. Jesus Salas, 4:17.33.

WOMEN’S 100 HURDLES: 3. Xjaedah Williams, 14.52; 5. Baileigh Akins, 14.95; 7. Kierra Davis, 15.17; 8. Jaleah Calvillo, 15.75; 9. Sydney Holmes, 15.75.

MEN’S 110 HURDLES: 1. Kyle Clancy, 14:51; 3. Jonathan Perry, 15.07; 4. Anthony Easter, 15.21; 6. Drake Foote, 15.77.

WOMEN’S 400 DASH: 1. Mikaela Adolphus, 55.45.

MEN’S 400 DASH: 4. Fabio Kammler, 50.74

WOMEN’S 100 DASH: 1. Kieana Butler, 12.06; 2. Kierra Davis, 12.09; 4. Natsumi McGee, 12.17; 6. Jazmen Bunch, 12.23; 9. Kathleen Bufka, 12.85; Baileigh Akins, 13.06.

MEN’S 100 DASH: 1. Nigel Burnett, 10.69; 4. Dante Berggren, 10.94; 5. Steven Childs, 10.97; 7. Fourie Bernhardt, 11.14; 8. Kyle Clancy, 11.15; 10. Jared Harrell, 11.35; 11. Jaylin White, 11.43; 12. Jonathan Perry, 11.58.

WOMEN’S 800 RUN: 6. Angie Carreras, 2:18.94; 7. Shelby Hightower, 2:19.87; Mandy Wainfan, 2:21.02; Jordan Stefani, 2:23.28.

MEN’S 800 RUN: 4. Xolan Brown, 1:54.74; 6. James De Mello, 1:56.61.

WOMEN’S 400 HURDLES: 2. Erinn Beattie, 62.22; 3. Flora Oliveira, 62.75; 4. Emma Redick, 64.93; 6. Cheyenne Chen, 66.38; 7. Baileigh Akins, 67.02; 9. Xjaedah Williams, 71.67.

MEN’S 400 HURDLES: 1. Anthony Easter, 52.37; Josh Block, 59.73.

WOMEN’S 200 DASH: 3. Mikaela Adolphus, 24.88; 5. Kierra Davis, 25.10; 6. Jazmen Bunch, 25.11; 7. Natsumi McGee, 25.17; 8. Kieana Butler, 25.21.

MEN’S 200 DASH: 1. Dante Berggren, 21.69; 2. Nigel Burnett, 21.84; 3. Fabio Kammler, 22.02; 5. Fourie Bernhardt, 22.17.

WOMEN’S 3000 RUN: 4. Haley Adel, 10:16.31; 7. Alexis Ballman, 10:28.77; 8. Lauren Powers, 10:59.95.

MEN’S 3000 RUN: 5. Jordy Ceja, 8:39.72; 6. Jon Horvath, 8:42.25; 7. Ryman Crone, 9:00.59; 8. Austin Goins, 9:11.11; Jesus Salas, 9:16.50.

WOMEN’S 4x400 RELAY: 2. UC Davis (Adolphus, Oliveira, Gibson, Davis), 3:48.86.

MEN’S 4x400 RELAY: 1. UC Davis (Berggren, Burnett, Easter, Thomas); 3:16.10.

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