Inside the Huddle: Brock Dale

Nov. 17, 2017

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DAVIS, Calif. - Senior economics major Brock Dale, one of UC Davis football's three team captains, cannot wait for Saturday's 2 p.m. Causeway Classic at Hornet Stadium. Even though this rivalry game is the last of the season, and in Dale's case, his career (along with 13 other members of the team's senior class), the Aggie quarterback is willing to work hard, sacrifice and do whatever it takes to end this season with a win, and help the program continue its #AGScension.

Describe what ran through your mind, and what you felt, when you walked up to the podium during this year's Causeway Luncheon, and addressed a packed ballroom full of UC Davis and Sacramento State fans?

"It was an honor representing UC Davis and the tradition attached to the Causeway Classic game, it was a fun atmosphere. And as a team captain, it meant a lot to me to represent my teammates and this program.

"Looking around the room, I could tell that there were individuals who were there to enjoy this event, and others who are ready, right now, for this game to begin. More than anything, I felt proud to represent UC Davis on a stage like this."

This season has flown by, it feels as if preseason practices took place just a few weeks ago. How would you describe your senior-year experience, from your unique perspective as one of the team's captains?

"This program is definitely heading in the right direction, the senior leaders are creating a set of standards to build a culture that will lead to success on and off the field. Our job is not done yet, there is still one more game to play.

"By finishing with a winning season, this team will set another standard for future teams to reach. And when I look back at the hard work everyone invested this season, and see how that built this program's foundation, that impact is what I will ultimately take pride in, as a leader and team captain, because I know the Aggies will have a successful future."

How would you describe to someone, who is not a student-athlete, the thoughts and emotions that take place before you compete in your last home game, or in the final game of your college career?

"These situations have not hit home, and I do not think they will until I turn my pads in for the final time this season and return to my locker."

"It was a phenomenal moment being on the field with my family for my final home game; there were not sad or bittersweet feelings, I just soaked up the moment and was filled with pride and happiness."

"Arriving to UC Davis as a walk-on, earning a scholarship and becoming team captain is something that I am proud to accomplish, especially with family by my side that night because they are the reason why I am able to enjoy this experience in the first place."

"When you start the season, everyone knows if will fly by fast because it always does. UC Davis has given me a tremendous experience -- I met my best friends here and accomplished more than I could have imagined -- that I will take with me after the season, and my senior year ends. That's when I think all the emotions will hit me."

Is there a highlight or two from your student-athlete experience that sticks out compared to others?

"The one on-field experience, that stands out to me, took place last season when we hosted Weber State. At one point, I entered the game and saw my family in the stands -- they are the source of my strength, and I love them. When I took the field, I felt calm and at peace; I pointed to them before the first play and thought to myself, `I got this.'

"We ended that drive with a touchdown that I threw to Keelan Doss, which felt awesome in a competitive environment where this team had a chance to win."

Dale, and his UC Davis teammates will travel to Hornet Stadium this Saturday to face Sacramento State in the 64th Causeway Classic. Kickoff is set for 2 p.m. In addition to Comcast Hometown's broadcast (channel 104), a stream of this rivalry matchup is available on Pluto TV (channel 233) and Aggie football fans can also listen to this game on KHTK 1140 AM or TuneIn radio by searching for the UC Davis Sports Network.

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