Second Varsity And Novice Eights Finish Second In Petite Finals At Pac-10 Championships

The Aggies' novice eight finishd second in its petite final on Sunday. Cal edged UC Davis by just over two seconds for the win. <br> (Charlie Painter)
The Aggies' novice eight finishd second in its petite final on Sunday. Cal edged UC Davis by just over two seconds for the win.
(Charlie Painter)

May 13, 2007

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GOLD RIVER, Calif. -- The UC Davis second varsity eight and novice eight crews each finished second in petite finals at Sunday's Pacific-10 Confernce Rowing Championships at Lake Natoma, while the varsity eight ended a strong season by placing fourth in its petite final.

The Pac-10 Championships bring together the top rowing teams on the west coast just prior to selections being announced for the upcoming NCAA Championships. The regatta is open to both Pac-10 and non Pac-10 programs. Cal is the defending NCAA team champion and participated on Sunday at Lake Natoma.

The top three crews from each preliminary race in the morning advanced to grand finals in the afternoon with UC Davis racing competively in its bid to earn berths in the highly competitive field with each of its three entries. All three boats finished within seven seconds of a top-three finish and berths in the grand finals.

The second varsity eight and novice eight each placed fourth in their Sunday morning prelim races while the varsity took fifth.

The second varsity eight had the closest finish of the three, crossing in a hard-earned 6 minutes, 56.9 seconds, just behind Oregon State which was third in 6:52.1. Just over seven seconds separated the top four boats in the race with Washington winning in 6:49.8, followed by UCLA (6:51.5) and Oregon State.

The Aggies moved into the petite final where a three-boat battle for second place went UC Davis' way as it crossed in 7:04.0, nosing out Gonzaga (7:04.9) and rival Sacramento State (7:05.9). Stanford won the race in 6:58.5.



Rowing in the second varsity eight for UC Davis were Tara Davis at coxswain, Liz Russo at stroke, Heidi Okowitz at six, Lucci Lautze at five, Mellissa Wong at four, Brooke Thomas at three, Reva Birnbaum at two and Angela Bruno at bow.

The novices also finished fourth in their early heat, timed in 7:19.0 with Washington State grabbing the final spot in the grand final by taking third in 7:13.3. The Aggies then rowed hard against Cal in the petite final but the Golden Bears were able to hold off UC Davis, finishing in 7:20.9. The Aggies were just back in 7:23.2 but well ahead of Sacramento State which was third in 7:38.0.

Rowing in the novice eight were Krista Rindell at coxswain, Delaney Chapman at stroke, Jessie Adams-Shore at seven, Megan Feeney at six, Early Elias at five, Amanda Schoeneman at four, Caroline Shipley at three, Susan Crow at two and Claire Swanback at bow.

The varsity eight was also facing its toughest competition of the year, placing fifth in its preliminary race with a time of 6:50.9. Washington was third in 6:43.4 to advance to the grand final while Washington State was fourth in 6:46.7. Washington State went on to win the petite final in 6:41.9 with the Aggies racing close with Sacramento State for third but the Hornets (6:50.1) were just able to edge UC Davis (6:51.2). It was the first time in four races this season that the rival Hornets were able to finish in front of the Aggies.

The Aggies' varsity eight boat was comprised of Katherine Cobarrubia at coxswain, Sunny Caldwell at stroke, Sarah Kay at seven, May Roberts at six, Vanessa Cuellar at five, Erica Southard at four, Laura Kelleher at three, Amber Buntin at two and Alicia Foley at bow.

The Pac-10 Conference Championships brought to a close the 2007 spring season for the Aggies who enjoyed tremendous success throughout its team. The varsity eight beat Sacramento State in the Jean Runyon Cup for the first time since 1998, it won the Cal Cup at the San Diego Crew Classic, was second at the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships, and finished the year with wins in eight races.

The second varsity eight and second novice eight boats won gold medals at the WIRA Championships while the novices joined the varsity eight with a silver medal. Besides the varsity's win, UC Davis also won second varsity and novice races against Sacramento State during their dual in early April.

Gold River, Calif. (Lake Natoma)
UC Davis results only-

VARSITY EIGHT (prelim, ht. 1) -- 1. USC, 6:37.2; 2. UCLA, 6:39.8; 3. Washington, 6:43.4; 4. Washington State, 6:46.7; 5. UC Davis, 6:50.9; 6. Saint Mary's, 7:08.6.

VARSITY EIGHT (petite final)- - 1. Washington State, 6;41.9; 2. Gonzaga, 6:44.3; 3. Sacramento State, 6:50.1; 4. UC Davis, 6:51.2; 5. Saint Mary's, 7:02.1; 6. San Diego State, 7:18.7.

SECOND VARSITY EIGHT (prelim, ht. 1) -- 1. Washington, 6:49.8; 2. UCLA, 6:51.5; 3. Oregon State, 6:52.1; 4. UC Davis, 6:56.9; 5. Gonzaga, 6:58.5; 6, Saint Mary's, 7:36.5.

SECOND VARSITY EIGHT (petite final) -- 1. Stanford, 6;58.5; 2. UC Davis, 7:04.9; 3. Gonzaga, 7:04.9; 4. Sacramento State, 7:05.9; 5. San Diego State, 7:23.7; 6. Saint Mary's, 7:50.3.

NOVICE EIGHT (prelim, ht. 2) -- 1. Gonzaga, 6:58.3; 2. Washington, 6;59.8; 3. Washington State, 7:13.3; 4. UC Davis, 7:19.0; 5. Saint Mary's, 7:48.2.

NOVICE EIGHT (petite final) - 1. Cal, 7;20.9; 2. UC Davis, 7:23.3; 3. Sacramento State, 7:38.0; 4. Saint Mary's, 7:50.8.