Jessica Loudermilk: First-Time Season Ticket Holder

UC Davis Football

May 14, 2014

The UC Davis football team has an exciting home schedule this upcoming season. Season tickets offer the best opportunity to become part of the Aggie team. Be sure to visit the UC Davis Ticket Office website to join in all the fun! Jessica Loudermilk is a first-time season-ticket holder and talks about why she is excited about the 2014 season.

Shreveport, Louisiana

Affiliation with UC Davis
Jessica came to UC Davis in 2007 as a doctoral student in linguistics. She took leave from the program to take a position as a full-time university employee. For the past year and a half, she has been the Director of Academic Programs in the Office of Undergraduate Education. 

What was your motivation to purchase season tickets for the 2014 Aggie Football season?
"Davis is home for me now, so the Aggies are my home team. I don't have any direct connection with the team but that's definitely not the only reason to attend games. As a southerner, I grew up loving football. You didn't need any other reason to be a fan -- you always supported your home team."

What are you looking forward to the most this season?"
I'm really looking forward to my five-year old son, Alexander, feeling the excitement of being at a college football game. He is a member of the Jr. Aggie Club and can't wait to run out on the field before home games. In the south, college football takes center stage and watching the game is definitely a family affair. I want my son to have those same great experiences and the love of the game that I've had, so I'm excited about spending Aggie Football Saturdays with him."

"They deserve an audience!"
"College athletes compete at a level that most people don't ever experience or understand. What makes the Aggies really impressive is that these guys are going to school at a nationally ranked university at the same time. They're doing two really hard things, really well. They deserve an audience!"