S.F. Chronicle: Davis' Moore a most unlikely NCAA champ



March 27, 2007

Banged-up ROTC student wrestles his way to spotlight

By Tom Fitzgerald, Chronicle Staff Writer

Putting a hand against one of the pads that rings the wrestling room at UC Davis, Derek Moore smiled and said, "I've beaten my head against all of these walls.''

Moore entered Davis five years ago as a skinny wrestler out of Shasta High School. He hadn't placed higher than fifth at the state tournament. A fine student, he was recruited by Brown, Columbia and West Point, but he liked the idea of joining some of his wrestling buddies just a couple hours from home.

His teammates called him "T-Dub,'' short for Tapeworm, because he couldn't gain weight as a 5-foot-10, 120-pound freshman.

But after last weekend, you can call Derek Moore the reigning king of college wrestling.

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