UC Davis Cruises To Wins In Aggie Open

Alycia Cridebring finishes strong to win the Aggie Open.
(Mark Honbo, Athletics Communications)

Aug 30, 2013

DAVIS, Calif. - Sophomore Brandon Pugh and junior Trevor Halsted claimed the top two finishes in the men's 6-kilometer race then seniors Alycia Cridebring and Sarah Sumpter followed suit in the women's 4K, leading the respective UC Davis teams to wins over Sacramento State during the Aggie Open cross country meet at the Putah Creek Reserve course Friday evening.

The Aggie men won their team battle with the Hornets by a 17-44 margin, just two points from a perfect score. On the women's side, UC Davis claimed a 21-38 victory over Sacramento State.

"More than anything, it's just good to have something competitive under our belts after waiting all summer," said Aggie head coach Drew Wartenburg. "In the last week and a half, almost two weeks now, we've been coming out and working as a unit. It's good to run against some bodies from a different school. More than anything, it's good to look at where people are going to put themselves in the competitive mix, and get a read on where the fitness is.

Pugh and Halsted crossed almost neck and neck at the 18:22 mark to lead a 1-2-3-4 Aggie sweep in the first race of the night. Sophomore Jordon Rushing was third at 18:35 and senior Grayson Hough place fourth at 18:35. Sophomore Eric Neill crossed in seventh at 18:54 to round out the team scoring, while Will Melton (eighth) and Patrick Fitzgerald (ninth) had the displacing finishes. The top Hornet finisher was Cole Younger, nine seconds behind Hough in fifth.



In the women's race, Cridebring, Sumpter and Hornet senior Rachel Mitchell formed a lead pack for most of the race. Cridebring crossed in front at 13:50 with Sumpter just a second behind. Mitchell took third for Sac State's top score, clocking a 13:53 mark. Sophomore Anna Welsh led the next group to score fourth-place points for the Aggies. Freshman Hannah Kirkegaard (sixth) completed UC Davis' 21-point total while veterans Shannon Harcus (eighth) and Hilary Teaford (ninth) represented the displacers.

Although, the Aggie Open has effectively become a dual between UC Davis and Sacramento State, it is not an event that counts toward the annual Causeway Cup race. The two programs have agreed to use the NCAA Regional as the official event for that competition.

The two teams will meet again at the Hornet Jamboree on September 14.

Putah Creek Reserve Cross Country Course


TEAM - 1. UC Davis, 17; 2. Sacramento State, 44.

INDIVIDUALS - 1. Brandon Pugh, UC Davis, 18:22; 2. Trevor Halsted, UC Davis, 18:22; 3. Jordon Rushing, UC Davis, 18:28; 4. Grayson Hough, UC Davis, 18:35; 5. Cole Younger, Sac State, 18:46; 6. Nathanael Litwiller, Sac State, 18:50; 7. Eric Neill, UC Davis, 18:54; 8. Will Melton, UC Davis, 19:01; 9. Patrick Fitzgerald, UC Davis, 19:05; 10. Nick Ratto, UC Davis, 19:05; 11. Amar Dholakia, UC Davis, 19:10: 12. Dom D'Acguisto, Sac State, 19:12; 13. Nathan Strum, UC Davis, 19:16; 14. Drew Azevedo, Sac State, 19:17; 15. Blake Zufall, unattached, 19:18; 16. Ryan Salcido, unattached, 19:26; 17. Miguel Aceves, UC Davis, 19:34; 18. Sam Scheuer, unattached, 19:41; 19. Daniel Mitchell, Sac State, 19:45; 20. Luke Dorman, UC Davis, 19:46; 21. Trevor Ehlenbach, UC Davis, 19:46; 22. Mustafa Abbas, Sac State, 20:14; 23. Tyler Sickler, unattached, 20:18; 24. Sean Gregg, unattached, 20:28; 25. Patrick Leary, unattached, 20:59.


TEAM - 1. UC Davis, 21; 2. Sacramento State, 38.

INDIVIDUALS - 1. Alycia Cridebring, UC Davis, 13:50; 2. Sarah Sumpter, UC Davis, 13:51; 3. Rachel Mitchell, Sac State, 13:53; 4. Anna Welsh, UC Davis, 14:05; 5. Lauren Mugnaini, Sac State, 14:07; 6. Hannah Kirkegaard, UC Davis, 14:09; 7. Chloe Berlioux, Sac State, 14:10; 8. Shannon Harcus, UC Davis, 14:27; 9. Hilary Teaford, UC Davis, 14:28; 10. Nicole Lane, UC Davis, 14:33; 11. Erika Barr, UC Davis, 14:39; 12. Olivia Goins, UC Davis, 14:45; 13. Veronica Stinnett, Sac State, 14:52; 14. Teresa Mallory, Sac State, 14:55; 15. Emily Johnston, Sac State, 14:58; 16. Christine Hoffman, UC Davis, 15:03; 17. Stephanie Rasmussen, Sac State, 15:09; 18. Katie Ott, UC Davis, 15:15; 19. Clara MacLeod, UC Davis, 15:20; 20. Kayla Knapp, UC Davis, 15:21; 21. Jacque Taylor, Sac State, 15:25; 22. Adrianna Royal, Sac State, 15:52; 23. Kaz Shidara, UC Davis, 16:08.

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