Aggies close day two at Pacific Coast Championships

March 3, 2017

Complete Results

LA JOLLA, Calif. -- The UC Davis men's tennis team advanced a pair of doubles pairings into the main draw round of 32, and the Aggies will have three teams still alive on day three of the 128th annual Pacific Coast Men's Doubles Championships at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club in La Jolla, Calif.

UC Davis has competed at this event in each of the last five years and as advanced to the round of 32 in all five of those seasons.

The seventh seeded tandem of senior Alec Adamson and junior Tommy Lam cruised to an 8-0 win in their opener against Boston College's Gennady Burakovsky and Alexandre Thirouin, before taking down San Diego State's Santiago Cevallos and Sander Gjoels-Andersen, 8-6. That set up a clash with the ninth-seeded duo of Robert Bellamy and Jack Jaede of USC in the round of 32, jumping out to a 5-2 lead over the Trojans before the USC pair roared back to win the final six points for an 8-5 win.

Ninth-seeded Bryce McKelvie and James Wade also got off to a strong start, upending Fernando Bogajo Fernandez and Christian Kontaxis, 8-1, before shutting down Raul and Daniel De La Torre, 8-2. That set up a match against another Trojan tandem in Nick Crystal and Laurens Verboven, who posted an 8-4 win to eliminate the Aggie duo.

Junior Everett Maltby and senior Jesse Ross also teamed up for a first-round win over Pepperdine's Guilherme Galvao and Tom Hill, 8-5, but were knocked out in the round of 64 with a loss to UC Irvine's Bruce Man-Son-Hing and Luca Marquard, 8-4.

After suffering a first-round defeat, the team of freshman David Goulak and senior Eli Whittle advanced to the fourth round of the consolation bracket with a pair of wins on Friday, defeating Cameron Mofid and Ryan Lee, 8-3, and San Diego State's David Hough and Nicholas Mitchell, 8-2, around a second round bye. They will take on Toledo's Vincent Anzalone and Serjen Olmedo on Saturday morning at 10:30 am.

The Aggies also have a pair of teams featuring alumni still alive on day three, as the ninth-seeded team of Brett Bacharach and assistant coach Michael Meyer went 3-0 over the first two days with an 8-3 win over the Rockets' Anzalone and Olmedo, and an 8-3 victory over Andrew Newell and Alexander Reyna, 8-3, in the round of 64.

That set up an upset of the fourth-seeded pairing of Atur Dubinski and Nathan Roper from Oklahoma State in the round of 32 by the score of 8-1. They will play Stanford's ninth-seeded duo of Jack Barber and William Genesen at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday in the round of 16.

After a first-round defeat, tennis alums Adam Levie and Toki Sherbakov advanced into the fourth round of the consolation bracket with wins over Boston College's William Conigliaro and Nicolas de Quesada, 8-1, and David Higgins and Connor Rapp, 8-2, in the third round. They next face UC Irvine's Vatsal Bajpai and Derek Chen at 10:30 a.m.

Hosted by the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club (La Jolla, Calif.)
Day One & Two Results (UC Davis results only)

Round of 128
(9) Bryce McKelvie / James Wade (UCD) def. Fernando Bogajo Fernandez / Christian Kontaxis, 8-1
Everett Maltby / Jesse Ross (UCD) def. Guilherme Galvao / Tom Hill (PEP), 8-5
(7) Alec Adamson / Tommy Lam (UCD) def. Gennady Burakovsky / Alexandre Thirouin (BC), 8-0
(9) Jack Barber / William Genesen (STAN) def. David Goulak / Eli Whittle (UCD), 8-5
(9) Gene Carswell / Jeff Thomsen (SDSU) def. Adam Levie / Toki Sherbakov, 8-4
(9) Brett Bacharach / Michael Meyer def. Vincent Anzalone / Serjen Olmedo (TOL), 8-3

Round of 64
(9) McKelvie / Wade (UCD) def. Raul De La Torre / Daniel De La Torre, 8-2
Bruce Man-Son-Hing / Luca Marquard (UCI) def. Maltby / Ross (UCD), 8-4
(7) Adamson / Lam (UCD) def. Santiago Cevallos / Sander Gjoels-Andersen (SDSU), 8-6
(9) Bacharach / Meyer def. Andrew Newell / Alexander Reyna, 8-3

Round of 32
Nick Crystal / Laurens Verboven (USC) def. McKelvie / Wade (UCD), 8-4
(9) Robert Bellamy / Jack Jaede (USC) def. Adamson / Lam (UCD), 8-5
(9) Bacharach / Meyer def. (4) Atur Dubinski / Nathan Roper (OKST), 8-1

Consolation - First Round
Goulak / Whittle (UCD) def. Cameron Mofid / Ryan Lee, 8-3
Levie / Sherbakov def. William Conigliaro / Nicolas de Quesada (BC), 8-1

Consolation - Third Round
Goulak / Whittle (UCD) def. David Hough / Nicholas Mitchell (SDSU), 8-2
Levie / Sherbakov def. David Higgins / Connor Rapp, 8-2