UC Davis Sweeps Races At NorCal/SoCal Challenge

UC Davis' varsity eight won both of its races on Saturday.
UC Davis' varsity eight won both of its races on Saturday.

April 17, 2010

NorCal/SoCal Challenge Results Race Schedule

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Led by a pair of wins from the varsity eight - including one in a near season-best time - the UC Davis women's rowing team won each of its races on Saturday during the first day of competition of the NorCal/SoCal Challenge at the Port of Sacramento.

The two-day regatta, which concludes on Sunday morning, also features San Diego State and Loyola Marymount. Racing on Saturday was split between morning and afternoon sessions with the Aggies sweeping its matchups all day. In fact, in three races, UC Davis had two entries and both boats finished ahead of the remaining competition each time.

The varsity eight - which last week edged rival Sacramento State to claim the Jean Runyon Cup - kept up its winning ways by posting a time of 6 minutes, 58.97 seconds during its first race. The Aggies then came back in the afternoon to beat LMU by nearly 10 seconds, crossing the finish line of the 2,000-meter course in 6:38.27, barely behind its 6:38.06 against the Hornets a week ago.

The second varsity eight, which was second only to the UC Davis varsity eight in the morning but beat Saint Mary's varsity in that race, had an exciting matchup against LMU in the afternoon, edging the Lions with a time of 6:48.63. LMU crossed in 6:50.8.

The Aggies' top two novice eight boats finished 1-2 in their morning race against Saint Mary's with UC Davis' first crew timed in 7:32.93 and the second in 7:50.04, eight seconds in front the Gaels. UC Davis duplicated that kind of finish during the afternoon's varsity four race, crossing in 7:45.44 and 7:55.25 with LMU third in 8:06.71. The Aggies' novice boats had an intrasquad dual in the afternoon wits its winning crew crossing in 7:13.5.

San Diego State, which will go up against UC Davis in four races on Sunday, also had a strong day on Saturday, sweeping all five of its races. The Aztecs and Aggies will square off in varsity four (8 a.m.), second varsity eight (8:30 a.m.), varsity eight (9 a.m.) and novice eight (9:30 a.m.) races. UC Davis will also face LMU in a novice four dual (9:45 a.m.).



West Sacramento, Calif. (Port of Sacramento)
Hosted by UC Davis

Morning Session
VARSITY FOUR - 1. San Diego State, 8:00.48, 2. LMU, 8:15.93
SECOND VARSITY EIGHT - 1. San Diego State, 7:06.27; 2. LMU, 7:07.29.
VARSITY EIGHT - 1. San Diego Sate, 7:01.02; 2. LMU, 7:11.6.
VARSITY EIGHT - 1. UC Davis, 6:58.97; 2. UCD 2V, 7:18.36; 3. Saint Mary's, 7:35.80.
NOVICE EIGHT - 1. UC Davis, 7:32.93; 2. UC Davis B, 7:50.04; 3. Saint Mary's, 7:58.93.

Afternoon Session
VARSITY FOUR - 1. UC Davis A, 7:45.44; 2. UC Davis B, 7:55.25; 3. LMU, 8:06.71.
SECOND VARSITY EIGHT - 1. UC Davis, 6:48.63; 2. LMU, 6:50.8.
VARSITY EIGHT - 1. San Diego State, 6:41.68; 2. San Diego State 2V8, 6:53.65; 3. Saint Mary's, 7:11.51.
VARSITY EIGHT - 1. UC Davis, 6:38.27; 2. LMU, 6:47.86.
NOVICE EIGHT - 1. UC Davis A, 7:13.5; 2. UC Davis B, 7:48.18.
NOVICE EIGHT - 1. San Diego State, 7:03.36; 2. Saint Mary's, 7:37.44.

Varsity Eight - Lia D'Angelo (coxswain), 8. Brittani De Riemer, 7. Danielle Long, 6. Autumn Huey, 5. Darcy Ward, 4. Paige Kendall, 3. Christine Bernatz, 2. Becca Lindquist, 1. Emily Roberts.

Second Varsity Eight - Valentina Ferrari (coxswain), 8. Haleigh King, 7. Hannah Owens, 6. Elieke Demmer, 5. Tara Trakin, 4. Maggie Burke, 3. Brittney O'Brien, 2. Brooke O'Brien, 1. Lily Dickson.

Varsity Four - Ellen Yau (coxswain), 4. Garen Garza, 3. Robyn Bryson, 2. Danika Reddick, 1. Bianca Sievers.

Varsity Four B - Angeliki Bundros (coxswain), 4. Leah Wilke, 3. Amy Tejada, 2. Holly Spier, 1. Samantha Houston.

Novice Eight A - Jessica Kepes (coxswain), 8. Melanie LaCava, 7. Rachel Mororwitz, 6. Alison Tarke, 5. Vivienne Hazzard, 4. Caryn Covella, 3. Jessica Cvetko, 2. Casey Olson, 1. Marissa Clark.

Novice Eight B (Sat. morning) - Mel Maduell (coxswain), 8. Anais Flynn, 7. Ashley Lasher, 6. Jennifer Sheldon, 5. Geneva Azevedo, 4. Shannon Bird, 3. Catherine Woodward, 2. Jayne Aclan, 1. Liz Bradley

Novice Eight B (Sat. afternoon) - Claire Maldarelli (coxswain) 8. Anais Flynn, 7. Ashley Lasher, 6. Jennifer Sheldon, 5. Geneva Azevedo, 4. Shannon Bird, 3. Trisha Perkins, 2. Jayne Aclan, 1. Liz Bradley.

Novice Four (Sunday) - Mary Champeny (coxswain), 4. Ashley Lasher, 3. Anais Flynn, 2. Geneva Azevedo, 1. Jenn Sheldon.