Jabari's Corner: Let's Meet Safety Tre Sayles

Tre Sayles

July 31, 2013

His full name is Earnest Sayles III. In fact, that's how he's listed on the Aggie football roster but around the football program, he's simply known as "Tre", a hard-hitting safety for the UC Davis defense. Sayles started six games for UC Davis last season, posting a season-high seven tackles at perennial power Eastern Washington. He had 30 tackles his sophomore season, including a career game at Hawai'i when he tallied 15 tackles (14 solo).

Sayles is getting set for his final season with the Aggies, ready to be a major contributor on the defense.

Junior Jabari Howard sat down with Sayles to talk about his Aggie experiences. This is the second of a series of Q&A's with the Aggie senior class that Howard is conducting as part of "Jabari's Corner".

What was your best memory from last year's football season?

The game against Sacramento State was insane. There were big plays out of nowhere by (cornerback) Jonathan Perkins and (linebacker) Jordan Glass. To come out and beat a team that we were expected to lose to and win huge was a great feeling. Rushing the field and celebrating with the team was the best way to end the season.

What are you most looking forward to this upcoming season?

This is my last year so I'm looking to just fly around and go have fun with the guys. I just want to build a tight-knit team and enjoy every single second playing with my boys running around the field and making big plays. There's no specific game I'm looking forward to. There's nothing except just being able to go out and compete, win games, and be successful with my best friends and brothers here on the football team.



What is the best part of being a college football player?

I'd be a liar if I said it wasn't nice to have that status. It's nice to have people looking at you and saying "shoot that's Tre Sayles." It's sick to be able to have the resources and help that we need to make us successful in all things. It's cool to be able to declare yourself as a student-athlete in what you're doing and who you are, and be able to say "what's up" to anybody and they know who you are.

Describe Coach Gould in one word.


If you were the director of a movie about Coach Gould, what actor would you cast to play him?

I'm pretty sure it's a unanimous vote by everybody, I'm going to have to go with Denzel Washington. Coach Gould just has that "Remember the Titans" swag.

What is something most people do not know about you?

I'm double-jointed in all of my fingers and they bend in weird ways.

What player in the NFL would you compare your game to?

There are so many vicious safeties: Troy Polomalu, Ed Reed, Brian Dawkins. But I would have to go with Brian Dawkins because of the way he conducts himself off the field; he's a man of God and an animal on the football field.

If you were to translate your game on the football field to the music industry what famous music artist do you think you would be?

Common because I don't get super hyped, and Common doesn't always blast you with crazy one-liners or super speed but he's just smooth and his flow is very technical, and I'm a technician.

If you became a professor at UC Davis tomorrow, what class would you teach?

Engineering 17, it's a class all about circuit analysis. I'm an electric engineering major and the best part of being an electrical engineering major is working with circuits.

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