Neill, Lambdin Featured in Cross Country Blogs

Sept. 13, 2012

In the latest installments of "Cross Country Chronicles" and "Distance Diaries", freshman Eric Neill and sophmore Raquel Lambdin each discuss the team's recent preseason training trip to Point Reyes.

In "Cross Country Chronicles", Neill talks about how his initial intimidation has given way to confidence in both his abilities as well as those of the team as a whole. After the Point Reyes trip, Neill and the Aggie men can't wait to surprise the cross country world.

Lambdin, who recently led the Aggie women at the Hornet Jamboree with a fifth-place finish, shares how the women have grown into an even stronger unit after the trip to Point Reyes. In "Distance Diaries", Lamdin expands on the team dynamics that must be in place for true success in the sport.

Cross Country Chronicles

Distance Diaries