Rowers Sweep Five Races At DIRT Competition

The Aggies' varsity eight rows to a win here on Sunday morning at the Port of Sacramento. <br> (Mike Robles, Media Relations)
The Aggies' varsity eight rows to a win here on Sunday morning at the Port of Sacramento.
(Mike Robles, Media Relations)

March 8, 2009

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The UC Davis women's varsity eight rowed to a convincing victory at the season-opening Davis Invitational Rowing Tournament at the Port of Sacramento on Sunday morning, leading wins for the Aggies in all five races.

The varsity eight was timed over the 2,000-meter course in 7 minutes, 2.85 seconds against a cross-head wind, opening the day in strong fashion for the Aggie program.

Because of limited entries, UC Davis raced its second varsity eight in the varsity eight race, its first and second novice eight crews in the novice eight race, and its third novice eight in the second novice eight race. The Aggies won each of those three races as well as varsity four and novice four competitions as all UC Davis boats finished ahead of opposing schools.

The varsity eight, with new starters throughout its lineup with the exception of coxswain, won by nearly a half-minute over the Aggies' second varsity eight boat (7:30.13) which was well ahead of third-place Santa Clara (7:41.85) and Sonoma State (7:55.21).

The novice eight opened its season timed in 7:34.01with the second novice eight in second place at 7:49.43. Both Aggie crews were well in front of Santa Clara (8:22.39) and Sonoma State (8:27.63).

UC Davis' third novice eight crew was also victorious, beating Sonoma State in the second novice eight race by a minute. The Aggies were clocked in 7:58.15 with the Seawolves crossing in 8:58.15.

Victories by UC Davis in the varsity four (8:00.24) and novice four competitions (8:26.49) rounded out its wins with its other entry in the novice four race finishing second (8:31.89). Each of the three Aggie boats were at least 20 seconds in front of their nearest competition.

"We felt this was a great way to open the season," said head coach Carissa Adams. "This race is a great opportunity for the novices because they are able to gain racing experience on a familiar course and get their first race under their belts. It was nice to be able to gauge where we are so we can assess where we need to go to continue to progress through the season."

UC Davis will return to action on March 29 when it hosts San Diego State at the Port of Sacramento.

Port of Sacramento (West Sacramento, Calif)

1. UC Davis, 7:02.85; 2. UC Davis 2V8, 7:30.13; 3. Santa Clara, 7:41.85; 4. Sonoma State, 7:55.21.
V8 LineupTara Davis (coxswain), Brittani De Riemer, Lauren Auble, Autumn Huey, Darcy Ward, Hannah Owens, Elieke Demmer, Paige Kendall, Lorena Cortes.
2V8 Lineup - Angeliki Bundros (coxswain), Megan Feeney, Danielle Long, Tara Trakin, Kate Hanel, Garen Garza, Ashley LaBrier, Samantha Houston, Megan Guyan.

NOVICE EIGHT - 1. UC Davis, 7:34.01; 2. UC Davis 2N8, 7:49.43; 3. Santa Clara, 8:22.39; 4. Sonoma State, 8:27.63.
N8 Lineup - Catherine Applegate (coxswain), Rebecca Lindquist, Danielle Long, Paige Kendall, Kate Hanel, Tara Trakin, Ashley LaBrier, Lindsey Dubs, Megan Guyan.
2N8 Lineup - Lia D'Angelo (coxswain), Bianca Sievers, Danika Reddick, Emily Mertens, Jessica Bolanos, Celeste Casita, Holly Spier, Leah Wilke, Brittany Berzin.



1. UC Davis 3N8, 7:58.15; 2. Sonoma State, 8:58.18.
3V8 Lineup - Caleigh Guoynes (coxswain), Emily Myers, Bridget Scruggs, Randi Olsen, Amy Tejada, Robyn Bryson, Alex Auger, Belinda Lam, Melissa Tobia.


1. UC Davis, 8:00.24; 2. Santa Clara, 8:27.63; 3. Sonoma State, 8:29.17; Cal Maritime, 9:12.33.
Lineup - Samantha Lew (coxswain), Lauren Auble, Brittani De Riemer, Autumn Huey, Elieke Demmer.


1. UC Davis B, 8:26.49; 2. UC Davis A, 8:31.89; 3. Sonoma State, 8:52.05; 4. Santa Clara, 9:21.62.
Lineup  - Catherine Applegate (coxswain), Leah Wilke, Brittany Berzin, Belinda Lam, Melissa Tobia.
Lineup - Lia D'Angelo (coxswain), Bianca Sievers, Danika Reddick, Emily Myers, Jessica Bolanos.