UC Davis Men's Basketball Reading Program Launches

UC Davis Men's Basketball Reading Program

Oct. 12, 2012

DAVIS, Calif. - Players and staff will be helping to encourage and support reading with the inaugural UC Davis Men's Basketball Reading Program which will reach more than 18,000 elementary students in metro Sacramento and Davis area elementary schools during the 2012-13 academic year.

The UC Davis Men's Basketball Program, under the supervision of assistant coach Chris Davis, is off to a fast start with 32 elementary schools already joining.

UC Davis works hard to provide an exceptional learning environment to achieve quality and value in education. The men's basketball program understands the importance of reading at all ages, especially at the elementary school level.

"Working with our local schools is an excellent opportunity to 'give back' to our community," said second-year head coach Jim Les. "Our players and coaches understand the importance of gaining knowledge through reading and we look forward to helping the participating schools achieve their reading goals."

Each student that participates in the reading program will receive a complimentary ticket to a UC Davis men's basketball game during the upcoming season. Weekly player bios, "Read" posters, a monthly newsletter, and weekly player videos are among the features of the program.

For more information on the UC Davis Men's Basketball Reading Program, please contact Mark Darnall, Reading Program Coordinator at (530) 752-3501.

The UC Davis Men's Basketball Reading Program would like to recognize the participating elementary schools.

Marguerite Montgomery Elementary, Birch Lane Elementary, Robert E. Willett Elementary

Dixon Montessori Charter

Herman Leimbach Elementary, Roy Herburger Elementary, Cosumnes River Elementary, Irene B. West Elementary, Sierra Enterprise Elementary, Florin Elementary

Esparto Elementary

H. Allen Hight Elementary, Natomas Park Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Bannon Creek Elementary

Arbuckle Elementary, Grand Island Elementary

Elder Creek Elementary, Leonardo Da Vinci Elementary, Joseph Bonnheim Elementary, Clayton B. Wire Elementary, Mark Hopkins Elementary, St. Francis of Assisi, Brookfield Elementary

Markham Elementary

Zamora Elementary, Woodland Prairie Elementary, Whitehead Elementary, Rhoda Maxwell Elementary, Dingle Elementary, Ramon S Tafoya Elementary, Freeman Elementary