UC Davis Rows Well At Head Of The American

UC Davis had another strong day on Saturday. <br> (Randy Southard)
UC Davis had another strong day on Saturday.
(Randy Southard)

Oct. 27, 2007

GOLD RIVER, Calif. - The UC Davis women's rowing team posted a strong fifth-place finish on Saturday in the Collegiate Eight race at the Head of the American, hosted by Sacaramento State on Saturday at Lake Natoma, leading three Aggie boats in action during the competition.

UC Davis covered the three-mile course in 18 minutes, 17 seconds to place fifth in the 17-boat race, which was contested as a time trial where crews started at intervals. Cal's "A" boat won the race with a time of 17:40, beating its "B" crew which was timed in 17:50. Gonzaga (17:52) was third while Stanford (18:09) took fourth.

UC Davis' second entry also finished well, taking 12th in 19:37, beating crews from Santa Clara, Sonoma State, Mills COllege, UC Irvine and Pacific.

The Aggies' top finishing boat was comprised off Tara Davis at coxswain, Sunny Caldwell at stroke, Vanessa Cuellar at seven, May Roberts at six, Alicia Foley at five, Heidi Okowitz at four, Brooke Thomas at three, Erin Andrews at two and Laura Kelleher at bow.

Racing in UC Davis' second crew were Angeliki Bundros at coxswain, Reva Birnbaum at eight, Melissa Wong at seven, Susie Crow at six, Darcy Ward at five, Samantha Houston at fourth, Caroline Shipley at three, Megan Feeney at two and Ashley Lugo at bow.



UC Davis also competed in the Collegiate Four event, placing 10th among 17 boats with a time of 20:33. UC Davis held off two Cal boats which finished in 20:34 and 20:39 and was just five seconds behind Stanford, which was ninth in 20:28. USC finished in the top two spots with its top boat winning in 18:56.

UC Davis' four was made up of Davis at coxswain, Caldwell at stroke, Cuellar at three, Roberts at 2 and Foley at bow.

"We had a great day at Lake Natoma," said UC Davis coach Carissa Adams. "I was really proud of every student-athlete this weekend. They all demonstrated composure and put out a good effort in every race."

UC Davis will conclude its fall season on Nov. 4 when it travels the Newport Autumn Rowing Festival at Newport Beach.

Lake Natoma (Gold River, Calif.)

COLLEGIATE EIGHT - 1. Cal A, 17:40; 2. Cal B, 17:50; 3. Gonzaga, 17:52; 4. Stanford, 18:09; 5. UC Davis, 18:17; 6. Sacramento State A, 18:20; 7. UCLA, 18:20; 8. Saint Mary's, 18:41; 9. Long Beach State, 19:01; 10. Sacramento State B, 19:01; 11. Stanford Lights, 19:25; 12. UC Davis B, 19:37; 13. Santa Clara, 20:38; 14. Sonoma State, 20:56; 15. Mills College, 21:04; 16. UC Irvine, 21:06; 17. Pacific. 22:26.

COLLEGIATE FOUR - 1. USC A, 18:56; 2. USC B, 19:09; 3. Stanford, 19:32; 4. USC C, 19:53; 5. USC D, 19:58; 6. Cal A, 20:16; 7. UCLA A, 20:19; 8. Cal B, 20:20; 9. Stanford, 20:28; 10. UC Davis, 20:33; 11. Cal C, 20:34; 12. Cal D, 20:39; 13. Saint Mary's, 21:28; 14. USC E, 21:42; 15. Sacramento State, 21:43; 16. Cal Maritime, 21:55; 17. UC Irvine, 22:04.