Four Aggies Advance Through Respective Singles Main Draws

Adam Levie is one of a handful of Aggies who will have a busy day at the Marya Welch Tennis Center in the second day of action at the Aggie Invitational.

Oct. 4, 2013

Draws and Results

DAVIS, Calif. – James Wade, Alec Adamson, Parker Kelley and Adam Levie each swept their respective singles matches in the opening day of the 2013 Aggie Invitational. All four will return to the Marya Welch Tennis Center Saturday to continue their singles run.

Adamson and Wade defeated Nathan Lewis (6-1, 6-7 (4), 6-4) and John Stormans (6-1, 6-4), two players from Saint Mary’s in straight sets, to advance to Friday’s Round of 16 in the Big West singles bracket. From there, Adamson defeated Oregon’s Brent Chin, and Wade downed San Francisco’s Rich Van Hout to earn two of the eight available positions in Saturday’s quarterfinal round. 

Both Round of 16 victories were by straight sets by respective scores of 6-3, 6-3, and 6-1, 6-3.

Ranked No. 2 in the bracket and joining his teammates is Kelley. After defeating USF’s Yezan Dayeh in three sets, Kelley posted a 6-3, 6-3 straight set victory to earn a matchup against Santa Clara’s Sam Bertram.

Adamson, competing in his inaugural batch of singles matches as an Aggie, will open action Saturday morning against Nevada’s Ryan Andrada. If successful in their respective matches, Adamson and Kelley will square off against one another in the semifinals.

Wade, who occupies a spot in the upper-half of the Big West bracket, will compete against Fernando Sunago, also from Nevada.

A semifinal matchup against Nevada’s Billy Baumgartner in California bracket action awaits Levie following back-to-back sweeps against Pacific’s Eric Spence (6-1, 7-6 (8)) and Sonoma State’s Philip Holbrook (7-5, 6-1).



After falling in his first-ever match in a UC Davis uniform, Bryce McKelvie erased a one-set deficit, battled back, and advanced to the Big West (bracket) Consolation Quarterfinals with a 5-7, 7-5, 1-0 (3) win over USF’s Germaine Bahri.

Making his first victory even sweeter was the fact that McKelvie eliminated the top-seeded Bahri from singles competition.

Also advancing in consolation action, albeit from a different bracket, is Brett Bacharach. The lone UC Davis player to earn a spot in the Aggie bracket’s quarterfinal, Bacharach will face San Francisco’s Thomas Takemoto in the only singles round scheduled Saturday.

The second day of action from this annual tournament will feature two rounds of doubles and only one singles round.

In their only doubles match of the day, Adamson and Bacharach advanced to the Big West quarterfinals with an 8-3 victory against Stormans and Samuel Bloore. On the opposite half of the draw are Levie and Kelley, who also advanced with an 8-5 win over Cal’s Jack Sanford and Nikhil Jayashankr – the bracket’s No. 2 team.

Adamson/Bacharach will face Sai Kartik and Sam MacNeil from Fresno State in their opening doubles tilt, Levie/Kelley will take on Sonoma State duo Matt Roberts and Phillip Holbrook.

Unlike their singles situation, Kelley and Adamson will not face each other unless both advance to Sunday’s finals.


2013 Aggie Invitational
Marya Welch Tennis Center and Davis High School
Day 1 Results  (UC Davis only)

Big West Singles -- Round of 32
PAC Ben Mirkin d. DAV Bryce McKelvie  7-6(3);3-6;7-6(5)
OR Jayson Amos d. DAV Adam Luba  6-2;6-2
DAV James Wade d. SM John Stormans  6-1;6-4
DAV Alec Adamson d. SM Nathan Lewis  6-1;6-7(4);6-4
DAV Parker Kelly [2] d. USF Yezan Dayeh  6-1;2-6;6-2 

Big West Singles -- Round of 16
DAV James Wade d. USF Rich Van Hout  6-1;6-3
DAV Alec Adamson d. OR Brent Chin  6-3;6-3
DAV Parker Kelly [2] d. FS Ethan Lopez  6-3;6-3 

Big West Singles Consolations -- Round 1
DAV Bryce McKelvie d. USF Germaine Bahri [1]  5-7;7-5;1-0(3)
CAL Jack Sanford d. DAV Adam Luba  7-6(4);7-6(0) 

Aggie Singles -- Round of 32
CAL Wyatt Houghton d. DAV Kyle Miller  6-4;6-2
POR Michael Hukwo d. DAV Brett Bacharach  6-3;6-1   

Aggie Singles Consolations -- Round 1
SAC Tom Miller d. DAV Kyle Miller  6-3;6-2
DAV Brett Bacharach d. ST Yale Goldberg  3-6;6-0;1-0(8) 

California Singles -- Round of 16
NEV Quentin Mege d. DAV Mitch Thorp  6-2;7-6(4))
DAV Adam Levie d. PAC Eric Spence  6-1;7-6(8) 

California Singles -- Quarterfinals
DAV Adam Levie d. SON Philip Holbrook  7-5;6-1 

California Singles Consolations -- Consolation Quarterfinals
SON Robert Henry d. DAV Mitch Thorp  6-4;3-6;1-0(6) 

Big West Doubles -- Round of 16
DAV Alec Adamson - DAV Brett Bacharach d. SM John Stormans - SM Samuel Bloore  8-3
DAV Adam Levie - DAV Parker Kelly d. CAL Jack Sanford[2] - CAL Nikhil Jayashankr [2]  8-5 

Aggie Doubles -- Round of 16
SM James Markiewicz - SM Tuomas Manner d. DAV Adam Luba - DAV Kyle Miller  8-2