UC Davis Novice Eight Wins Petite Final At Pac-10 Championships

UC Davis' novice eight won the petite final on Saturday by seven seconds. <br> (Wayne Tilcock, Davis Enterprise)
UC Davis' novice eight won the petite final on Saturday by seven seconds.
(Wayne Tilcock, Davis Enterprise)

May 15, 2005

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. - The UC Davis beat rival Sacramento State by seven seconds on Sunday to claim the novice eight petite final in 7 minutes, 0.8 seconds at the Pacific-10 Conference Rowing Championships at Lake Natoma.

The Aggies' varsity eight finished in fifth place in its petite final on Sunday while the second varsity eight was fifth in its petite final race.

The top 21 entrants in each event in the west region are eligible for the Pac-10 Championships, including the seven rowing members of the conference. Besides varsity eight, second varsity eight and novice eight competitions, races were also held in varsity four.

UC Davis' novice eight opened its day with a fourth-place finish in its preliminary race, covering the 2,000-meter course at Lake Natoma in 7:10.4, moving on to the petite final where it went a strong 7:00.8 to win the race. The Aggies out-distanced rival Sacramento State, which was second in 7:07.9 and was followed by San Diego State, Sonoma State and Oregon.

Both the Aggies' varsity eight and second varsity eight raced in petite finals after tough morning heats at the highly competitive regatta. The varsity eight posted a solid time of 6:53.3 but placed fifth in a strong field that was won by Oregon State in 6:43.9. Gonzaga was second in 6:48.7 while San Diego State was third. Sacramento State crossed in 6:51.8, edging UC Davis for fourth.

The second varsity eight was also fifth in its petite final, finishing in 7:06.3 after taking sixth in its prelim. The Aggies went 7:14.9 in its preliminary race but improved their time by eight seconds in the afternoon when they were timed in 7:06.3. Oregon State won the petite final in 6:49.3 while Cal won the morning heat in 6:45.7.

UC Davis also competed this weekend at the Pacific Coast Rowing Championships on Saturday at Lake Natoma, entering the second novice eight into the varsity eight open final. The Aggies nearly claimed third in the race, finishing fourth in 7:14.6 to beat both the UC San Diego second varsity eight and Oregon. Cal's third varsity eight won the race in 7:01.4.



The regatta marks the end of the UC Davis season.

UC Davis lineups for this weekend's races are below.

VARSITY EIGHT - Katherine Cobarrubia, Kari Harris, Cassie Drotman, Becky Anderson, Kalie Benson, Kelli Kramer, Amber Buntin, Elisabeth Patterson, Rebecca Maier.

SECOND VARSITY EIGHT - Michelle Seymour, Sara Miller, Sarah Kay, Erica Southard, Dru Van Dam, Joan Silva, Ashley Lawrence, Sadie Polen, Samantha Montgomery.

NOVICE EIGHT - Christine Bruni, Angela Bruno, Adina Farkash, Vanessa Cuellar, Sunny Caldwell, Jamie Lummis, Heidi Okowitz, Laura Kelleher, May Roberts.

SECOND NOVICE EIGHT - Jennifer Strong, Kim Yoon, Arianna Verbiscar-Brown, Erin Andrews, Georgia Rudderow, Rose McManus, Sara De Cuir, Reva Birnbaum, Rachel Douglas.

Lake Natoma (Rancho Cordova, Calif.)
UC Davis results only

VARSITY EIGHT (petite final) - 1. Oregon State, 6:43.9; 2. Gonzaga, 6:48.7; 3. San Diego, 6:49.8; 4. Sacramento State, 6:51.8; 5. UC Davis, 6:53.3; 6. Loyola Marymount, 6:56.4; 7. San Diego State, 7:00.9.

VARSITY EIGHT (prelims) - 1. Washington, 6:53.6; 2. Stanford, 6:38.3; 3. Washington State, 6:41.6; 4. Oregon State, 6:44.9; 5. UC Davis, 6:58.8; 6. San Diego, 7:02.9.

SECOND VARSITY EIGHT (petite final)- 1. Oregon State, 6:49.3; 2. Sacramento State, 6:56.1; 3. San Diego State, 7:00.5; 4. Loyola Marymount, 7:04.7; 5. UC Davis,7:06.3.

SECOND VARSITY EIGHT (prelims) - 1. Cal, 6:45.7; 2. Stanford, 6:52.0; 3. USC, 7:01.1; 4. Sacramento State, 7:10.0; 5. Loyola Marymount, 7:13.4; 6. UC Davis, 7:14.9.

NOVICE EIGHT (petite final) - 1. UC Davis, 7:00.8; 2. Sacramento State, 7:07.9; 3. San Diego State, 7:14.9; 4. Sonoma State, 7:29.9; 5. Oregon 7:31.9.

NOVICE EIGHT (prelims) - 1. Cal, 7:01.4; 2. Washington State, 7:04.7; 3. UCLA, 7:08.3; 4. UC Davis, 7:10.4; 5. San Diego State, 7:17.6.

Lake Natoma (Rancho Cordova, Calif.)
UC Davis results only (Saturday)

WOMEN'S OPEN EIGHT FINAL - 1. Cal 3rd varsity, 6:49.1; 2. Saint Mary's V8, 6:59.3; 3. Sacramento State Alumni, 7:13.9; 4. UC Davis, 2nd N8, 7:14.6; 5. UC San Diego JV8, 7:22.1; 6. Oregon V8, 7:23.3.