UC Davis Reclaims Jean Runyon Cup Over Hornets

UC Davis won two races against Sacramento State on Saturday morning at the Port of Sacramento. <br> (Wayne Tilcock, Davis Enterprise)
UC Davis won two races against Sacramento State on Saturday morning at the Port of Sacramento.
(Wayne Tilcock, Davis Enterprise)

April 10, 2010

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The UC Davis varsity eight made up a boat-length's deficit down the stretch against rival Sacramento State, reclaiming the Jean Runyon Cup and helping highlight the rowing team's Causeway Classic showdown with the Hornets at the Port of Sacramento.

The Aggies were declared the winners after crossing in a season-best time of 6 minutes, 38.06 seconds. The Hornets were timed in 6:38.21. It was one of two wins for UC Davis during the morning dual which also won the varsity four race. Sacramento State was victorious in the second varsity eight, novice eight and second novice eight matchups.

A tailwind and choppy waters made racing difficult for both teams. In the battle for the Jean Runyon Cup, the Hornets opened a solid lead after passing the midway point but UC Davis put together a strong sprint to the finish line. The Aggies have won three of the past four races in the Jean Runyon Cup - they last won it in 2008 - and closed the Hornets' overall series lead to 10-4.

"We had a good sprint at the end," said head coach Carissa Adams, noting the tough conditions affected both teams. "It was a great start and then we floundered a lot due to the conditions. It wasn't a pretty race by any means going down the race course... Right in the last, I say, 250 (meters) we really put it on and started moving through them.

"It was a good race for our varsity eight."

Rowing in the varsity eight were Lia DiAngelo at coxswain, Brittani De Riemer at stroke, Danielle Long at seven, Autumn Huey at six, Darcy Ward at five, Paige Kendall at four, Christine Bernatz at three, Becca Lindquist at two, and Emily Roberts at bow.



UC Davis also claimed a close victory in the varsity four, going out early and taking the lead before finishing in 7:45.35, just ahead of Sacramento State which was second in 7:48.8. The Aggies' second entry in the race took third.

The Aggies' winning varsity four boat was comprised of coxswain Ellen Yau, Danika Reddick at stroke, Robyn Bryson as three, Garen Garza at two and Brooke O'Brien at bow. The second entry had coxswain Caleigh Guoynes, Leah Wilke at stroke, Brittney O'Brien at three, Holly Spier at two and Samantha Houston at bow.

The Hornets opened the day with two victories, capturing the novice eight race with a five-second win in the novice eight (7:25.37 to 7:30.84) and then winning the second varsity eight, crossing in 6:58.84. UC Davis was timed in 7:08.84. Sacramento State had a 10-second win in the final race - the second novice eight - with a first-place time of 7:16.64.

UC Davis' second varsity eight crew had Angeliki Bundros at coxswain, Haleigh King at stroke, Hannah Owens at seven, Maggie Burke at six, Tara Trakin, at five, Elieke Demmer at four, Amy Tejada at three, Bianca Sievers at two, and Lily Dickson at bow.

Rowing for the novice eight were Jessica Kepes at coxswain, Melanie LaCava at stroke, Rachel Morowitz at seven, Alison Tarke at six, Vivienne Hazzard at five, Casey Owen at four, Anais Flynn at three, Caryn Covella at two, and Marissa Clark at bow.

The second novice eight had coxswain Mel Maduell, Ashley Lasher at stroke, Shannon Bird at seven, Liz Bradley at six, Jessica Cvetko at five, Katie Kortright at four, Jayne Aclan at three, Geneva Azevedo at two and Jennifer Sheldon at bow.

UC Davis will return to competition when it hosts the NorCal/SoCal Challenge next weekend at the Port of Sacramento.

West Sacramento, Calif. (Port of Sacramento)
Conditions: tailwind, very choppy, tough racing conditions

NOVICE EIGHT - 1. Sacramento State, 7:25.37; 2. UC Davis, 7:30.48.

SECOND VARSITY EIGHT - 1. Sacramento State, 6:58.84; 2. UC Davis, 7:08.84.

VARSITY EIGHT (Jean Runyon Cup) - 1. UC Davis, 6:38.06; 2. Sacramento State, 6:38.21.

VARSITY FOUR - 1. UC Davis A, 7:45.35; 2. Sacramento State, 7:48.8; 3. UC Davis B, 8:14.6.

SECOND NOVICE EIGHT - 1. Sacramento State, 7:16.64; 2. UC Davis, 7:26.65.