Varsity Eight Remains Unbeaten With Win At LMU

The UC Davis varsity eight was timed in 6:58.8 on Sunday morning.
The UC Davis varsity eight was timed in 6:58.8 on Sunday morning.

April 20, 2008

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - The UC Davis women's varsity eight remained unbeaten during its spring season as it beat host LMU by nearly 15 seconds at Ballona Creek to help the Aggies' rowing team sweep three races in the dual matchup on Sunday morning.

UC Davis, which last competed two weeks ago when it captured the Cal Cup at the San Diego Crew Classic, was timed in 6 minutes, 58.8 seconds to easily beat the Lions who were clocked in 7:13.4 The victory was the fifth in as many races for the Aggies who also won matchups at the Davis Invitational Rowing Tournament, against San Diego State and then a pair of races at the Crew Classic.

UC Davis was also victorious in the second varsity race, crossing the 2,000-meter course in 7:09.6 with LMU nine seconds behind at 7:18.6. The Aggies also entered a second boat in that race with that crew timed in 7:33.6. The second varsity eight is undefeated in each of its three races so far.

UC Davis completed the sweep in the varsity four race, winning by more than 30 seconds. The Aggies finished in 8:06.2 while the Lions finished well behind in 8:37.1.

Rowing for the varsity this weekend were Tara Davis at coxswain, Sunny Caldwell at stroke, Alicia Foley at seven, May Roberts at six, Vanessa Cuellar at five, Heidi Okowitz at four, Lucci Lautze at three, Erin Andrews at two and Laura Kelleher at bow.

The second novice eight was comprised of Sossi Hanoian at coxswain, Brittani De Riemer at stroke, Sarah Schulze at seven, Melissa Wong at six, Brooke Thomas at five, Autumn Huey at four, Lauren Auble at three, Megan Feeney at two and Ashley Lugo at bow.



The third varsity crew was made up of Kimberly Mah at coxswain, Samantha Houston at stroke, Melissa McCue at seven, Garen Garza at six, Allison Bruton at five, Hannah Owens at four, Elieke Demmer at three, Rebecca Davidson at two and Elena Manning at bow.

For the varsity four, Angeliki Bundros was at coxswain, Susan Crow was at stroke, Christine Neuman as at three, Reva Birnbaum was at two and Susan Novik was at bow.

UC Davis will return to competition on Saturday as the Aggies face rival Sacramento State at the Port of Sacramento on Saturday morning. The varsity eight will be looking to win the Jean Runyon Cup - awarded to the winner - for the second straight year.

UC Davis vs. LMU
Ballona Creek (Los Angeles, Calif.)

VARSITY EIGHT - 1. UC Davis, 6:58.8; 2. LMU, 7:13.4.

SECOND VARSITY EIGHT - 1. UC Davis, 7:09.6; 2. LMU, 7:18.6; 3. UC Davis B, 7:33.5.

VARSITY EIGHT - 1. UC Davis, 8:06.2; 2. LMU, 8:37.1.