UC Davis Varsity Eight Beats Sacramento State To Win Jean Runyon Cup

UC Davis' varsity eight posted an exciting win over Sacramento State to win the Jean Runyon Cup. <br>(Randy Southard)
UC Davis' varsity eight posted an exciting win over Sacramento State to win the Jean Runyon Cup.
(Randy Southard)

April 7, 2007

GOLD RIVER, Calif. - The UC Davis women's varsity eight battled back to edge Sacramento State on Saturday morning at Lake Natoma in 6 minutes, 48 seconds, claiming the Jean Runyon Cup for the first time since 1998 while snapping the Hornets' streak of 30 consecutive dual wins.

UC Davis rowers won four of five races overall in the dual.

The Jean Runyon Cup has been awarded to the winner of the varsity eight race between UC Davis and Sacramento State every year since 1997. The teams split the first two races with the Aggies winning in 1998 before the Hornets rattled off eight consecutive wins heading into this year's race.

However, UC Davis rallied from an early deficit on Saturday to catch and overtake Sacramento State over the final 400 meters. The Aggies then held off the charging Hornets during the final meters of the 2,000-meter race, winning by a half-second over Sacramento State which was timed in 6:48.5.

"This is an exciting win for our program," said interim head coach Carissa Adams. "I'm extremely proud of all the young women.

"The thing we've worked on all season is our confidence," she added. "I think by working on our confidence, they were able to contain their emotions and race a strong race."

UC Davis, which won two races to capture the Cal Cup at last weekend's San Diego Crew Classic, remained unbeaten this spring season, moving to 5-0. Sacramento State entered the weekend having not lost a dual race since 2003, a span covering 30 races. The Hornets were also 8-0 coming into the race.

UC Davis holds the Jean Runyon Cup after its thrilling win on Saturday.
(Charlie Painter)

The win was also a critical victory in the race for the Causeway Cup, the all-sports competition between the local rivals that awards points throughout the athletic year in several sports. Saturday's win delivered UC Davis five points and put the Aggies back in front, 48.67-46.00 with just six more matchups covering men's tennis, baseball and softball remaining. Fifty-three points are needed to clinch the Causeway Cup, which is in its third year of competition.

The Aggies' winning varsity eight boat had Katherine Cobarrubia at coxswain, Sunny Caldwell at stroke, Sarah Kay at seven, May Roberts at six, Vanessa Cuellar at five, Erica Southard at four, Laura Kelleher at three, Amber Buntin at two and Angela Bruno at bow.

The varsity eight's thrilling win was just one of four on Saturday for UC Davis rowers who also captured first-place in second varsity eight, novice eight and novice four races. The Hornets earned their only win in the varsity four race.

The Aggies' second varsity opened the dual with a convincing win, crossing in 6:49.4 with Sacramento State timed in 7:01.5. The Hornets' B entry followed closely in 7:02.0.

Rowing in the second varsity eight were Tara Davis at coxswain, Elizabeth Russo at stroke, Lucci Lautze at seven, Heidi Okowitz at six, Dary Ward at five, Melissa Wong at four, Alicia Foley at three, Reva Birnbaum at two and Brooke Thomas at bow.

The Aggies' second varsity eight crosses the finish line as it beats rival Sacramento State on Saturday.
(Randy Southard)

UC Davis claimed a 1-2 finish in the novice eight race with its two entries timed in 7:04.8 and 7:07.4. The Hornets were third in 7:08.1.

"We've been working on finishing out," said novice coach Tricia Blocher. "Both boats stayed long and powerful at the end of the race."

In the winning novice boat were Krista Rindell at coxswain, Castiel Shepp at stroke, Ashley Lugo at seven, Megan Feeney at six, Elisabeth Rihn at five, Garen Garza at four, Early Elias at three, Beth Rogowski at two and Sossi Hanoian at bow.

Rowing in the second-place novice boat were Angeliki Bundros at coxswain, Susie Crow at stroke, Caroline Shipley at seven, Amanda Shoenemon at six, Jessie Adams-Shore at five, Elizabeth Bache at four, Claire Swanback at three, Delaney Chapman at two and Susan Novik at bow.

UC Davis earned its final win in the novice four race with its first boat crossing in 7:43.2 which was 21 seconds ahead of the Hornets' first boat which was timed in 8:04.4. Sacramento State's second entry finished third in 8:11.7 while the Aggies' second boat was fourth.

In the first novice four boat were Rindell at coxswain, Chapman at stroke, Foley at three, Wong at two and Ward at bow. Rowing in the second novice four were Bundros at coxswain, Shepp at stroke, Lugo at three, Feeney at two and Hanoian at bow.

The Hornets lone win came in the varsity four when they finished in 7:39.9, ahead of the Aggies who were timed in 7:46.0. UC Davis' other entry was third while the Hornets' was fourth.

In the first varsity four for UC Davis to cross were Davis at coxswain, Russo at stroke, Sarah Schulze at three, Southard at two and Lautze at bow. The second boat had Cobarubbia at cox, Amber Buntin at stroke, Kay at three, Caldwell at two and Cuellar at bow.

UC Davis will return to action next weekend when they travel to Camden, N.J. for the Knecht Cup.

WOMEN'S ROWING: UC Davis vs. Sacramento State

CSUS Aquatics Center (Lake Natoma)

VARSITY EIGHT (Jean Runyon Cup) - 1. UC Davis, 6:48.0, 2. Sacramento State, 6:48.5.

SECOND VARSITY EIGHT - 1. UC Davis, 6:49.4. 2. Sacramento State A, 7:01.5; 2. Sacramento State B, 7:02.0.

NOVICE EIGHT - 1. UC Davis B, 7:04.8; 2. UC Davis A, 7:07.4; 3. Sacramento State, 7:08.1.

VARSITY FOUR - 1. Sacramento State, 7:39.9; 2. UC Davis B, 7:46.0; 3. UC Davis A, 7:46.8; 4. Sacramento State, 7:59.0.

NOVICE FOUR - 1. UC Davis A, 7:43.2; 2. Sacramento State A, 8:04.4; 3. Sacramento State B, 8:11.7; 4. UC Davis B, 8:45.7.



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