UC Davis Demonstrates Competitive Excellence In Season Opener

UC Davis won all four of its races on Sunday morning at the Davis Invitational. <br>(Wayne Tilcock, Davis Enterprise)
UC Davis won all four of its races on Sunday morning at the Davis Invitational.
(Wayne Tilcock, Davis Enterprise)

March 7, 2010

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. - UC Davis swept all four of its races on Sunday morning at the Davis Invitational, including the varsity eight and novice eight races,  opening the spring season in winning fashion at the Port of Sacramento.

The varsity eight posted a winning time of 7 minutes, 4.75 seconds, leading a 1-2 Aggie finish which had the second varsity eight crossing in 7:18.91. The novices crossed the finish line on the 2,000-meter course in 7:46.72.

UC Davis also  picked up victories in the varsity four (7:40.77) and novice four (8:14.54) races with the varsity crew leading two Aggie boats across the line first. The second varsity four was timed in (8:01.75).

The varsity eight crews faced a headwind in their races but conditions moved to a cross-tailwind before becoming negligible toward the end of the regatta.

Both Aggie entries in the varsity eight race finished well ahead of Santa Clara (7:33.64) and Sonoma State (7:38.54) while the novices beat the Cal lightweights by nearly 11 seconds. UC Davis' second novice eight was third (8:05.96).

The margin of victory was similar for both the varsity and novice four crews. Santa Clara was 13 seconds behind UC Davis' second-place boat while Sonoma State was 14 seconds back of the winning novice four crew.

"I was proud of the team's performance for our first race of the season," said head coach Carissa Adams. "Having not raced in the fall it was important to come out strong in our first racing opportunity of the spring. We had excellent results and have many areas in which we can gain speed.  

"Every boat now has a specific focus for improvement and I expect great things to come from the entire program," she added.

UC Davis will return to action at the San Diego Crew Classic on Mar. 27-28.

West Sacramento, Calif. (Port of Sacramento)


1. UC Davis A, 7:04.75; 2. UC Davis B, 7:18.91; 3. Santa Clara, 7:33.64; Sonoma State, 7:38.34.
Lineup (A) - Lia D'Angelo (cox); 8. Brittani DeRiemer; 7. Darcy Ward; 6. Paige Kendall; 5. Danielle Long; 4. Autumn Huey; 3. Maggie Burke; 2. Becca Lindquist; 1. Emily Roberts.
Lineup (B) - Angeliki Bundros (cox); 8. Haleigh King; 7. Hannah Owens; 6. Elieke Demmer; 5. Tara Trakin; 4. Christine Bernatze; 3. Brittney O'Brien; 2. Leah Wilke; 1. Lily Dickson.



1. UC Davis A, 7:46.72; 2. Cal lightweights, 7:57.07; 3. UC Davis B, 8:05.96.
Lineup (A) - Mel Maduell (cox); 8. Melanie LaCava; 7. Rachel Morowitz; 6. Alison Tarke; 5. Vivienne Hazzard; 4. Casey Olson; 3. Jenn Sheldon; 2. Geneva Azevedo; 1. Anais Flynn.
Lineup (B) - Claire Maldarelli (cox); 8. Ashley Lasher; 7. Marissa Clark; 6. Raquel Montalvan; 5. Jessica Cvetko;4. Liz Bradley; 3. Shannon Bird; 2. Trisha Perkins; 1. Katie Kortright.

1. UC Davis A, 7:40.77; 2. UC Davis B, 8:01.75; 3. Santa Clara A, 8:14.69; 4. Santa Clara B, 8:35.81.
Lineup (A) Ellen Yau (cox); 4. Danielle Long; 3. Paige Kendall; 2. Darcy Ward; 1. Brittani De Riemer.
Lineup (B) - Jessica Kepes (cox); 4. Garen Garza; 3. Bianca Sievers; 2. Danika Reddick; 1. Brooke O'Brien.

1. UC Davis, 8:14.54; 2. Sonoma State, 8:28.71; 3. Cal lightweights, 8:32.36; 4. Santa Clara, 8:35.89.
Lineup - Mary Champeny (cox); 4. Maggie Burke; 3. Rachel Morowitz; 2. Emily Roberts; 1. Lily Dickson