UC Davis' Doubles Shine at Saint Mary's

Claire Jaramishian (pictured) and her partner Frederique Sleiffer defeated their bracket's No. 1 seed in the opening round of action at the Saint Mary's Fall Invitational.

Oct. 11, 2013


MORAGA, Calif. – UC Davis captured seven doubles victories, and another two singles wins, in the Saint Mary's Fall Invitational's inaugural day of action from the Korth Tennis Complex in Moraga, Calif.

Friday’s schedule saw teams compete in two rounds of doubles in addition to one round of singles; the schedule will switch Saturday with teams participating in two singles and one round of doubles competition. 

Even though Layla Sanders and Nicole Koehly fell in their opening round doubles match, the pair rebounded nicely by defeating Cristina Saenz DeBruga and Hana Ritterova (Pacific) 8-6 to advance to the consolation semifinals.

In their doubles flight, second-seeded Megan Heneghan and Melissa Kobayakawa, dispatched Elanor Grossman and Reka Rohonvi (LMU), 8-2, then earned a spot in the main draw’s semifinals with an 8-4 win over cross-Causeway competitors Alina Soltanici and Deim Bulatovaite.

Entered in the same bracket as Heneghan/Kobayakawa, Frederique Sleiffer earned her first doubles win alongside partner Tiffany Pham; the pair advanced to the quarterfinal round by defeating Melanie Yates and Sissi Koehler (Gonzaga) 8-3. 

Making the occasion even more memorable for Sleiffer is the fact that she, and Pham, knocked the flight’s top seed into the consolation bracket with the upset victory.

Also capturing their first doubles triumph were Samantha Martino and Kamila Kecki. Together, the two downed Chanel Scudiero and Paula Kreidner, 8-2, then earned a semifinal berth of their own once their 8-6 victory against Sacramento State’s Andie Mouzes and Emily McColl became official.



In consolation action from the Blue bracket, Claire Meunier and Claire Jaramishian will return to the courts Saturday with their 8-7 (5) tiebreak triumph against Haley Kepler and Savake Tsugai (Cal Poly).

The day’s only round of singles activity saw two Aggies defeat opposition from Cal Poly. In addition to Sanders’ 6-4, 6-3 victory over Jennifer Cornea, Koehly also earn a spot in the Round of 16 with her 4-6, 6-2, 6-2, come-from-behind win against Bryn Bacharach.

A link containing updated results and draws is available throughout the weekend at ucdavisaggies.com.

Saint Mary’s Fall Invitational
Oct. 11, 2013
Korth Tennis Complex (Moraga, Calif.)
Day One results (UC Davis only)


Red Singles -- Round of 32
DAV Layla Sanders d. CP Jennifer Cornea  6-4; 6-3
ST Caroline Doyle d. DAV Megan Heneghan [4]  6-2; 6-0

White Singles -- Round of 32
UW Riko Shimizu d. DAV Tiffany Pham  6-3; 6-0
POR Saroop Dhatt d. DAV Melissa Kobayakawa [4]  6-2; 4-6; 6-2
DAV Nicole Koehly d. CP Bryn Bacharach  4-6; 6-2; 6-2
UW Natali Coronel d. DAV Frederique Sleiffer  6-0; 6-3 

Blue Singles -- Round of 32
FS Claire Yang d. DAV Samantha Martino  7-5; 6-2
UW Brianna Kemp d. DAV Claire Jaramshian  4-6; 6-2; 6-1
GON Isabel Klingert d. DAV Kamila Kecki  6-3; 6-0 

Red Doubles -- Round of 16
USF Andrea Ka - USF Thyra Taune d. DAV Layla Sanders - DAV Nicole Koehly  8-4 

Red Doubles Consolations -- Quarterfinals
DAV Layla Sanders - DAV Nicole Koehly d. PAC Cristina Saenz DeBuruaga - PAC Hana Ritterova  8-6

White Doubles -- Round of 16
DAV Frederique Sleiffer - DAV Tiffany Pham d. GON Melanie Yates [1] - GON Sissi Koehler [1]  8-3
DAV Megan Heneghan [2] - DAV Melissa Kobayakawa [2] d. LMU Elanor Grossman - LMU Reka Rohonyi  8-2

White Doubles -- Quarterfinals
UW Andjela Nemcevic - UW Julija Lukac d. DAV Freddie Sleiffer - DAV Tiffany Pham  8-5
DAV Megan Heneghan [2] - DAV Melissa Kobayakawa [2] d. SAC Alina Soltanici - SAC Deim Bulatovaite  8-4

Blue Doubles -- Round of 16
DAV Kammy Kecki - DAV Samantha Martino d. CP Chanel Scudiero - CP Paula Kreider  8-2

Blue Doubles -- Quarterfinals
DAV Kamila Kecki - DAV Samantha Martino d. SAC Andie Mouzes - SAC Emily McColl  8-6
SC Nikki Wolny - SC Stephanie Skaras d. DAV Claire Meunier - DAV Claire Jaramshian  8-3

Blue Doubles Consolations -- Quarterfinals
DAV Claire Meunier - DAV Claire Jaramshian d. CP Haley Kepler - CP Sayaka Tsugai  8-7(5)