Fifth Place In Petite Final At Pac-10's Brings Aggies' Season To A Close

UC Davis was fifth in the varsity eight petite final. <br> (Wayne Tilcock, Davis Enterprise)
UC Davis was fifth in the varsity eight petite final.
(Wayne Tilcock, Davis Enterprise)

May 16, 2004

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. - UC Davis placed fifth in the petite final of the women's varsity eight on Sunday afternoon at Lake Natoma as the Aggies closed the 2004 spring season at the Pacific-10 Conference Rowing Championships.

The event was the final racing for UC Davis this season.

The Aggies, who were fifth in their preliminary heat on Sunday morning, covered the 2,000-meter course against a slight headwind in the petite final in 7 minutes, 15.20 seconds. Gonzaga was fourth in 7:10.20 while UC Santa Barbara was a distant sixth in 7:27.20. Oregon State went 7:02.80 to win the race.

The Aggies began the race in fifth place after the first 500 meters but couldn't get any higher the rest of the way, rowing their fastest quarter in the last 500 meters when they went 1:42.40. UC Davis had a time of 6:50.5 in its preliminary.

Cal won the varsity eight grand final in the day's final race, finishing in 6:43.80, nearly four seconds faster than Washington which was second in 6:47.60.

In addition to the varsity eight, UC Davis also entered second varsity eight and novice eight boats in Sunday's regatta, which was limited to the top 21 entrants in each event in the West Region.

Both of the Aggies' other two crews advanced to petite finals as well. The second varsity eight was third in its final, finishing in 7:26.30. UC Davis was second to winner Stanford after the first 1,500 meters but Loyola Marymount was able to rally down the stretch to edge the Aggies. The Lions were timed in 7:25.90, less than a second in front of UC Davis. Stanford won in 7:13.00.

The Aggies were fifth in the morning preliminary heat, placing them in the petite final. Cal also won the second varsity eight grand final with a time of 6:48.40.

UC Davis' novice eight crew was also third in its petite final on Sunday afternoon after finishing fifth in its preliminary heat. The Aggies finished in 7:26.40 in the final after clocking a time of 7:15.60 during Sunday morning's races.



San Diego State won the novice eight petite final while Cal won the grand final.

Rowing for UC Davis in the varsity eight are coxswain Katie Borg, Kari Harris, Cassie Drotman, Becky Anderson, Marisa O'Brien, Kelli Kramer, Kalie Benson, Elisabeth Patterson and Analiese Zoller.

Rowing in the second varsity eight boat for the Aggies were coxswain Michelle Seymour, Amber Buntin, Jessie Frink, Sara Miller, Joan Silva, Rebecca Maier, Tara Pomerantz, Anne Neumann and Heather Corbin.

Rancho Cordova, Calif. (Lake Natoma)
UC Davis women's results only

NOVICE EIGHT (prelim heat 1) - 1. Washington, 6:56.10; 2. Washington State, 6:59.30; 3. UCLA, 7:07.60; 4. Sacramento State, 7:13.00; 5. UC Davis, 7:15.60; 6. Santa Clara, 7:48.00.

SECOND VARSITY EIGHT (prelim heat 2) - 1. Washington State, 6:43.60; 2. Washington, 6:47.20; 3. UCLA, 6:59.60; 4. Stanford, 7:02.60; 5. UC Davis, 7:10.00; 6. San Diego State, 7:26.80.

VARSITY EIGHT (prelim heat 3) - 1. Washington State, 6:37.90; 2. USC, 6:41.20; 3. Sacramento State, 6:44.60; 4. Gonzaga, 6:48.90; 5. UC Davis, 6:50.50.

NOVICE EIGHT (petite final) - 1. San Diego State, 7:20.80 2. Sacramento State, 7:23.50; 3. UC Davis, 7:26.40; 4. Santa Clara, 7:41.00; 5. Sonoma State, 7:45.30; 6. Oregon, 7:50.20.

SECOND VARSITY EIGHT (petite final) - 1. Stanford, 7:13.00; 2. Loyola Marymount, 7:25.90; 3. UC Davis, 7:26.30; 4. San Diego State, 7:38.10.

VARSITY EIGHT (petite final) - 1. Oregon State, 7:02.80; 2. Loyola Marymount, 7:04.10; 3. Sacramento State, 7:08.20; 4. Gonzaga, 7:10.20; 5. UC Davis, 7:15.20; 6. UC Santa Barbara, 7:27.20; 7. San Diego State, 7:35.30.