Aggies Win Five Races At Davis Invitational Rowing Tournament

UC Davis opened its spring season on Sunday with the DIRT. <br> (Wayne TIlcock, Davis Enterprise)
UC Davis opened its spring season on Sunday with the DIRT.
(Wayne TIlcock, Davis Enterprise)

March 4, 2007

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. - UC Davis won five of six races on Sunday morning at the Davis Invitational Rowing Tournament, including the varsity eight race in 6 minutes, 52.24 seconds, as the Aggie women's rowing team opened its spring season at the Port of Sacramento.

UC Davis also picked up victories from its second varsity eight (7:06.64), novice eight (7:21.69), second novice eight (7:46.11) and novice four (8:20.99) crews. The Aggies' varsity four boat (7:49.37) was second in its race by less than a second.

"I think that all the boats performed very well. We had strong races," said interim head coach Carissa Adams. "I think we were exactly where we wanted to be. They stayed to the race plan."

"We just kept it very basic," she added of her varsity crews. "We wanted to keep it really long (and) focus on a consistent race plan and race pace and we did that. I think we accomplished what we wanted to do."

The varsity eight led from the start in its season-opening race, winning by 18 seconds over UC Santa Barbara, which was second in 7:10.64. Santa Clara was third in 7:18.20 while Sonoma State was fourth in 7:34.20.

Racing in lane 1, the Aggies' second varsity eight also posted a convincing win, crossing in 7:06.64 with Santa Clara finishing well behind in 7:43.38. The only varsity boat which didn't post a win was its fours entry which got off to a slow start but battled back strong to finish in 7:49.37, barely behind first-place Santa Clara (7:48.46). UCSB was also close, placing third in 7:50.85.

The novices made their debut by winning all three races they competed in, including the novice eight race in which they won by 22 seconds over Santa Clara (7:43.70). UC Santa Barbara was third in 7:54.16 while Sonoma State was third in 8:01.49.

The second novice eight, which won in 7:46.11, crossed nearly a minute ahead of second place UC Santa Barbara which finished in 8: 42.38. The novice four also won by a comfortable margin, posting a nearly 16-second win over Sonoma State (8:36.70).



UC Davis novice coach Tricia Blocher was pleased with her rowers' opening performances.

"They followed the race plan we've been working on." she said. "They kept their composure and did what we do in training everyday."

UC Davis will return to action on Saturday when it hosts San Diego State at the Port of Sacramento.

Port of Sacramento

UC Davis Lineups and Results
VARSITY EIGHT - Katherine Cobarrubia at coxswain, Sunny Caldwell at stroke, Vanessa Cuellar at seven, Heidi Okowitz at six, Angela Bruno at five, May Roberts at four, Laura Kelleher at three, Amber Buntin at two and Sarah Kay at bow.

Results - 1. UC Davis, 6:52.24; 2. UC Santa Barbara, 7:10.64; 3. Santa Clara, 7:18.20; 4. Sonoma State, 7:34.28.

SECOND VARSITY EIGHT - Tara Davis at coxswain, Elizabeth Russo at stroke, Lucci Lautze at seven, Erica Southard at six, Darcy Ward at five, Sarah Schulze at four, Melissa Wong at three, Reva Birnbaum at two and Brooke Thomas at bow.

Results - 1. UC Davis, 7:06.64; 2. Santa Clara, 7:43.38.

VARSITY FOUR - Katherine Cobarrubia at coxsawin, Sarah Kay at stroke, Sunny Caldwell at three, Angela Bruno at four and Heidi Okowitz at bow.

Results - 1. Santa Clara, 7:48.46; 2. UC Davis, 7:49.37; 3. UC Santa Barbara, 7:50.85; 4. Sonoma State, 8:31.18.

NOVICE EIGHT - Krista Rindell, Susan Crow, Alicia Foley, Amanda Schoeneman, Jessie Adams-Shore, Claire Swanback, Elizabeth Bache, Delaney Chapman and Susan Novik.

Results - 1. UC Davis, 7:21.69; 2. Santa Clara, 7:43.70; 3. UC Santa Barbara, 7:54.16; 4. Sonoma State, 8:01.49.

SECOND NOVICE EIGHT - Angeliki Bundros. Caroline Shipley, Castiel Shepp, Elisabeth Rihn, Alyssa Jones, Kelsey Collins, Megan Feeney, Kathleen Yip and Bethany Rogowski.

Results - 1. UC Davis, 7:46.11; 2. UC Santa Barbara, 8:42.38; 3. Santa Clara, 8:51.76.

NOVICE FOUR- Krista Rindell, Susan Crow, Alicia Foley, Jessie Adams-Shore and Delaney Chapman.

Results - 1. UC Davis, 8:20.99; 2. Sonoma State, 8:36.70; 3. UC Santa Barbara, 8:52.19; 4. Santa Clara, 9:59.13.