Cross Country Chronicles Logo 200px The 2016 UC Davis men's cross country team returns for its eighth installment of "Cross Country Chronicles," giving fans an exclusive look at what makes Aggie runners one of the top teams in the Big West Conference. Follow the Aggie men all year long as they make a run to the Big West Conference championship.
BLOG ENTRY #2: Freshman Zachary Katzman, Sept. 30, 2016
Zachary Katzman
"Packing up" is an expression I had never heard before joining the UC Davis Cross Country team. Since, it has come to represent much of what I feel our team is all about.

I'd never had much of an opportunity to "pack up" with my teammates before this season. Despite any efforts on my part to build community within my team, it was difficult for me to translate that to races. Many of the men on our team come from similar situations - we didn't wear the jerseys that everyone recognizes. However, the pack we've cultivated over the past several weeks is one to be proud of, and we'll get a chance to put it to the test this Saturday.

Running, of course, has played a large role in forming our connections with one another and with the group as a whole. Getting through long runs, tempos, and other workouts together has left us with deep links that are hard to develop with people you don't share such intense experiences with. We've raced together and begun to realize how valuable our pack can be. Our team has also had the opportunity to connect outside of practice - an equally important element. From camping together to sharing ice baths to listening to dog psychics on the radio, we've reinforced the strength of our team.

This Saturday, we will get our first glimpse of several Big West rivals, as well as the course we'll be back at in six short weeks for the NCAA West Regional. So much can happen between now and then, just as it already has since report date. But this weekend, we have an excellent chance to propel our team into the second half of the season, especially if we capitalize on our greatest asset - our pack. We just have to believe in it.
BLOG ENTRY #1: Senior captain Austin Goins, Sept. 15, 2016
As the men's team gets ready to embark on a new season, it is worthy to remember the time and effort that was put in to get us to this point. Each member of this team has put in countless miles; he has sacrificed sleeping in until 12, late nights with friends, and family activities. If you asked someone on the team if this is all worth it, I guarantee every man on this team with no hesitation will tell you "yes."

The dedication and passion we have for this sport digs deep. I like to ask the freshman and transfers why they started running, because you get to see the runner that they are, and the motivation that drives them to put in 18 mile long runs, or a mile repeat workout that never seems to end. Some run, because their siblings ran, others run because it's a way into college, and for a few its an escape from the pressure of the outside world. We all have our reasons, but at the end of the day you can find us brought together by one thing, running.

The one thing that brings us together running will be put into action at our first 8k of the season in Eugene, Oregon at the Bill Dellinger Invitational. With the addition of 9 new men, this first race will be a testament of what kind of team we are. I believe we are a team that stands behind one another excited to push each other to the finish. A team ready to take on obstacles that stands in our path. A team ready to fight for a Big West Championship title at the end of October. It's cross-country season, and your UC Davis men are ready to roll.